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Download BRWhatsApp V14.00 Mod by Basher Alhemeyari

Download BRWhatsApp V14.00 Mod by Basher Alhemeyari

Assalamu Alaikum!

Most welcome all of you to my website EhsanWAPlus pricey friends. I am right here with you with a brand new WhatsApp Mod. dear friends like all of you may realize that every day new developer is being approached to modify WhatsApp and offers a few new functions to their users. same I'm right here with you with a brand new Mod BRWhatsApp.

Download BRWhatsApp V14.00 Mod by Basher Alhemeyari

Introduction What is BRWhatsApp?

BRWhatsApp is a maximum stunning WhatsApp Mod by Basher Alhemyari. you may personalize plenty of factors by using BRWA. BRWhatsApp is lightweight in conjunction with stunning capabilities. secure from viruses and dangerous codes. BRWhatsApp is primarily based on WhatsApp. function accumulated from WhatsApp Plus and Gold AbuArab. BRWhatsApp is completely antiban and viruses immune feature. BRWhatsApp additionally allows you to apply different features to consisting of status saver, log files, privacy-improved, additional privateness approach, beautiful and effective user interface, 3D effects, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, water falling effects, and eleven extra patterns, home styles, conversation entry styles, voice changer, themes store, fonts, schedule messages, Autoreply, and plenty extra features

Advantages of  BRWhatsApp:-

As if we will discuss the features of BRWhatsApp so all these are unbeatable but currently we will share some major benefits of using BRWhatsApp here you will get to know in detail about BRWhatsApp.

  1. BRWhatsApp has the ability to unban your WhatsApp number if you're currently banned by using WhatsApp.
  2. BRWhatsApp is totally anti-ban WhatsApp and also it has the ability to save you from hackers' attacks to hack or steal your data.
  3. BRWhatsApp allows its users to download Statuses from their partners (saved contacts)
  4. BRWhatsApp allows you to forward 1 message at a time multiple.
  5. BRWhatsApp allows you to hide your last seen (freeze Last seen) 
  6. BRWhatsApp allows you to put your personal private chats in a lock to hide this from others.
  7. BRWhatsApp allows you to receive messages from your family and friends without letting them know that you have read this message. (Blue ticks + second tick hide).
  8. If you're bothered by others always disturbs you when you're busy with business meetings or special chats with someone so it prevents the incoming calls (without ringing/with ringing) to decline.
  9. BRWhatsApp provides you 4200+ stylish themes with 1 UI design.
  10. BRWhatsApp provides you with a launching time lock. That may protect your data to seen by others. 
  11. BRWhatsApp allows you to send voice notes or messages with changes of Effects. NEW!
  12. BRWhatsApp is totally ads-free and also protects you from hackers' attacks.
  13. And many more features just download BRWhatsApp and get enjoy.
  14. You can delete any message even after 100years for everyone.
  15. Using BRWhatsApp your partner will not able to delete messages from you even if he/she is clicking on Delete for everyone. it will not delete from you. Anti-delete message.
  16. BRWhatsApp allows you to view the status without let to know the owner that you have seen his message.
  17. Even if your friend deletes the status from his WhatsApp number but it will not delete from you until 24 hours. I totally anti-delete the statuses.
  18. BRWhatsApp protects you from viruses.

What's new in V14.00?

  • Extend the life of the copy to more than three 
  • «Add Feature» Quick response feature in the send box as in WhatsApp Business to activate (through the floating button in the chat screen/add-ons and properties > more additions by Bashar Alhemyari).
  • «Add Feature» Terrific design for the options of add-ons and features in a very elegant and beautiful way.
  • «Add Feature» option to change the color of the add-on shape and properties to any color you want.
  • «Add Feature» option to play videos with sound when watching cases/stories.
  • Improving the falling effects feature to suit all devices.
  • “Add a feature” to easily open more than one WhatsApp account, such as Telegram.
  • «Add Feature» Customize automatic media download for each chat.
  • «Added Feature» New options for downloading statuses (copy the text in the image, share, etc....).
  • “Add a feature” to change the voice in WhatsApp to change the voice (conversation screen options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
  • “Add Feature” option to hide the privacy terms notification (Additions > Settings > Hide Privacy Message). You can hide it without accepting it..
  • «Add Feature» Copy a part of the text by selecting the desired message, then Options, then copying a part of the text.
  • «Added Feature» Advanced Search { You can search by search test for (image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip).
  • Fix/all app crashes.
  • Fix/delay in sending and receiving messages.
  • Fixed/fixed contact not showing clearly in the caption.
  • Fixed/fixed wallpaper themes are not applicable to some phones.
  • Fix/ Full Firmware Backup Not Working on Android 11+.
  • Repair/ Load Media in Android 11.
  • Fix/breakdowns that occur on the chat screen.
  • Fix/crashes that occur on the home screen.
  • Repair/all crashes that occur in some devices.
  • Fix/all crashes that occurred in version V7.00, God willing.
  • More bug fixes and other improvements.

How to download BRWhatsApp?

The download of BRWhatsApp is very easy and simple you just have to do is only click on the download button below you can see and this will redirect you to Media fire. There just click on the Download BRWhatsApp with its property. Then just click on "OK" and select your directory (folder) to save your current WhatsApp and then after all this process, your Downloading will start, and the speed of downloading depends on how fast your network provider is.?

How to Install BRWhatsApp?

After downloading the BRWhatsApp just click here on the downloaded file or go to your file manager to install your BRWhatsApp v8 and now start your installation process. just click on "Next, Next" and it will start your installation after that click on "Done" if you want to make it finish, or if you want to launch your BRWhatsApp then click on "Open" and the next process is the same registration process.

How to register your BRWhatsApp Number?

Simply click on it to open your BRWhatsApp and give all permissions that this asks for, then click on the "continue" and then select your country code as my country code is +92, and then type your number this is on. Be careful adding your number without starting zero 0. Then click on "Register" after which you'll receive OTP or message along with your six 6 digits verification code from WhatsApp be careful perhaps hackers don't ever tell this code to anyone until in case your WhatsApp or mobile phone is not in your own hands. after entering the 6digits code which you have received from WhatsApp after which set your profile call (elective) click on keep etc. Then a popup message will show to your display screen as a changelog then clicks on "ok" and congratulations your WhatsApp is efficiently registered now start your chats.

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  • यो व्हाट्सएप 9/26/2022 12:31:00 م

    thanks for sharing version of yo whatsapp brother...

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    • Ehsan Kamboh
      Ehsan Kamboh 9/26/2022 04:28:00 م

      you are most welcome dear brother. its our duty to serve you


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