Download EK2WhatsApp Mod v6.00 Antiban and Antivirus by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Mod v6.00 Antiban and Antivirus by Ehsan Kamboh

EK2WhatsApp is an antiban and antivirus App. WhatsApp Runs on all android versions. save statuses, auto-reply, scheduled message, and much more features

What is EK2WhatsApp?

best mod EK2WhatsApp
Download EK2WhatsApp Mod v6.00 Antiban and Antivirus by Ehsan Kamboh

is a Plus WhatsApp alternative to the official WhatsApp. Ehsan WhatsApp Plus contains so many extra features and is designed for all android operating systems.. since WhatsApp announced to not work on Android and iPhones. Ehsan WhatsApp is active to work for the solution. EK2WhatsApp Pink is now able to run on any android 4 to 11 very nicely. all the users that might be worried because of the new policy of WhatsApp they must get rid of this tension.  

Please do not download EK2WhatsApp other than the official website here on otherwise it is a risk to download an old version or affected copy of WhatsApp. 

 Features of EK2WhatsApp

  • Staus saver
  • Antiban 
  • antivirus
  • themes store
  • ant-delete messages
  • anti-delete status
  • privacy (second tick, blue ticks, auto call rejection)
  • message to an unknown number
  • view once media
  • voice changer
  • animated rows styles
  • forward messages up to 250 chats
  • pin messages more than 5 chats
  • built-in interne
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tv
  • text repeater
  • Auto Reply
  • Schedule Message
  • Edit Chats
  • and many more features discover by yourself

New Features of V6.00

  1. [Exlusive] Add the option to view media files (Photo, Videos) unlimited times
  2. [Added] Add a button to save files in the gallery (View once)
  3. [Added] Add a function to send 30+ images from the gallery
  4. [Fixed] Some crashes and minor bugs
  5. [Misc] Many fixes and improvements discover by yourself
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Explanation of the above new features

  1. This feature will make your app run against the auto disappear function when open once. it will tell your sender as you have not read or open the media file even once. with this, you will then allow opening that particular video or photo multiple times.
  2. With this button when you will open that particular media file there will be a button so you can save this file within your gallery without losing this file.
  3. Now you will be able to send 30+ images without any problem. you can now do this directly from the gallery while sending media.

Mod Information

Name -            EK2WhatsApp 
version -
Mod v -             V6.00
Date -              October 15,2021
Developer -      M Ehsan Kamboh
Official Site -

Download EK2WhatsApp V6.00 Mod By Ehsan Kamboh

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