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[Update] EK2WhatsApp Pink Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh

EK2WhatsApp Pink is an alternative to official and features collected from WhatsApp Plus. EK2WhatsApp Pink is Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers.

Download EK2WhatsApp V16.00 safe from hackers' attack and viruses Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V16.00 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Hello! I am extremely grateful to all the visitors who use my WhatsAppEK2WhatsApp (Pink), and always stay connected with their latest updates, I pay tribute to all who helped me with this work. The slightest hint of success. Of course, the purpose of your visit to our website is to download "EK2WhatsApp (Pink)". Next, we will talk in detail about "EK2WhatsApp (Pink)" and all the features that make it more useful and superior to other copies of all existing WhatsApp Mods.

Brief introduction: -

[Update] EK2WhatsApp Pink Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh
[Update] EK2WhatsApp Pink Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh

As we all know, as time passes the world advances along the path of progress, as man faces difficulties, he seeks solutions to all these difficulties and hardships. If we talk about the importance of technology in the current age, then progress in the world is not possible unless technology is involved in it. It would not be wrong to say that the development of the world is highly dependent on the Internet/technology. In the distant past, people lived in caves, technology advanced and now people live in bungalows. Similarly, in the recent past, computers have grown to the point that they can barely fit in a room, and work has been very slow. But as the world advances, technology is directly affected. Now you can carry computers in your pocket in the form of mobile phones. And the work is faster than before. When it comes to making these mobiles useful, mobile phone companies and large software companies are introducing various phone apps that will make human life even faster and hassle-free.

Dear user, I would like to warn you that the official website of EK2WhatsApp Pink is So download all the upcoming updates from this website. Otherwise, the risk of downloading from other sources may be that many people add fake apps to their website which is based on the duplicate names of EK2WhatsApp Pink. As a result, you could face huge losses. This can be in the case of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. For any other website from where you download EK2WhatsApp Pink, Just Type on Google "EK2WhatsApp Pink OfficialEKMods will not be responsible for any damage.

What is a WhatsApp little Introduction?

WhatsApp is a social media application that makes changes to its products over time. In these changes, the WhatsApp company is making some modifications, in which some WhatsApp functions are being removed and others are being added as required. WhatsApp has stopped supporting WhatsApp on Android "version 2.0" phones and older mobile phones and now older users update their mobile phones or they will not be able to use WhatsApp. Now, given this problem, there are some countries where people cannot afford to buy a good mobile phone that can work with WhatsApp. With this problem, we have designed EK2WhatsApp (Pink) using the Official Source Code of WhatsApp, which those users can now use WhatsApp without problems or hassles.

What is EK2WhatsApp (Pink)?

EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is the second mod of Whatsapp Ehsan Plus and EK2WhatsApp mod copy of WhatsApp whose original code is WhatsApp Official. Functions were collected from WhatsApp Plus and EK2WhatsApp (Pink), created by Muhammad Ehsan Yusaf Kamboh, a Pakistani citizen. While it has some features that allow users to decide what they want? The biggest advantage of EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is that it works on all kinds of Android mobile phones. People who use mobile phones with very old Android operating systems can also use this application.

What is the difference between EK2WhatsApp (Pink) and WhatsApp Official?

EK2WhatsApp (Pink) has been created and designed in such a way that it works on all types of Android operating systems. You can save statuses in EK2WhatsApp (Pink). Some have been further improved, prioritizing privacy and security needs. If you feel threatened in any way, you can use your own privacy and security services. EK2WhatsApp (Pink) works against Bann, that is, EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is Anti-ban. You are provided with a collection of themes that help you customize your UI (user interface).

Features of EK2WhatsApp (Pink)?

Below are all the features of Ehsan WhatsApp.

  • Status saver
  • Dark/light theme.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Themes Store.
  • Improved privacy and security.
  • Message access to unregistered numbers.
  • Quick contact.
  • Bomb feature.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Auto Reply.
  • Schedule message.
  • Edit conversation.
  • Charming font styles.
  • Excellent UI.

Details of the points are listed above.

