[Latest] Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Update Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh

Updated on أغسطس 9, 2022
Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to the official WhatsApp inc. and modded by Ehsan Kamboh that is a developer from Pakistan.Anti-ban Status saver
NameEhsan WhatsApp Plus
Package Namecom.whatsapp
DeveloperEhsan Kamboh
MOD FeaturesAnti-virus + Antiban
Link DownloadMedia

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to the official WhatsApp inc. and modded by Ehsan Kamboh from Pakistan. Anti-ban Status save

WhatsApp from Facebook is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees

<b>Ehsan WhatsApp Plus</b> Update V3 Anti-ban and Antivirus By Ehsan Kamboh

Download WhatsApp Plus V9.00 Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

AAsslamu Aliakum, I am extremely grateful to all the visitors who use my WhatsApp , Ehsan WhatsApp Plus , and always stay connected with their latest updates, I pay tribute to all who helped me with this work. The slightest hint of success. Of course, the purpose of your visit to our website is to download "Ehsan WhatsApp Plus". Next, we will talk in detail about "Ehsan WhatsApp Plus" and all its features that make it more useful and superior than other copies of all existing WhatsApp Mods.

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Ehsan WhatsApp Plus Ehsan WhatsApp Plus
Table of Contents

Brief introduction

As we all know, as time passes the world advances along the path of progress, as man faces difficulties, he seeks solutions to all these difficulties and hardships. If we talk about the importance of technology in the current age, then progress in the world is not possible unless technology is involved in it. It would not be wrong to say that the development of the world is highly dependent on the Internet/technology. In the distant past, people lived in caves, technology advanced and now people live in bungalows. Similarly, in the recent past, computers have grown to the point that they can barely fit in a room, and work has been very slow. But as the world advances, technology is directly affected. Now you can carry computers in your pocket in the form of mobile phones. And the work is faster than before. When it comes to making these mobiles useful, mobile phone companies and large software companies are introducing various phone apps that will make human life even faster and hassle-free.

Dear user, I would like to warn you that the official website of EK2WhatsApp Pink is www.3hsan.com So download all the upcoming updates from this website. Otherwise, the risk of downloading from other sources may be harmful because many people add fake apps to their website which is based on the duplicate names of EK2WhatsApp Pink. As a result, you could face huge losses. This can be in the case of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. Any other website from where you download EK2WhatsApp Pink results in lost data, Just Type on Google "EK2WhatsApp Pink Official" EKMods and go through official WhatsApp.
  • Do not download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus other than EhsanWAPlus.
  • You will be the responsible for any damage occurs by using fake name WhatsApp Plus
  • You can simply download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus famous as Anti-virus whatsapp.

What is a WhatsApp little Introduction?

WhatsApp is a social media application that makes changes to its products over time. And in these changes, the WhatsApp company is making some modifications, in which some WhatsApp functions are being removed and others are being added as required. WhatsApp has stopped supporting WhatsApp on Android "version 4.4.3" phones and older mobile phones and now older users update their mobile phones or they will not be able to use WhatsApp. Now, in view of this problem, there are some countries where people cannot afford to buy a good mobile phone that can work with WhatsApp. With this problem, we have designed Ehsan WhatsApp Plus using the Official Source Code of WhatsApp, which those users can now use WhatsApp without problems or hassles.

What is Ehsan WhatsApp Plus?

The Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is a mod copy of WhatsApp whose original code is WhatsApp Official. Functions were collected from WhatsApp Plus and Ehsan WhatsApp Plus , created by Muhammad Ehsan Yusaf Kamboh, a Pakistani citizen. While it has some features that allow users to decide what they want? The biggest advantage of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is that it works on all kinds of Android mobile phones. People who use mobile phones with very old Android operating systems can also use this application

What is the difference between Ehsan WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Official?

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus has been created and designed in such a way that it works on all types of Android operating systems. You can save statuses in Ehsan WhatsApp Plus . Some have been further improved, prioritizing privacy and security needs. If you feel threatened in any way, you can use your own privacy and security services. Ehsan WhatsApp Plus works against Bann, that is, Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is Anti-ban. You are provided with a collection of themes that help you customize your UI (user interface).

Feature of WhatsApp Plus apk

WhatsApp Plus is one of the best Mod WhatsApp available in internet. we are going to describe all the features of EKMods. There are all the features available that any other WhatsApp Mods it works as usual any other modded copy of the features.

