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How to Safe Your Facebook Account From Hackers in 2022? - Learn Complete Guidance

how to protect facebook from being hacked in 2021, Make your account secure against hackers and set extra layer of security for your facebook account

how to protect facebook from being hacked, facebook safe from hackers latest in 2021

how to protect facebook from being hacked 2021
how to protect facebook from being hacked 2021

It is very important question and also most commonly asked question that how to keep facebook account safe from hackers?

In this year 2021, hacking of Facebook is very common. I want to make it sure that this is illegal thing that is crime which has very strict punishment that can in form of money or simple jail or maybe both can be.

It is very big issue Facebook is always looking after to secure its users to provide them privacy and security to its users. But as all of you may knew that everything is possible in this century so hacking is very common thing.

Now in this post I will teach you some ways how to keep facebook safe from hackers? You have to do is to follow the instructions those I am going to tell you.

Step no 1

How to use a secure password for Facebook?

There are lots of websites those provides you the facility to generate a simple and secure password for your Facebook or some other things those require password. I won’t promote any of these websites. You have to use google to do this “Generate a secure password online” you have to open any website from the links Infront of your eyes. Just add your password which you want to add on your Facebook. But make sure your password shall follow these requirements.

1.       At least 6 words.

2.       Use numbers for your password.

3.       At least One latter shall be capital.

4.       Use symbols.


Facebook allows you to use 6 digits for your password at least. Otherwise, it will say your password is not follows our requirements.  Or If you will use common and easier password so it will reject and tell you to use secure and special characters. If you will follow these instructions so you will be definitely benefited and your password will also secure. Because of when hackers do try to stole your account, they use common things of your life such as, your date of birth, digits from your mobile numbers or most common things from your life. So, if you will use the steps, I have taught you above so your password will be more secure and hackers would not guess your password. You have to encrypt your password. Once if you have successfully added your password in password box. Simply after filling some steps (each website has its own methods to generate your passwords). You have to generate your password and then later on you have to fill the login fields and then you have to go to the settings of your Facebook account and then you will see many other features and settings of Facebook. You have to select “Security and Login” and then it will open and you have to do scroll down and select the option two step verification.

What is two-step verification?

2-step-verification is also known as (two-step authentication). This is a type of security in which you get extra layer of security for your accounts. In case of your password might be stolen for your any account then this layer of security provides you the facility that the person who stolen your password can never access to your account, if he enters the password and try access or login into your account so after entering the password, he has to add the two-step verification code that he will get on his (phone number through message, or in any app which you have settled as a two-step verification). Otherwise, he cannot able to login and use your account

Only do these settings if you are very well known about these settings, otherwise follow us only otherwise you might face problems, so don’t play with your privacy.

Just hit on to the “Two-Step verification” and then after loading it will open what method do you want to use as a two-step verification code


Authentication App

- Text Message


how to protect facebook from being hacked
how to protect facebook from being hacked 2021

Authentication App

If you’re trying to add Authentication App as your two-step verification code, then you have to Install some apps from Play store such as

App Name



Powered By

Google Authenticator


311k reviews



Google LLC

Microsoft Authenticator


525K reviews



Microsoft Corporation

2FA Authenticator


7k reviews






505 reviews




Authenticator Pro


566 reviews




In this place I will tell you about Google Authenticator and Text Message. First of all, I would like to tell you about google authenticator that is trusted by Google and google is always looking after to security of its user’s privacy.

facebook safe from hackers book,

How to use Google Authenticator in 2-step verification?

First of you have to search for Google Authenticator on Google Play Store, and just install this on your device, after finishing the installation you will open the apk and now you will see a button “Get Started” just press on it and enter key which is appearing on your Facebook account in “Authentication App”. And afterly you have to add the code there on Facebook and your two-step verification with app is registered.facebook safe from hackers online

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How to use Text Message for 2-step-verification?

Now this time is to use Text Message for your 2-step-verification code, just press on to the “Text Message”, this is available below to the “Authentication App”. Just press on it and now you have to add the number on which you want to set your code so this will send you a 6-digit code on your phone (if your sim card which number you have enter is working). Simply now add that code on to your required field and now your Facebook is secure from hacker’s attack and break down your account and more to keep facebook account safe from hackers?

.Kindly note the backup codes in your safer place so this will help you to login into your account if you cannot receive verification or if you are far from your sim card. Just enter that codes and you can access to your account without facing any problem.

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