  1. Status Saver: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink) lets you save statuses/stories within the app, without the use of an external app.
  2. Dark / Light Themes: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink) provides dark/light themes within the app to protect the user's eyes from damage.
  3. Anti-ban: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink) provides its users with privacy and security features that keep them away from unfamiliar groups and protect them from issues like Bann.
  4. Themes Store: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink) always strives to create many themes that enhance the interests and experiences of its users, keeping in mind the preferences of its users.  Let's use whatever themes you want.
  5. Improved privacy and security: -Privacy and security are taken very seriously in EK2WhatsApp (Pink), and it is getting better day by day and each update is getting better than before. For example, if you are online and your number has been sent to some people who harass and annoy you when they see you online. So you can hide your online status at will by going to privacy and security. That way they won't bother you anymore. You can also choose some contacts so that you can receive your calls. All other calls are automatically canceled. You can hide from your contacts using whose status you saw that you have viewed your status. You can decide to Protect any of your private conversations using (PIN, Pattern).
  6. Message access to un-register numbers: -This feature of EK2WhatsApp (Pink) enables you to talk to someone and it will be limited to a few messages, If you do not want to save this number so that you do not have a need to talk to him for the next time.., So you can use this feature and send your messages.
  7. Quick contact: -With this feature of EK2WhatsApp (Pink), you can easily switch from one conversation to another. Like (Pop-up) and save time.
  8. Anti-virus: - EK2WhatsApp (Pink) protects you from all kinds of viruses and delivers long messages at once without clicking on reading More, which keeps safe mobiles from getting hung up.
  9. Auto Reply Action: -In EK2WhatsApp (Pink), with the help of this feature, if you are a businessman, then you can use a traditional message, from which if any message is sent by your contact, the reply that you have added before it will be sent as a reply.
  10. Schedule Message: -With the help of this feature of EK2WhatsApp (Pink), you can decide the time for a message when it shall be sent, this feature is usually used when you are very busy and you need to send an important message.  Self-sent on time.
  11. Beautiful and attractive fonts: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink), since it is Pakistani-created by Mohammad Ehsan Yousaf Kamboh, apparently includes the Urdu language, in addition to the English language, Urdu language font styles have been added to make the Urdu messages beautiful.
  12. Attractive UI: -EK2WhatsApp (Pink), which is preferred by the users, uses graphics and colors that captivate the heart.  All settings have been modified to the user's liking.
  13. Bomb Feature: -There are basically five options in this feature of EK2WhatsApp (Pink).  The message will be sent immediately when you press any of these.

  • 1:- With this, you can send a message that you have written already.
  • 2: - This feature allows you to edit your message and adjust its settings.
  • 3: - This feature allows you to create a stylist in your text message.  (Bold, Big, Italic) and much more.
  • 4: - Like 👍, with this feature, you can send if you like something during the conversation.
  • 5: - Heart ❤️, This feature is used when you like something very much and you can send it ❤️ without wasting time to find the emoji.

You Must Download alsoDownload Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK

Mod Information EK2WhatsApp (Pink)

Name app
EK2WhatsApp (Pink)
Package name
Mod version
Base version
Last update
Muhammad Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V16.00 Antiban and antivirus mod by Ehsan Kamboh:-

Download the EK2WhatsApp pink app from Mediafire

Whats'new in v16.00?

  • 🛠 Extent Expiry Date
  • ⚙️ Misc Other bug fixes
  • 📌 Exclusive Get a notification when someone is typing a message to you
  • 📌 Exclusive Ability to get a notification when your message got read(Open chat - select a message - Alert when message read)
  • ➕ Added Again Option to show night/light icon on Home
  • 🛠 Fixed Hide View Status on some phones
  • 🛠 Fixed Rounded entry recording audio
  • 🛠 Fixed Swipe row features not working
  • 🛠 Fixed Space when scrolling some UI
  • 🛠 Fixed Search in calls
  • 🛠 Fixed Bubble Bottom Bar random crash
  • 🛠 Fixed Anti View Once issues
  • 🛠 Fixed Storage issue in Android 14
  • 🛠 Fixed Backup/Restore issues in Android 13+
  • 🛠 Fixed Crash on some phones
  • 🛠 Fixed Android 14+ Theme download issue
  • 🛠 Fixed Android 14+ Backup/Restore issue
  • 🛠 Fixed Crash on older devices
  • 🛠 Fixed iOS14 Entry Style
  • 🛠 Fixed Crash in calls history on some phones
  • ⛏ Change Ghost Mode now takes priority over custom privacy.
  • ⚙️ Misc General bug fixes
  • ⚙️ Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • ⚙️ Misc Other fixes and improvements

What are Major Additions at 15.00?

  • Added Major Update Holy Qur'an completely by Para number, Surah Vise, and Verses vise
  • Added Islamic Portal [ Daily hadith, Morning Azkar, Evening Azkar, and Night Azkar]
  • Added Details about the problems and solutions FAQ

What's new at 14.50

  • ⏫ Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add ghost mode Note: When you activate ghost mode, you will be hidden from everyone, hide your back, other people will think that you did not receive their message when you open the message will not turn into a read message, it it and you can see the hidden ticks as well
  • ➕ Add a separate upload option for each conversation
  • ➕ Added the option to return to the old main interface (request from followers)
  • ➕ Add you can now read all the modified messages
  • ➕ Added the option to show/hide stealth mode
  • ✔️ Activate the addition of a second number from the same version
  • ✔️ Activate the new settings look
  • ✔️ Activate the creation of a nickname for you (you must wait for the official activation from the server)
  • ✔️ Activate adding your email to your phone number
  • ✔️ Activate the acceptance option with the group supervisor when a new person enters the group
  • ⛏ Improved version of the ban
  • 🛠Fix privacy for WhatsApp Business users
  • ⚙️ Move day/night mode to (EK2 Settings add-ons/themes)
  • ⚙️ Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • ⚙️ Other fixes and improvements