  • Status saver
  • Dark/light theme.
  • Anti-ban.
  • Themes Store.
  • Improved privacy and security.
  • Message access to unregistered numbers.
  • Quick contact.
  • Bomb feature.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Anti-virus.
  • Anti-virus..
  • Edit conversation.
  • Edit conversation.
  • Excellent UI.

Details of the points are listed above.

  1. Status Saver- Ehsan WhatsApp Plus lets you save statuses/stories within the app, without the use of an external app.
  2. Dark / Light Themes - Ehsan WhatsApp Plus provides dark/light themes within the app to protect the user's eyes from damage.
  3. Anti-ban - Ehsan WhatsApp Plus provides its users with privacy and security features that keep them away from unfamiliar groups and protect them from issues like Bann.
  4. Themes Store - Ehsan WhatsApp Plus always strives to create many themes that enhance the interests and experiences of its users, keeping in mind the preferences of its users. Let's use whatever themes you want.
  5. Improved privacy and security -Privacy and security are taken very seriously in Ehsan WhatsApp Plus and it is getting better day by day and each update is getting better than before. For example, if you are online and your number has been sent to some people who harass and annoy you when they see you online. So you can hide your online status at will by going to privacy and security. That way they won't bother you anymore. You can also choose some contacts so that you can receive your calls. All other calls are automatically canceled. You can hide from your contacts using whose status you saw that you have viewed your status. You can decide to Protect any of your private conversations using (PIN, Pattern).
  6. Message access to un-register numbers -This feature of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus enables you to talk to someone and it will be limited to a few messages, If you do not want to save this number so that you do not have a need to talk to him for the next time.., So you can use this feature and send your messages.
  7. Quick contact -With this feature of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, you can easily switch from one conversation to another. Like (Pop-up) and save time.
  8. Anti-virus: - Ehsan WhatsApp Plus protects you from all kinds of viruses and delivers long messages at once without clicking on Read More, which keeps safe mobiles from getting hung up.
  9. Auto Reply Action -In Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, with the help of this feature, if you are a businessman, then you can use a traditional message, from which if any message is sent by your contact, the reply that you have Added before it will be sent as a reply.
  10. Schedule Message -With the help of this feature of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, you can decide the time for a message when it shall be sent, this feature is usually used when you are very busy and you need to send an important message. Self-sent on time.
  11. Beautiful and attractive fonts -Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, since it is Pakistani-created by Mohammad Ehsan Yousaf Kamboh, apparently includes the Urdu language, in addition to the English language, Urdu language fonts styles have been added to make the Urdu messages beautiful
  12. Beautiful and attractive fonts -Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, since it is Pakistani-created by Mohammad Ehsan Yousaf Kamboh, apparently includes the Urdu language, in addition to the English language, Urdu language fonts styles have been added to make the Urdu messages beautiful.
  13. Bomb Feature -There are basically five options in this feature of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus. The message will be sent immediately when you pressed any of these.
  1. with this you can send a message that you have written already.
  2. This feature allows you to edit your message and adjust its settings.
  3. This feature allows you to create a stylist in your text message. (Bold, Big, Italic) and much more.
  4. Like 👍, with this feature, you can send if you like something during the conversation.
  5. Heart ❤️, this feature is used when you like something very much and you can send it ❤️ without wasting time to find the emoji.

Additional Features of WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • Anti-virus
  • Support on 4.1 and up.
  • Status Downloader
  • Last seen freeze. Online status
  • Specific Pin/Password for each Conversation.
  • Hide the Important Conversation with PIN/Password.
  • Launch Time PIN/Password/Finger Print lock.
  • Use Multiple Accounts in one WhatsApp
  • Stop From Auto Downloading Media.
  • Allows you to download Custom Auto Download for each conversation Group.
  • Anti-Delete Messages and media.
  • Auto reply
  • Schedule message sending feature.
  • Download 4200+ Custom Themes.
  • The Urdu language is supported.
  • Pre Urdu Fonts style Added

How to Download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus?

To download the Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is so simple. You can download from an above-dedicated button or you can click on the download Ehsan WhatsApp it will redirect you to the download page there you must for 10Sec and lately the Download link will be appearing just click on the “link is ready” and it will redirect you to the media fire to download the Ehsan WhatsApp Plus. You must click on the download button to download Ehsan WhatsApp.

