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[Latest] Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods

Updated on أبريل 15, 2024
YouTube Pro is an alternative to official YouTube with additional advanced features like YouTube Plus, YouTube Pro is modified by SamMods.
Name YouTube Pro
Package Name
Publisher Sam Mods
Category Entertainment
Version 26
Size 95MB
License FREE
Requires Android 4.2+
MOD Features Ads-free
Link Download External
Play Store Download YouTube Pro Latest APK V26 [Sam Mods]

YT pro is the modded version of YouTube and stock version of youtube, in this includes adds free Blocks All videos ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture.

[Latest] Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods
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[Latest] Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods [Latest] Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods

[Latest] Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods

Assalam u Alaikum! Most welcome all visitors to the EhsanTechCorner once again. As all of our visitors knew very well that we always provide you latest mod apk all the time. Just the same today again I am here to serve you with the latest update. detailed information related to the YouTube Pro Apk will be in the below article.

YouTube Pro v26 Latest Modded by SamMods

Download YouTube Pro Latest Update 2023
Download YouTube Pro Latest Update 2023 For Android

What is YouTube official?

YouTube is a social media platform where you can share your videos and activities, or either you can watch movies online or songs. Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood, Pollywood, and you can either best informative videos on YouTube, you can use YouTube either for educational purposes, can learn online by watching many videos available on YouTube by experts, you can either learn in advanced level in your required subject or either concept. For example, if you are having trouble using something then you can search this on YouTube and fix your issue for free.

What is YouTube Pro?

YouTube Pro is an alternative to official YouTube with additional advanced features like YouTube Plus, YouTube Pro is modified by SamMods. With this YouTube Pro, you can download all videos, mp3, 4k, 2k, or whatever you want, the resolution of your requirements, all ads inside videos are removed, or you can allow watching ads, you can customize your YouTube layout, as you can delete videos that you like from others, you can delete shorts that are displayed in front of you every time you open the official youtube app

But now this problem will not bother you anymore. You can exceed the maximum resolution for videos using internal settings, your videos will play continuously in the background when you are working in PIP (Picture in Picture mode). you can automatically repeat your videos. Now you can also directly set the dark/white screen mode in YouTube Pro Mod. You can adjust the brightness of the videos while watching the videos or you can turn the volume up or down by sliding your finger inside the video. You can now zoom in on videos and images with a gesture, and you can also remove community posts from the home page.

Feature of YouTube Pro: -

  • All ads removed (either you can allow ads to work)
  • Adjust video resolution 
  • Customize settings and adjust volumes. 
  • Download videos/mp3s direct to the SD Card
  • Community posts removed. 
  • Play videos in PIP (Picture in Picture).
  • Auto repetition. 
  • Added dark/light modes.

Features of YouTube app for Android?

i). Play YouTube videos without annoying ads inside

Ads are one of the most prevalent media on the internet because they are the main source of income for many companies and people, but their rise is very annoying and annoys many people, especially if you are preparing an important video other than an educational video or other. , the appearance now and it interrupts you from your views of the video, usually in the original YouTube app It does not give you the option to disable ads or block ads, but in the YouTube Pro APK update, the latest version gives you the option to disable and remove ads, and when you enable this option, you will be able to watch any shorts on YouTube without showing you any ads on any shorts.

ii). Play YouTube shorts without any restrictions inside YouTube Pro.

YouTube can impose restrictions on you to watch YouTube shorts, but who puts these restrictions is not the YouTube platform itself, but the owner of the video shorts or the duration of the channel, so to speak, for example, age group restrictions. This means that when you open the shorts, you are asked to sign in to your Google account to verify your age and if your account is banned by the YouTube producer, i.e. you have broken any laws before and were banned by the YouTube team. . , then you will not be able to log in to confirm your age and you will not be able to watch the video

Another example of the type of restrictions is the restrictions in the country, which means that if the owner of the video shorts is prohibited to watch the video from your country, then you need to use a VPN, but in YouTube Pro, YouTube Pro provided us with many solutions, and One of these solutions in YouTube Pro is that By removing the restrictions placed on any video shorts, you will be able to open and play any shorts without being banned from the video.

iii). Ability to play videos in the background outside of YouTube Pro

One of the annoying things that the YouTube app contains is that it allows you to play videos only when you are inside the app, but as soon as you exit the App or switch to another App, for example, you were watching a YouTube short and while watching, wanted to reply to a WhatsApp message and switched to the messaging App. The video will pause unlike YouTube's Plus Apk, which allows you to use other applications and exit the plus app while continuing to play the video outside of the apk.

iv). The ability to download all kinds of videos and media easily by clicking the download button

YouTube Pro The Plus update allows you to download videos from the platform with ease and ease without any complications as Apps to download videos from YouTube do, all you have to do is click on the download icon and choose the resolution and video quality, and then you will see the download process has started, in the original YouTube application no You are allowed to download any shorts because it is against the guidelines and policy of use of YouTube. If you want to download a video, you will need to use other Apps to download, copy and paste the link and many steps. Moreover, if there are any restrictions on the shorts, you will not be able to download them.

