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EK2WhatsApp V3 update

EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is a mod copy of WhatsApp whose original code is WhatsApp Official. Functions collected from WhatsApp Plus and EK2WhatsApp (Pink),

Download EK2WhatsApp V3 safe from hackers attack and viruses Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V2 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh
Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V2 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V2 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Download EK2WhatsApp Plus V2 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Hello! I am extremely grateful to all the visitors who use my WhatsAppEK2WhatsApp (Pink), and always stay connected with their latest updates, I pay tribute to all who helped me with this work. The slightest hint of success. Of course, the purpose of your visit to our website is to download "EK2WhatsApp (Pink)". Next we will talk in detail about "EK2WhatsApp (Pink)" and all its features that make it more useful and superior than other copies of all existing WhatsApp Mods

What’s new in latest version of EK2WhatsApp Pink?


Updated to


New options to download story (caption, share, etc.)


Quick translation feature inside typing box


Themes store Dark/light mode automatically


Option to hide privacy terms notice message from (Universal > hide privacy msg). you can hide it without accepting.


Added 5+ Animated Home Rows Styles.


Copy cation from long press to download options.


Status splitting errors


Contact name not showing clearly in caption mention


Themes wallpaper not applying on some phones


Full back up not Woking on android 11+


Improved other translations


Other fixes and improvements

Mod Information EK2WhatsApp (Pink)

Name app

EK2WhatsApp (Pink)

Package name


Mod version

WhatsApp Plus V3

Base version

Last update



Muhammad Ehsan Kamboh

Download Ehsan WhatsApp latest anti-ban V3 Mod Apk:-

How to download EK2WhatsApp (Pink)

To download the EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is so simple. You can download from above dedicated button or you can click on to the Link 1 --- Link 2 for the download Ehsan WhatsApp it will redirect you to the download page there you must for 10Sec and lately the Download link will be appearing just click on to the “link is ready” and it will redirect you to the media fire to download the EK2WhatsApp (Pink). You must click onto the download button to download Ehsan WhatsApp.

The following file might harmful for your device are you sure to download it still? This notification will appear this is nothing button only security. This notification comes because of you are being download an apk file out from of Play store

So, nothing to be worried just click onto the “OK” Button to start your downloading in background.

How to install EK2WhatsApp (Pink)?

It’s an easier way as you download other apk. Next, next, and click on to the install. And if you got “App is not Installed” so it means you have business WhatsApp or official WhatsApp from play store. Just make backup and uninstall your WhatsApp install already and then again retry for installation of EK2WhatsApp (Pink). And then your WhatsApp is already installed. And now you can register your account as well as always you have done. And enjoy the features.



Is EK2WhatsApp (Pink) a virus app? Does it steal user data? Does it have its own separate server?


No, it is not true that EK2WhatsApp (Pink) is a virus app.  And users' data is stored under end-to-end-encrypted privacy so it is not at all possible to steal any user's data, what is he saying, who called? Whose message came?  Who is he calling?  All of these things are safe and have no access to EK2WhatsApp (Pink).  The license clearly states that if any company uses anything other than the WhatsApp official server, they will be banned and may be penalized in return.  So all your messages, all your calls are unknown to us.  Our base is WhatsApp Official, which means it is not possible to steal.

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  1. How to download EK wtsp
    1. Go to the Home Page of my website and simply find the latest version of EK2WhatsApp and open that article scroll down and find the Download EK2WhatsApp Button.
      wish you all the best my dear 🙏🫂
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