The following file might harmful for your device are you sure to download it still? This notification will appear this is nothing but only security. This notification comes because of you are being download an apk file out from of Play store

What’s new in the latest version of WhatsApp Ehsan Plus?

  • [Update WhatsApp base] to
  • [Added] New Reaction emojis as feedback
  • [Re-design] Social Media Browser
  • [Added] MP3 Music Player
  • [Added] The option to save the media when the option not to be saved in the studio is activated.
  • [Added] Effects of scrolling messages up and down within the conversation
  • [Added] The new look for contact information.
  • [Added] a new shape while recording an audio clip.
  • [Added] Option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate (Plus Settings > Conversation screen).
  • [Added] Message counter on the page to see all messages sent by a specific person.
  • [Added] Added a new tab (Ehsan Whatsapp Features) for separate features.
  • [Extended] Extended the Life of the version.
  • [Re-Added] Text Repeater
  • [Re-Added] web browser in the drawer.
  • [Extended] Extended the version life.
  • [Fixed] Backup issue taking up too much space.
  • [Fixed] Change WhatsApp effects.
  • [Fixed] Floating button not disappearing.
  • [Fixed] Opening the conversation via widget when the conversation is locked.
  • [Fixed] The option to call by phone sometimes appears as a non-number.
  • [More] Other fixes and improvements.

Available Versions to download

The following file might harmful for your device are you sure to download it still? This notification will appear this is nothing but only security. This notification comes because of you are being download an apk file out from of Play store,So, nothing to be worried just click on the “OK” button to start your downloading in the background.

How to Install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus?

WIt’s an easier way as you download other apk. Next, next, click on the install. And if you got “App is not Installed” so it means you have business WhatsApp or official WhatsApp from the play store. Just make a backup and uninstall your WhatsApp install already and then again retry for installation of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus. And then your WhatsApp is already installed. And now you can register your account as well as always you have done. And enjoy the features.

Final Words

Unlike other play store apps, this app does not notify you when the version is updated. The old version will have to be uninstalled before the new one can be installed. SO what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Ehsan Whatsapp Apk and start enjoying premium features.

If you get any issues in downloading this app from our website, you can leave a comment below. We are always there for you all the time. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Thank You!

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Is Ehsan WhatsApp Plus a virus app? Does it steal user data? Does it have its own separate server?

No,it is not true that Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is a virus app. And users' data is stored under end-to-end encrypted> privacy so it is not at all possible to steal any user's data, what is he saying, who called? Whose message came? Who is he calling? All of these things are safe and have no access to Ehsan WhatsApp Plus . The license clearly states that if any company uses anything other than the WhatsApp official server, they will be banned and maybe penalized in return. So all your messages and all your calls are unknown to us. Our base is WhatsApp Official, which means it is not possible to steal.

Ehsan WhatsApp or WhatsApp+2 Comparison and differences

EKWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are two MODs of the popular messaging app that have lots of things, the second copy name as Ehsan WhatsApp Plus+2 is made for those who were using Fouad WhatsApp and they wish to enjoy with Ehsan WhatsApp Plus features without losing their old chats, they can install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus +2 copy over the FMWhatsApp and enjoy.

How to install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus

To be able to install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus, you have to go to WhatsApp or your usual client and create backup of your conversations from Settings. That’s only if you want to keep them, of course. and delete the Official WhatsApp downloaded from Google Play store and install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus latest version that you downloaded now.

How to use Ehsan WhatsApp Plus and how it works

Ehsan WhatsApp’s interface is split into different sections or tabs that can be easily explored from the app’s upper section and swiping the screen left or right: Chats, Status, and Calls. This upper menu also offers us a camera on the left hand side. It’s a shortcut to the our device’s camera so we can take a photo or record a video and share it immediately with any of our contacts.

Is Ehsan WhatsApp safe

To the date, there’s no information about this app hiding malware or going against the users’ privacy in any possible manner. However, that doesn’t mean that Ehsan WhatsApp is a 100% safe application. In fact, there’s no such thing as a software development that is 100% safe.

How to update Ehsan WhatsApp?

Updating Ehsan WhatsApp Plus isn’t carried out like the rest of the applications that we usually install through the Google Play Store. We’ll offer you several methods to update your app but before you start you should think about creating a backup of your conversations if you want to keep them, which you probably want to do. When updating, chats are usually kept but you’re better off being cautious.

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