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WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 - Read Full Detail

WhatsApp privacy policy updates with detail discuss and the reason of the fake news spreads worldwide. Exactly the reason and alternative to WhatsApp

Assalamu Alaikum friends!

WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 - Read Full Detail

Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus guys today we will discuss our worldwide issue that is WhatsApp privacy policy everyone is affected by WhatsApp this privacy as all of you know that there if no one can secure data like WhatsApp security no one can do how much the WhatsApp is giving security to its users so we cannot say that anyone can hack data from WhatsApp security. Because Mark Zuckerburg is giving high-level security to its users. 

WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2022

The updated Privacy Policy will be able to follow is on February 8, 2021. 

the news is that our surprise around the award is that WhatsApp is changing its privacy WhatsApp will share the data of its users with Facebook sharing as and WhatsApp will share contacts with Facebook and some privacy of its users to others and WhatsApp will sell all of this to its advertisement but all that is is negative about WhatsApp there is nothing like this.

Surety of my words

Guys I am not talking about on my own I am talking about what is going on exactly, and I am reading all this news worldwide so, I am telling all this with proof, and I am providing its sources to you also so, you can read and get all about it.

Reason for these negative thoughts?

As all of you know that WhatsApp has 5 + billion users worldwide this is a social media platform where this is a big number of users there is no competition with WhatsApp as all of you know very well that many absorb also in the market that didn't like WhatsApp anymore they want their as to be spread worldwide.

As all of you know that WhatsApp was sold to Zuckerberg in 2016 here it and after that its team is continuously updating WhatsApp this is 2021 when they have updated their privacy policy but some jealous people have made it.

WhatsApp has access:-

Commonly we know that WhatsApp has already our data but we also know that WhatsApp says we provide security by end-to-end encryption which means your cause your chats your media everything is secure and encrypted and all of you know that no one can decrypt easily any encrypted file, this is a common thing.

guys, we should use common sense here also no one like that his work gets any harm from using those acts within his work they don't like that their work gonna stop as all of you know that WhatsApp is worldwide there are lots of users on WhatsApp if WhatsApp did any harm to their data so all of you know that what's up shall face great loss.

No company would want them to suffer any loss. Especially the most popular app like WhatsApp, the app would not want that at all. It's just an external conspiracy against WhatsApp that people don't like.WhatsApp only wants to improve advertising by capturing the attention and interest of its users. 

If any of you know about app development, you know that any app has that much information for you.

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Reason for the new privacy policy of Whatsapp:-

You've probably noticed that no matter what app you're using, it automatically gives you the same videos the next time you watch something. In the For You option. 

This is not a strange thing. WhatsApp has been trying to explain its new privacy policy to its users in recent days. But many people have already switched from WhatsApp to other apps. Which is a very serious matter. 

Evil elements have created a negative impression on this thing. Which has no reality. I want to make it clear that I am not promoting WhatsApp. But I'm just telling the truth. 

What WhatsApp is doing today is what Google has been doing for years. But don't do any harm, they just want to know your interests and activities.

Security About Calls:-

Your calls are totally secured with end-to-end encryption which means that no one can ever see what're you doing on-call or what you have spoken to your partner while on call. Neither WhatsApp nor others. It's totally secret and WhatsApp has the responsibility to put it secure.

Text calls secured with end-to-end-encryption:-

WhatsApp grantees to have secure your chats with end-to-end encryption so no one can see your chat outside your conversation even not WhatsApp has the right to access it. your statuses and voice messages include media no one can see.

WhatsApp will collect only:-

WhatsApp topic that spread a few days ago that The WhatsApp company will share your conversations with Facebook and to people etc. 

Of course, this is a lie, of course, the WhatsApp company announced that they will only share your profile photo, phone number, and sales information case if you have WhatsApp Business or the card information after you add it with a WhatsApp payment process. 

I mean, conversations between you and a person, or information such as conversations such as pictures within the conversations, they cannot share it with Facebook So many words and people want to receive it and start talking about their business. 

But many people have moved to the Signal app and they have been saying that it is giving more security than WhatsApp and I know what With the same end-to-end encryption for conversations for both applications. 

There is no difference between the Signal app and the WhatsApp security app, they all have the same encryption. And WhatsApp could share your number, personal photo, photos of your robots, and their names without telling you And you never know whether anything But I love to see and talk about the new privacy so that all people have knowledge of everything by this unpleasant experience.

As for the talks Do not be afraid, everyone is safe and there is nothing to fear The talks are going to look at people and they cannot see them. I am not supervising from one side to the other, I mean between you and the person who follows you talking with him. Do not be afraid, everyone is safe and there is nothing to fear

Alternative to WhatsApp:-

After all that my suggestion is to not leave WhatsApp,The updated Privacy Policy will go into effect on February 8, 2021.but if you're really have planned to change your social media so you must login on Telegram because according to the security this is here

Download telegram gold more features then telegram official:-

Read more about telegram gold.

Post your comments below in comments section if you have any question or idea related this topic so we will update our information and don't forget to join us on telegram channel.

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