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EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack Mod By Ehsan Kamboh

EK2WhatsApp Pink is an alternative to official and features collected from WhatsApp Plus. EK2WhatsApp Pink is Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers.

EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack Mod By Ehsan Kamboh

EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack Mod By Ehsan Kamboh
Download EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh

EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 Antiban and antivirus Safe from hackers attack Mod By Ehsan Kamboh


Dear friends, I hope you all are well. I am very grateful to all my friends who use my EK2WhatsApp Pink. Dear friends, my purpose in talking to you today is to inform you all about the update of my EK2WhatsApp Pink. At the same time, it is necessary to explain all the features that are included in this new update.

Dear user, I would like to warn you that the official website of EK2WhatsApp Pink is So download all the upcoming updates from this website. Otherwise the risk of downloading from other sources may be that many people add fake apps to their website which is based on duplicate name of EK2WhatsApp Pink. As a result, you could face huge losses. This can be in case of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. Any other website from where you download EK2WhatsApp Pink, Just Type on Google "EK2WhatsApp Pink OfficialEKMods will not be responsible for any damage.

Dear friends, many features have been added in this update of EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00 which are explained in full details here's below. And there is a separate description for each feature. You can also Read the full artical of EK2WhatsApp Pink From here.

Features Added in EK2WhatsApp Pink V4.00:-

  • Auto Photos/Videos Disappear after it gets Open. 
  • Listen to the voice on different speed. 
  • 11+ Animated Home Rows Styles.
  • Archive Location
  • Clear Temporary Files

Now I will tell you all the features one by one.

  1. Auto Disappear Photos / Video after Opened:- Use this feature, if you want your photos or videos to be automatically deleted once opened. Your sent video or photo will be automatically deleted from your friend's mobile phone once it opens.
  2. Listen to the Voice on Different Speed: - With this feature you can listen to all the voice messages at different speeds. Which can be 1x, 1.5x, 2x.
  3. Home Rows Styles: - More than eleven Home Rows Styles have been added which are designed separately for Dark / Light. These rows make your EK2WhatsApp interior look even more attractive. 5 of these Are Animated.
  4. Archive Location: - This is another feature to be included in this update that allows you to specify a specific location for your archive chats. Which can be set to either the upper level of all chats or the lower level.
  5. Temporary Files Clear: - With this feature you can delete all the temporary files of your EK2WhatsApp Pink. And you can reduce the internal storage volume of your EK2WhatsApp Pink.
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Updated to

Exclusive Added

Added listen to voice messages at different speeds by toggling the 1x/1.5x/2x buttons while a message is playing


New look for additions and ease of navigation


 A new format for archived conversations as before


A new option in the Additions section to Clear temporary WhatsApp files


Add the feature to send media and disappear after once open


The feature of pin more than 5 conversations.


Added 11+ Home Rows Styles incl. (Animated+Night mode+Normal).


Delay in sending and receiving messages


Themes wallpaper not applying on some phones


Status Splitter crash on some phones


Doesn't have enough space


Other fixes and improvements

Dear friends, I hope all of you friends liked the new update. If you really like all these new features, be sure to share this EK2WhatsApp Pink with your friends. And be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box below. Thanks!

Download Ehsan WhatsApp latest anti-ban V4.00 Mod Apk:-

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