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WhatsApp Plus APK V9.00 (Anti-ban) BY Ehsan Kamboh

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V9.00 Mod By Ehsan Kamboh is a modified version of the official WhatsApp available on the play store also known as WhatsApp Plus. Some of the features were collected from WhatsApp plus and most of the features were added by EhsanMods officials.

You can enjoy features that are not present in WhatsApp. There are so many features that make your daily social communications even more artificial.

WhatsApp Plus APK V9.00 (Anti-ban) BY Ehsan Kamboh

WhatsApp Plus APK V9.00 (Anti-ban) BY Ehsan Kamboh

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the best Mod Copy of the Official WhatsApp. It comes with lots of amazing features that you won't see before in any Modded WhatsApp. The most popular feature of EhsanWA is it is totally anti-ban and antivirus. You can save Statuses and Privacy Enhancements such as other Mod WhatsApp

Today, it’s a new update released for Ehsan WhatsApp Plus popular as Antivirus WhatsApp Plus by 3hsan.com, It is one of the first copies of WhatsApp Mod by EKMods official. It consists of lots of features that are not available on any other Mod WhatsApp. It protects you against malware and viruses. The most important safety of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is that protects you and your WhatsApp data including Chats, and media files from the hackers who steal your data

They would not be able to track you what are you going to do or anything. I brought a new update of it today for you. I will explain here, what are the new features of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus and how to use these features also. I will give some video tutorials of these features below this article.

What are the new changes I made in v9.00?

I received so many messages and requests from my users to implement new features and fix the existing features. I am glad to hear their messages and replying to them made me so happy. I just want to say sorry to those to whom I can not reply as soon as they need.

I made so many changes in the current version. I tried to add a navigation bar on social media with the new elegant design. once I have already added this but due to some requests, I replaced it with a DRAWER. it is very helpful for Huawei mobile phone users. Now they can download and install very important applications available on www.3hsan.com 

What's New in WhatsApp Plus?

I have added a new mp3 music player so that users have no need to download any extra player to play their favorite songs. you can now play songs within the application.

Plus Settings > WhatsApp Features > MP3 Music Player

I have added a new card view effect for chats or conversations on the home screen as a default

WARNING ⚠ for the old Android version users, their WhatsApp might crash, please click on the "Plus Settings > Home > Rows > Select Any style rather than the stock if your WhatsApp will crash before displaying the home screen of the WhatsApp.

I have added the inside the conversation bomb feature as similar to the abo2dam. before many users requested me to add this bomb function. now you can click on the hand emoji and send one message at once on each click.

Many of the users encountered an issue that they lost the old chats while installing the update name v8.00, I really apologize for this issue. Actually, I tried to work for the fouad users because they requested me to work for them also. so I just uploaded one application and forget to add the download link for my own EhsanWhatsAppPlus users of 3hsan.com

But inshaAllah I will give two links, the first link will be for my own users those using Ehsan WhatsApp Plus since the V7.00 and the second link will be for the users who downloaded Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V8.00 and downloaded it during the first 2 weeks.

Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V9.00 [Latest] Alternative to the official

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