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I also offer biographical notes to people, based on correspondence or interviews between us, and although I will share the testimonies and documents that demonstrate the level and competencies, I do not guarantee that they are 100%, and from that any fallacy falls on the responsibility. of the

We are not responsible for any damages that It may be caused by the case of some of the explanations that you use and your navigation through the blog means your full consent to all the terms contained in this page, if you do not agree with the terms of this page, it does not allow you to navigate the sites and view its content and should stop using it now.when we share any data from other websites like their apps and their Java script codes or HTML CSS codes we also provide their official website link or at least their name shall be mentioned with high light  with Bold word. We also describe their features with word officially. In this case, if any product did harm or something went wrong by using it so we hardly prohibited 🚫 you to leave it immediately. And if you get any kind of the loss in using this so "EhsanWAPlus" will not be responsible for this. Our main mission is to serve the humanity but you also have any kind of loss by using our information so it's worst. Be aware! We will not not not responsible for any loss. And in this user Agreement and declaimer Google will trust on us and also we will not able to ask any query by Google.

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