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Hanan WhatsApp Plus APK V11 (HAWhatsApp Apk) Mod By Hanan Ruzainy

Hanan WhatsApp works on all types of android systems. And the privacy & security feature has improved a lot in our WhatsApp so that you can use your..

Hanan Whatsapp is an application, built up by the official code of WhatsApp, including some new codings to modify Whatsapp. There will be no change in the coding & the privacy will remain the same as before and it’s totally free from viruses and spyware.


I’m glad to invite you all to enjoy the best Whatsapp mod called Hanan Whatsapp.
By visiting our official website, You can download Hanan Whatsapp & have a great time experiencing our new features. Hope you all stay connected with us to have the latest updates.

Introduction: -

Our world keeps advancing each second, as time passes. Nowadays people like to live an easy and stress-free life. As we all know this won't be possible if technology couldn't involve in this part. Technological development is a major component that is highly dependent on the advancing world.
As an example, the mobile phone is an innovation in the past which is used only to communicate with people in distance, but today we are able to order our food to our doorsteps through these mobile phones. Same as that, these mobile companies are introducing many applications in order to make our human life efficient.

Introduction to WhatsApp.   

Whatsapp is a social media application that enhances productivity over time in order to develop communication all over the world. In this modification process, they have to add & remove their functions in order to develop their application.
Due to that, it has stopped supporting android version 4.3 phones & older mobile phones. So that we came across the solution & designed Hanan Whatsapp, using the official code of Whatsapp.
Hanan Whatsapp
Hanan Whatsapp v11

What is HananWhatsApp?                                

Hanan Whatsapp is an application, which built up by the official code of WhatsApp, including some new codings to modify the Whatsapp. There will be no change in the coding  & the privacy will remain the same as before and it’s totally free from viruses and spyware.
This includes some special functions which are created by a Sri Lankan citizen. Within a wide range of selections, users may select their own set of features as they wish.

Difference between HananWhatsApp and Official Whatsapp?

Not like the WhatsApp official, Hanan WhatsApp works on all types of android systems. And the privacy & security feature has improved a lot in our WhatsApp so that you can use your own private services. And we have a bunch of features, which makes you feel great having  Hanan WhatsApp. 


Below are some features of Hanan WhatsApp.
  1. Status saver 
  2. Dark / Light theme 
  3. Themes Store 
  4. Scheduled messages 
  5. Edit conversations
  6. Antiban
  7. Quick contact
  8. Bomb feature
  9. Antivirus
  10. Auto Reply
  11. Excellent UI 
  12. Improved privacy & security 
  13. Message access to unregister numbers
  14. Social media
  15. TV 
  16. Multi accounts
  17. Animated privacy
  18. Animated About 
  19. Translator
  20. New row styles
  21. Games 
  22. Movies 
  23. Share Chat
  24. Drawable
  25. Calendar

Details of above points,

  • Status saver: - Can save others' statuses without their permission.
  • Dark / Light theme: -Changes into both Dark / Light theme.
  • Antiban: - Keeps you away from issues like a ban.
  • Themes Store: - Users may select their themes as they wish.
  • Scheduled messages: - By providing the time, message, contact & date you can send a message without any delay. It helps you with a tough schedule and this feature itself sends messages on time.
  • Edit conversations: - Can edit the messages you have already sent.
  • Quick contact: - Lets the user easily change from one conversation to another with one tap.
  • Bomb feature: - These are the five options in this feature. 
  1. Can send a specific message that you have already written.
  2. Allows you to edit your message and adjust its settings.
  3. Let you select font styles.
  4. LikeπŸ‘, can quickly send this emoji, during your conversation.
  5. Heart❤ enables you to send this emoji to things that you like very much.
  • Antivirus: - Secure from all kinds of viruses.
  • Auto Reply: -For some specific messages you can provide different reply messages. 
  • Excellent UI: - Uses graphics and colors that captivate the heart.
  • Improved privacy & security: - Hanan Whatsapp is more concerned about this feature so we are updating them with more care than before. There are features in which you can hide your online status, blue ticks & also you can freeze your last seen. If you feel bothered by some contacts you can block their calls and statuses as well. And if you are expecting more privacy, you can hide some conversations using (pin, pattern)
  • Message access to unregister numbers: -If you have to text someone whom you are not willing to save their number, you may use this feature.
  • Social media: - Easy Access to All Social Media by a Navigation Drawer Which is Enabled in The Privacy Menu.
  • TV: - Can watch All Sri Lankan Live TV Channels without Time Limit and High-speed Buffering.
  • Multi accounts: - Manage Many Whatsapp Accounts within A Single App.
  • Animated privacy: - An Animated Privacy Menu with Futuristic Techno Background and The Particle View.
  • Animated About: -An About with Anonymous Background and Particle View.
  • Translator: - Messages can be translated into many languages.
  • New row styles: - Customized Row Styles with Animation/Non-Animated Designs as per User's Wish.
  • Games: - Can play the games Temple Run & Subway Surfers on Whatsapp.
  • Movies: - Can watch Sinhala and Tamil Movies.
  • Share Chat: - Share chat videos.


Hanan Whatsapp isn’t a virus app and the user data is not stolen by that.
Users’ data is stored under end-to-end encrypted privacy under Hanan Whatsapp which means all the data like calls and messages have no access to Hanan Whatsapp. The license clearly states that if any company uses anything other than the Whatsapp official server, it will be banned. Therefore, all your details will be kept unknown to us as our base is Whatsapp official.

Mod Info - HananWhatsApp Plus APK: -

Name: HananWhatsApp
Version: v11
Update: a day ago
Package: com.hawhatsapp
Official site:

Download Hanan Whatsapp Mod APK For Android v10.00

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