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How to play 3D Music On VLC Equelizers | VLC Media Player | Hacks Tricks

Use your VLC Media Player as 3D Music Player with the Bass Boosted Songs, Arabic Songs, Hindi Remix, Arabic Remix, Pakistan Songs play with best ...

Assalamu Alaikum!

Dear friends! I hope all of you will be fine and Alhamdulillah we glad because you're here with us today once again. 
And always prayers for each other that blessings of Allah always upon us.  
Friends as you all know very well that we always upload meaningful information and confirmed from our sources to get latest and authentic information for all of you. So basically today's our topic is also 💯% granteid useful and informative those are music lovers and also those who want extra effects while they're watching on listening to the music.  It might be Desktop computer or to a laptop or todays latest technology as well as going.everyone want to enjoy the music with different ways, some of people likes slow music and some from them want a high music. So for this purpose we have solutions for both type of people to have or get enjoy while they're listening to the music. We will tell you in detail little below. 


Friends as you have read about listening music on our upper topic so here on this topic we will tell you what we're going to do actually?
Friends music is become a part of each person's life. Whenever a person feel sadness or feel loneliness his/her first step is to go and switch on to his/her TV or to a laptop or some other gadgets and he/she start listening to what or how his mood is actually? according to his/her mood he play the music and wanna get a part of the current song playing on to the screen if he/She get What he/She want to play.and pass his/her loneliness or sad feelings. Its not wrong if we say that Music spreads a peace to our soul. In other category of people those always enjoy their lives and stay blessed with Allah's blessings they always get enjoy happy and much more. They want some fun in their lives.and they have even also do so. They want to listen music as club songs and also to Disco dance as well as all of we are well known that some of people like "Bass Boosted" songs that becomes as fashion of Youth many boys Remix their own songs with edited or created their own beats and much more and listen to it for their comfortable time to spend. But we will say about those who can't do their own remix songs. What they will actually do? Ok let suppose a person having a desktop or laptop he want to listen to the bass boosted songs but he didn't have on his HDD drive even to anywhere he doesn't have what he will do?so here in this topic basically we will cover this issue and fix it with software settings or you can say up and downs. If your music or song is already bass boosted and its not giving you best experience while listening to it.or Your music quality is even not perfect but the solutions those i m going to tell you is very useful and it will make your song's quality best. 


In this our topic there is no external requirements for it. Only you must have hardwares and softwares as follows.

Windows [xp,7,8,8.1,10]
Download latest VLC media player (video line media player)

 Just download and install VLC media player from here and its free of cost. After downloading and installation process just open the VLC media player and select any song from your gallery or HDD drive and play it. 
Now, next steps follow my commands as i will tell you below according to your types. 
For soft bass:-
If you're using headphones or your music quality is not best so you can try

Follow these settings for Artificial Bass (Break Dance)

  1. Open Vlc player
  2. Select your required song
  3. Click on effects
  4. Audio effects
  5. Equelizers 
  6. Check  to the Bass box✔️and also to the Pass ✔️box also. 
  7. Select the drop down menu for Audio effects as "Headphones"

Set the settings as below on to the picture. 

Follow these steps if you're listening to the music but if it is not very good quality or not enjoying to it. Just do these settings on your VlC player and enjoy your music with high quality bass with trebles and many more. Just note the values on screen and set your settings too.otheriwse your song might be not useful. 

  Audio settings for VLC player for artificial bass:-               

Friends! In our upper content we taught how we can make our bass boosted songs listening experience best?so here in this artical we will learn how to really we can make our simple song to as bass boosted by using VLC media player audio effects?so without wasting your times i shall like to start our main topic. 
Friends if you're listening to a music and you're not enjoying while listening to it or your speakers or headset woofers are not very expensive or high-fi and that cannot be like bass boosted songs or let you to feel for it so don't you worry here in this article i have solution for this also. 
In this mathod same basic steps just little difference when changing the both effects and volumes etc. 


Same as 1st have....

Soft Bass Boosted Songs

  1. Effects
  2. Audio Effects
  3. Equelizers
  4. Check the box for Bass ✔️ and also to Pass bix ✔️.
  5. Select Flat in drop down

Follow the settings as shown below on to the picture as well. 

All your settings are done now, just enjoy your Music with bass boosted experience. Friends just leave your comments below to the article in comments box if you have any question related this topic. Feel free to ask any question. And give your feedback to us how was your this journey?let us now.!

Note: It will be best if you pause the Song and do settings first and after finishing up the both settings as according to your needs just Restart Your VLC media player software!.


If you did settings by your own or else not follow our instructions as how we taught you!so website artical will not responsible for any damage etc. 

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