                                What's new in v14.00

                                • ⏫ WhatsApp base update to
                                • 📌 Exclusive Add Make all chats in the heart of the conversation they read when activating the option of reading messages after replying
                                • ➕ Add reading the original modified message
                                • ➕ Add a save option for the new jQuery video
                                • ➕ Add an icon next to the modified messages
                                • ➕ Added unread chats option (black > privacy add-ons)
                                • ➕ Added the option to hide the arrow and go to the first message
                                • ➕ Add the option to hide the arrow of going to the last message
                                • ➕ Add the option to change the color of the icon and background arrow go to the first and last message
                                • ➕ Add the option to change the color of text and the background of quick conversations
                                • ⚙️ Update Added one option to hide from hearing the audio/jQuery video recording
                                • ✔️ Activate You can send a quick video when you press the mic button inside the conversation
                                • ✔️ Activate the new home page look
                                • ✔️ Activate photo/video transmission in high-definition
                                • ✔️ Turn on status sharing on Facebook
                                • 🛠Fix the search in the group's field
                                • 🛠Automatic Backup Repair Daily
                                • ⚙️ More Have fun and discover the new for yourself!
                                • ⚙️ Further fixes and other improvements

                                New Features of V13.50

                                • 🛠Fix activating permissions in Android versions 13 and above
                                • 🛠Repair backup in Android versions 13 and above
                                • 🛠Fix downloading Facebook in Android versions 13 and above
                                • 🛠Fix message forwarding on some devices
                                • 🛠Fix state privacy in some devices
                                • 🛠Fix unread navigation badge color not changing
                                • 🛠Fix the color of the message counter on the home page
                                • 🛠Fix the download button for jQuery video not showing on some devices
                                • 🛠Fix the elapsed time option
                                • ⚙️ Further fixes and other improvements

                                How to download EK2WhatsApp (Pink)

                                Downloading the EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is so simple. You can download from the above-dedicated button or you can click on Link 1 --- Link 2 for the download Ehsan WhatsApp it will redirect you to the download page there you must for 10Sec and lately the Download link will appear just click on the “link is ready” and it will redirect you to the media fire to download the EK2WhatsApp (Pink). You must click on the download button to download Ehsan WhatsApp.

                                The following file might harmful for your device are you sure to download it still? This notification will appear this is nothing button only security. This notification comes because of you are being download an apk file out from of Play store

                                So, nothing to be worried Just click on the “OK” button to start your downloading in the background.

                                How to install EK2WhatsApp (Pink)?

                                It’s an easier way as you download other apps. Next, click on the install. And if you got “App is not Installed” it means you have business WhatsApp or official WhatsApp from the Play Store. Just make a backup and uninstall your WhatsApp install already and then again retry for installation of EK2WhatsApp (Pink). And then your WhatsApp is already installed. And now you can register your account as well as always you have done. And enjoy the features.



                                Is EK2WhatsApp (Pink) a virus app? Does it steal user data? Does it have its own separate server?


                                No, it is not true that EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is a virus app.  And users' data is stored under end-to-end encrypted privacy so it is not at all possible to steal any user's data, what is he saying, who called? Whose message came?  Who is he calling?  All of these things are safe and have no access to EK2WhatsApp (Pink).  The license clearly states that if any company uses anything other than the WhatsApp official server, they will be banned and maybe penalized in return.  So all your messages and all your calls are unknown to us.  Our base is WhatsApp Official, which means it is not possible to steal.

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                                1. Hey, I'am Reporting a bug.
                                  Whenever i swipe up a status for reply, Mod crashes instantly.
                                  This happens on both Android 4.4 & Android 8.1 Go.
                                  Also, this only happens in EK2 new Update (4.50)
                                  1. DEAR THANKS FOR YOUR report,we are really very sorry for this issue.we will look after this issue and we really appreciate you for this and we want to say we will fix this issue as soon as possible.
                                  2. The bug is already fixed...!
                                2. My new whatsapp
                                  1. THATS AWESOME !!!
                                3. براہ مہربانی، سٹیٹس والا مسئلہ حل کریں۔۔۔۔
                                  1. Already fixed... V13 is safe and secure
                                4. سٹیٹس جب پہلی بار چلائیں تو صحیح چلتا ہے مگر دوبارہ چلانے پر صحیح نہیں چلتا۔
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