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WhatsApp Gold APK V10.47 (October 2022) - Download Latest Daily Update

Whatsapp Gold is alternative to official WhatsApp Inc, it has its own many features.WhatsApp Gold V10.47 has lots of features that might be extra or extraordinary features. we will tell in detail below this. 

WhatsApp Gold APK V10.47 (April 2022) - Download the Latest Update

WhatsApp Gold APK 2022

WhatsApp Gold APK V10.47 (September 2022) - Download the Latest Update

Dear friends!. Welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus, Hopefully, all of you will be very fine! Alhamdulillah. As all of you know very well that we always share the latest technology information and posts, third-party WhatsApp is famous in the market. 

WhatsApp Gold APK V10.47

Whatsapp Gold Apk is an alternative to official WhatsApp Inc, it has its own many features. it is basically Mod By AbuArab (ابوعرب) from Yemen. But because of some issues, he stopped developing or updating the Gold Whatsapp Apk. but don't you worry here Assem Mahjoub is for serving you from Yamen he took over the task to update its latest versions according to the market and users' demands? at the beginning of this journey, it was so hard for him to have to update WhatsApp but he didn't give up and continued working on it! and get success and now his WhatsApp Gold is the number#1 copy from google as its rating of download and installation is number#1. He added many extraordinary features and most of them it's mobile-friendly apps (No hanging, no freezing)just install and enjoy your journey on this WhatsApp. Now in the market, its latest version v10.47 is released what we are talking about here.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Gold APK

WhatsApp Gold Apk  V10.47 has lots of features it might be extra or extraordinary features. we will tell in detail below this. 

  • Download and save statuses
  • Privacy for custom chat
  • Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  • Custom themes
  • Anti-ban with proof.
  • Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  • 4200+ Themes for WhatsApp gold.
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Hide Second ticks.
  • Hide status view.
  • Status views toast.
  • Online partner Toast.
  • Auto reply to your clients.
  • Schedule message sending to let connect you with your near and dear ones.
  • Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  • Enable a Forward limit of more than 5 persons at a time.
  • Forward messages without forwarding tags.
  • Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  • Custom bubbles styles.
  • Hide the partner's name from the conversation screen.
  • Quick Contact feature.
  • Groups and Chats screen separations.
  • Allows you to set One UI system.
  • DND (Disable Network)
  • Added 15+ Notification tones built-in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Gold provides you a log system that always tracks your contacts' activities on WhatsApp e.g Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.

And all the other features that your need.

What's New in WhatsApp Gold V10.47

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add an option to turn on/off the group admin indicator (Golden Additions > Conversation Screen)
  • Added ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!
  • Add an option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • Add an option to translate text cases.
  • Adding the package name to the expiration page to help users find out.
  • Enable filtering for unread messages using a search
  • Activate a new drawing pen
  • Activate online privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online.(Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Enable Leave Groups Secret Without All People Knowing (Only admins can see you when you leave)
  • Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule)
  • Activate the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!)
  • Activate quick reactions to the situation
  • Activate the new text status UI
  • Activate the new status privacy design user interface
  • Fix Go to the first message
  • Fix showing all messages of a person in the group chat
  • Fixed group message counter on the group info page
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More other fixes and improvements
WhatsApp Gold APK + MOD Antiban v10.47
Updated on November 21, 2022
App nameWhatsApp Gold Apk
Package namecom.whatsapp2plus
DeveloperAbu Arab
CategoryWhatsApp Mod
RequiresAndroid 5.0
Mod FeaturesAntiban
Link Download3hsan.com

WhatsApp Gold APK V10.47 (April 2022) - Download the Latest Update by Abu3rab

Download Whatsapp gold
Download WhatsApp Gold Apk


Here I gave WhatsApp Gold to You, this is an official WhatsApp Gold by Abu-Turab. other than our website you will find WhatsApp Gold with a fake copy of WhatsApp but they would not be official WhatsApp Gold. this is totally free of cost. please type your feedback if you found any issues.

FAQ - WhatsApp Golden Apk 2022

How do hide/freeze the last seen for a particular contact?
You can hide or freeze your last seen or online status for a special contact whom you do not want to show it. Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your last seen.
How to hide a Profile Pic for a specific contact?
You can hide your profile picture for a particular person on your WhatsApp. that selected contact won't be able to see your profile picture. Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your profile picture.
Ehsan Kamboh
By : Ehsan Kamboh
A technology enthusiast. Fascinated by technology. Currently, a student of Computer Engineering passioned about the Chinese world of Smart Devices and their innovation in the pricing and quality. I like to take photos and venture into natural places

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