But in YouTube Plus, you do not have to have any restrictions in downloading, moreover, to allow you to download videos of large lengths, that is, whatever the length of the video, the plus application will download the shorts, and you can download videos in audio formats directly without the need for conversion Apps, that is, you can download The video is an audio shorts directly in MP3 or MA4 format and other audio formats.

Easily use the scroll buttons to control the volume, brightness, and zoom of the image

YouTube Pro Sam, the latest version of Android apk, provides you with many control buttons that facilitate your with many control while watching videos.

v). Disable and turn on the autoplay feature for YouTube videos

A great feature on YouTube, which some see as a useful feature, but some suffer because it allows them to spend hours watching videos, this feature works when you play or watch a short on YouTube, then the videos will play one by one automatically, an imposed feature by YouTube Users have to make them spend more time watching, the original app does not allow you to disable this feature and unlike YouTube Pro which allows you to disable this feature, especially if you are the type that does not allow your time and worries daily spend a lot of time on YouTube.

Difference between YouTube and YouTube Pro: -

All ads are removed (you can watch the ads too). This feature is only for educational purposes, i.e. sometimes a student watching a lecture and suddenly ads prompt in Infront of him, and in this case if the concept is very confusing, there is fear if he could not understand so these types of ads are only paused. You can download the lecture videos, so you can watch them later if you are having trouble with your concept. Videos will be played in the background in PIP. So you can apply the steps live while watching the tutorial videos. Exceed video resolution up to HDR,4K,2K, or whatever you may like.Brightness/volume are now customized inside the video by using a swipe. You can either control videos through Zoom or enlarge the videos with just a pinch.ALL Premium features are unlocked, and extra or advanced features are added to the videos.

Youtube never promotes any third-party app to access. All these apps are just made or redesigned for individual use. never promote the mod apps. it's illegal. this content is just for students, kindly avoid using or downloading youtube pro. otherwise, we will not be responsible for any damage.

What devices does YouTube Plus work on?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms for video views, and YouTube is the second most visited site, according to Alexa's ranking. The platform is followed by Google, and like other sites on youtube site, it has a mobile application that works on iPhone phones running iOS and Android phones, but the YouTube application for the platform lacks many features Important and necessary, there was a need to create the Plus App, which provides many distinctive services that any YouTube user needs, such as download videos from YouTube, in addition to the fact that Pro allows you to play shorts in the background and many more, which we will mention in the next lines of our topic Pro YouTube.

YouTube Pro It is one of the official Apps for Android systems using this App you can easily search for all your favorite movies and watch them YouTube Pro has the ability to find all new videos using voice search and quick search You can also search all your favorite movies from this App and watch them directly

YouTube allows you to share your favorite videos with all your friends around the world via other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as email, etc. YouTube Pro Versions Dear users of the site, we hope that you enjoy downloading this App.

How to download YouTube Pro Mod APK?

You can download Youtube pro mod apk easily via google. type YouTube pro mod apk and click on the first link of the search result. then scroll down inside the page and click download mediafire youtube pro and you will be redirected to the waiting page. Wait approximately 10 seconds and the link will be visible inside the circle and you will be redirected to Mediafire and then your file will start downloading.

How to Login to YouTube Pro?

This is very easy Download the microG apk

  1. Click On APK and Install it. 
  2. Click on Add google account.
  3. Click on the SIGN IN option. 
  4. After that complete the setup
  5. Enter your Gmail and password. Done!

Download YouTube Pro v26 Latest Update By SamMods

Download YouTube Pro From MediaFire

Download MicroG App to Login into Youtube Account:

Download MicroG App from MediaFire

You can not log in to YouTube Pro without your Gmail account if you want to enjoy all the features of the YouTube Premium App, then definitely you should download and use MicroG App.

Available Versions of YouTube Pro

YouTube Pro v26
MicroG v26

This is the best New Unique apk now days and fast secure stable apk. YouTube Pro Up gives you options to be different. It’s light, RAM & battery great use of. (Make something great of your daily conversations. ).

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    1. Use MicroG to login with YouTube Pro
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