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Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V4.00 Mod APK By Ehsan Kamboh

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V4.00 Mod APK By Ehsan Kamboh is an Anti-banned and Antivirus Safe from hackers. Save Statuses, Themes, Fonts, Auto reply,

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack

Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Latest V4.00
Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Latest

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack


Hello! I hope that all my companions will be healthy and strong by the grace of God, God willing. Dear friends, thank you very much for taking a few moments out of your precious time to visit our website. I am very grateful to all my friends who use my Ehsan WhatsApp Plus. And thank you so much to all the friends who have shared their WhatsApp with their friends and family. Thanks to all the friends who report bugs in my Ehsan WhatsApp Plus.

What is Ehsan WhatsApp Plus?

Features of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus are collected from WhatsApp and are based on Official WhatsApp. Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is an Anti-ban WhatsApp. Using Ehsan WhatsApp Plus you can download the status of your friends without using any external app. On Ehsan WhatsApp Plus you can choose specific privacy for your friends. You can set Auto-Reply with Ehsan WhatsApp Plus. With Ehsan WhatsApp Plus you can enable Schedule Message. On Ehsan WhatsApp Plus you can use Whatsapp on more than one number on one Apk. 

What's New Ehsan WhatsApp Plus in V4.00?

  • Base Update
  • Listen to Voice on Different Speed.
  • Show archive Chats on top or down
  • Media Disappear
  • Clear Temporary Files 
  • Crashes Fixes
  • Bugs Fixed

  1. Base Updated on which is the latest version of WhatsApp on Google Play store
  2. Listen to Different Speed ​​This new feature has been added during this update.  With this feature you can listen to any of your voice messages at different speeds
  3.  Show archive Chats on top or down In this update you can set aside a specific space for archive messages
  4. Media Disappearing With this new feature, if you want to send your photos or videos to someone and you want the recipient to view this media file once they see it, they automatically delete the video you sent.  Or the photo may be deleted. But still the recipient can take a screenshot of the photo and save it if he wants
  5. Clear Temporary Files This feature allows you to delete unnecessary files created in your WhatsApp.  This feature has been added to the external space.
  6.  Crashes Fixes There were some bugs and errors in the previous update that have now been fixed.
  7.  Bugs Fixed There were some features that didn't work properly, such as adding a profile picture if the user was unable to add their own profile picture in any chat, which is now fixed
  8. Auto back Fixed:- Whenever the user wanted to register on WhatsApp by typing his number, a message would suddenly appear.There is something wrong with your WhatsApp version, download the latest version from the Play Store now.The problem Is now solved. 

 And many more features have been added. descover by yourself and get enjoy.

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Download Ehsan WhatsApp latest anti-ban V4.00 Mod Apk:

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