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Download Snapchat Plus v1.30 Mod by AbuArab 2023

Download Snapchat Gold V1.30 By AbuArab 2023

Snapchat Gold V1.30 Mod By AbuArab 2023

Download Snapchat Plus V1.30 Mod By AbuArab 2023
Download Snapchat Plus V1.30 Mod By AbuArab 2023

Snapchat Plus App is a beautifully designed photo filtering and enhancement app for Android users. It is meticulously designed and professionally executed, providing a wealth of infinite filters that are frequently updated to breathe fresh life into your app, resulting in spectacular photo and video productions. It also has an impressive auto-editing effect for each filter, ensuring optimal usability and improving your editing experience.

This program simplifies your operations with its straightforward click-to-start mechanism, allowing you to easily connect with friends, exchange streaks, and keep a daily connectivity slot to wow your peers. Notably, the app provides a secure platform for sharing your tales with specific friends and groups, encouraging privacy and trust. Additionally, it allows you to connect.

Snapchat Gold 2023

Snapchat Gold Features

First of all, SnapChat Gold is a free or normal version which is why you will be able to enjoy all of the premium or paid features and functions completely free. Some of the best features already has been mentioned below so that you will get a brief idea about them.

Let’s know what to enjoy,

  • Capture pictures or snaps and share the moment with friends
  • Send or receive text messages, photos, videos, etc. for the short time
  • Story Timer to share snaps for a 1 hour, 24 hours, 2 days, or 1 week
  • Download images, clips, stories, and other media files easily
  • Get a Black Star Badge next to the display name more easily
  • See the location or map of your friends using the Ghost Trails
  • View Best Friends or Friends badge with a gold ring around them
  • Easily set a custom notification sound for Snap, Chat, or others

It has many more features to enjoy.

As an alternative, you can use the BarInsta, Wickr Me, WeChat, Tox, Viber, Threema, and GroupMe, applications. And if you want to block access to the Internet on Snapchat Gold's latest version, you have to use the AFWall which is basically an Android Firewall.

How To Get Verified On Snapchat

Once you got verified, a gold star will appear next to your name. Normally, celebrities, brands, or popular manufacturers got their IDs verified. But if you are a normal or mango user, there is no reason to worry. I have shared the whole process to get verified.

Let’s learn how to apply for this,

  • 1st Method: Go to the above and download Snapchat Gold APK for free.
  • 2nd Method: Open the downloaded file from the Internal Storage or External Storage and hit the Install button.
  • 3rd Method: Launch the application and log in to your account.
  • 4th Method: Tap on the Profile icon which is located at the top left side.
  • 5th Method: Click on Settings from here.
  • 6th Method: From the Support, open the I Need Help option.
  • 7th Method: Tap the Contact Us button.
  • 8th Method: Choose the My Snapchat Isn’t a Working option.
  • 9th Method: Click on the Other.
  • 10th Method: Tap Yes.
  • 11th Method: Tap the My Issue Is Not Listed option.
  • 12th Method: Fill out the form with your Username, Email, Mobile device, and other details.
  • 13th Method: Attach your ID.
  • Now, wait for Snapchat to respond to you.
  • That’s enough.

Follow the above procedure and do the same thing.

Explanation of how to download Snapchat Plus Golden for Android, the latest version

But today we will introduce you to the golden Snapchat Plus app, which helps you save videos shared by other users and friends on the Snapchat app, and one of the beautiful features of Snapchat Mod without root is that it is small in size (about 3MB). and you install it on your Android phone and then it will show you the “download button” inside the original Snapchat app, and you can press this button when you want to save the “Golden Snapchat” videos to your phone, and once press this button, video or status is saved to your Android phone in a very easy and simple way, we will explain how to save and install "Download Golden Snapchat Abu Arab" on your phone in the next paragraph and then we will explain how to use Snapchat Plus 2023.

How to Download Snapchat golden plus v1.30?

It is much easier to download Snapchat plus gold apk for Android mod by Asim Mahgoub. Go to Google and simply search for "Snapchat Gold Plus 3hsan.com" and then go to the first link. You will get the Snapchat Plus download page. now scroll down and find the downloadable link.

You will get a button "Download Snap Chat Gold Plus from Mediafire" and then it will redirect you to an external link. You need to wait for about 10 seconds and then the text “Link is ready” will appear and then just click on it and now it will redirect you to the external link now that you are on Mediafire and once again click on DOWNLOAD SNAPCHAT PLUS APK and now you will get a notification and press "Ok" and your download will start in the background.

How to install Snapchat Plus App 2023 Update

  1. After downloading Snapchat from 3hsan.com just now find your file within your File Manager > Download > Snapchat Plus V1.30 By Abuarab" That's the default location for downloaded media. 
  2. Now once click on the .apk file and click on it to install. Simply click on "Next" and "Next" and lastly click on "Install" and your installation will be started. 
  3. Caution: Please understand that Snapchat Plus and Snapchat have the same package name, so in case of installing Snapchat Plus, you just need to remove/remove/uninstall the installed Snapchat Simple from Google Play Store. And your file already started to install.

Mod Information of SNAPCHAT GOLDEN and SNAPCHAT PLUS app

App Name

Snapchat Golden Plus

Package name


Play store version

Mod Version


Mod By

Assem Mahgoob (AbuArab)

Link Updated on

June 03, 2023

Official Site


Minimum OS

Android 4 and Above

Download Snapchat Gold Plus V1.30 Mod by AbuArab

Download Golden Snapchat

Download Snapchat Plus V1.30 Mod By AbuArab 2023

What's new in v1.30?

  • Base based on Snap: (Play Store)
  • Change location option
  • Change your location anywhere in the world
  • Night Mode Beta 2 option (99% UI) 🌓
  • Added a notification when downloading iStory/Snap.
  • Fix random avalanche problems
  • Fix the night mode issue when logging in
  • More fixes and improvements

Privacy Features OF Snapchat Golden: -

  • Secret screenshot without the person 🥶📸 knowing
  • Screen video recording without the person 🥶 📹 knowing
  • Hide watching Snapchat 🥷
  • hide the story 🙈 watch
  • Hide reading messages (opening the message without the person knowing) 👻
  • Entering the conversation without appearing online🔵
  • Hide the writing ... 💬 In the chat
  • Secret writing (the person will not see a notification while typing) 🥷