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Download EK2WhatsApp Pink V11 Antiban and Safe from Hackers attack by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Pink V11 Antiban and Safe from Hackers attack by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Pink V11 Antiban and Safe from Hackers attack by Ehsan Kamboh
 Download EK2WhatsApp Pink V11 Antiban and Safe from Hackers attack by Ehsan Kamboh

What is EK2WhatsApp APK?

I welcome you all to EhsanTechCorner once again and hope you are doing great and enjoying your life with the blessings of Allah Almighty. We are here once again bringing with you a new ek2whatsapp download theme for Android. EK2WhatsApp is an alternative to the official WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. EK2WhatsApp Pink version consists of all the features of GBWhatsApp and YOWA with additional features. EK2WA is originally based on AG2WA from Assem.

EK2WhatsApp was first developed in 2022 but later due to some technical issues EhsanKamboh stopped modifying EK2WA after solving the issue. Today we are here again to continue the modification work. EK2WA is the first version on the Internet to support multiple languages and additional translation options for free.

Why do you need to use EK2WhatsApp instead of any other WhatsApp Mod?

This is the main and important question from users that I would like to address here in this article today. EK2WA is really designed so that it can be installed on any Android device no matter how old your device is. You will be able to install EK2MODS with minimum support for Android V4.4 and later. Above all, EK2WA supports regular updates. If your smartphone is not up to date, you will also be able to run WhatsApp on this.

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Features of EK2WhatsApp APK:-

Below we have mentioned some of the top features provided by this version of WhatsApp.

File Format

Send any file of any format. That is you can share files like mp4, mp3, or any dc, and don’t worry about the length or size of that file.

EKWhatsApp allows you to send files and documents no matter what length. So you will not be bound to the file size.

As in official WhatsApp and some Modded versions of WhatsApp, you are bound to share videos of a few MBs only but with this WhatsApp, you can increase the length of video you won’t share.


Control over privacy hasn’t been secure as in this WhatsApp. Select the privacy and type of privacy you want to set up for the security of your application.

That is you will not be asked to download any third source of security to make your application encrypted.

There will be a huge number of options to make your application secure like pattern, numeric key lock, etc.

Along with that if your phone supports fingerprint security you can set it for your WhatsApp too manually from the settings of WhatsApp.


Change the interface such as the theme, color, notification area color, etc. Some of you might be thinking that the default color for the background of this application will be pink only.

But that’s just a myth although by default the color of the application is pink you can change it manually from the setting. You can set any sold color or picture as the background of your application.

Font Appearance

Along with the theme changing, you can change the color and appearance of the fonts from the application.

The regular font can be changed to bubble on or the color of the font can be changed from black to any color you like to match with the background.

Status Download

Directly download the status and posts of your friends. As in the case of official WhatsApp you do need a third-party application to download the uploaded status of your friends.

And sometimes those applications installed for status downloading are not safe enough for your mobile security. With pink WhatsApp, you can directly install the status without getting the installation of a third-party application.

Copy Text

Directly copy the text from the status of your friends and paste it anywhere you want to on your mobile device.

This is one of the intelligent features of this application because there are very few Modded applications of WhatsApp that allow you to directly copy text status.

Hide Message

Hide the chats from the home screen. Or set the password for. That is if someone will open the message from the home menu of WhatsApp it will also require a password that you have set before.

Also, note that the password of the application and the password of the chat will be different so do not worry that both will be the same password.

Send Large Files

As we know that the limit for sending files from the original WhatsApp is only 16 MB. So you cannot send large files using the original version of WhatsApp. Now with the help of this app, you can send large files as compared to the original version of WhatsApp.

See Hidden Last Seen

With this version of WhatsApp, you can not only enjoy the pink theme as well as you will get an amazing feature like you can see the hidden last seen of your contacts. This is one of the best features provided by EK2 WhatsApp.

External Video Player

EK2WA allows or supports an external video player to play/run videos received on EK2WhatsApp. EK2WhatsApp will ask you to Play videos from installed apps on your device.

How to download EK2WhatsApp?

  1. Download EK2 WhatsApp From the button above.
  2. Enable the download from unknown sources. Phone settings> security> Active the download from external sources.
  3. When the file finishes the download, click on install.
  4. Enter your phone number, then the activation code.
  5. Open the app and enjoy its features.

What's New in V11?

  • Improved increased protection against bans! 🛡️
  • Improved resolution of an hour-long recurring block for some users (hopefully) ️
  • Fixed an issue with see status when the hide see the status button is turned off

Download EK2WhatsApp Apk for Android 2023 (Latest Update) BY Ihsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp APK from Mediafire

Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK V11 Antiban and Safe from Hackers By Ehsan Kamboh

Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK Now

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