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the following website/blog is all about tech information, we provide no 1 information to the users to learn knowledge about the gadgets and software's, in this age of technology everyone shall know all these deeply and we believe we are doing it as well as much we can.the following website is officially for Ehsan WhatsApp Plus that is developed by the owner of the website 3hsan.com so we are making this clear to everyone that please get our services from our official website instead of other fake sites. the following website 3hsan.com is fully about educational purpose and only educational purposes we want to engage the people to make more closer to the internet and learn what is actually going on to the world?

Important Note

we believe that we shall remove the content from our blog/website within 48hours after report to us through gmail mehsanyousaf10fw@gamail.com if you show us your physical signatures incl. real documents of the apk which is harmful or contains copyrighted issues. just let us know and we will remove it from our blog.

important message for visitors

this is the official website for EKMODS Or EhsanWAPlus or EK2WhatsApp Pink. i warn or warn to all of my users to not download any update of EKMODS from any other website or Telegram channel instead of Given below all social media links available. otherewise EKMods will not be responsible for any harmful activity for you thats all.