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Diamond Live Wallpaper and Animated Keyboard 2022 - Download Latest APK Update

Diamond Live Wallpaper and Animated Keyboard 2022 - Download Latest APK Update

Introduction to the Diamond Live Wallpaper and Animated Keyboard:-

Assalam Alaikum!

hopefully, you are well and healthy and wealthy; Today I will tell you an application that is proving you free of cost high and attractive wallpapers with the functionality of 3d effects, which with your android Home screen will gonna be more beautiful. it has lots of HD pictures with beautiful animated effects.  I will provide you its animated effects. below in the pictures.

so let's check and follow the instructions. and follow it for the best experience.

The steps all of is below in the pictures You have only to follow these steps.

Search 🔍 on playstore

step #1: GO to your Play store and type this as well {"Diamond live wallpaper"} as well as it appears in the below picture. and select the same first apk as well selected on to the screen. and further process for installing the app.

Installation process

Step #2: Open the app and it will look like this as shown below in the picture

STEP #3: Click on the {"apply theme"} button as well in the picture below.

STEP #4: Select your favorite theme for your mobile as well it appears on the picture below and click on {"Unlock"} button and it will start downloading the theme as you have selected and after 100% completed it will finish the process.

STEP #5: NOW apply button shall be shown on the screen as well below in the picture I have shown to you;...
|NOTE| Don't click on anything else because it might be google ads only,

STEP #6: As you can see in the picture below I have shown that. Now you can use any nice wallpaper you want or if you don't like it So you can use the wallpaper with the default theme The way to download wallpapers is to download the theme all you have to do is click on the ad

STEP #7: Now you can see all the wallpapers in the picture below. Hassan just choose one of your own and download it After downloading, you can click on the application and hang it۔As you can see in the picture

Now that you have learned the whole process, your next step is to download it To download, you need to go to Play Store and follow all the instructions۔ From the bottom and the pot you will go directly to the Play Store and which you can download for your convenience.

Download Diamond live wallpaper

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