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Download Assem WhatsApp Apk Latest Antiban Update | AGWhatsApp Apk - AG2WhatsApp Apk - AG3WhatsApp Apk - ERWhatsApp Apk

AGWhatsApp is a modified application of the official WhatsApp by the developer Assem Mahgoob. AG WhatsApp App has 4 copies: Assem WhatsApp Blue,Pink,Green,and Golden. You can have the four copies on one phone, the developer Asim Mahjoub came with unique and new interfaces, also all of the four versions are anti-ban.

download assem whatsapp | agwhatsapp | ag2whatsapp | ag3whatsapp | whatsapp plus | ertugrul whatsapp
AGWhatsApp + AG2WhatsApp + AG3WhatsApp + ERWhatsApp

AGWhatsApp Apk V29 Latest Update

AGWhatsApp Blue is the latest version of WhatsApp Mod. It is an alternative to the official WhatsApp from the play store. It has lots of facets and also a beautiful look inside the app.AGWhatsApp Blue version was Modified by developer Abu Algath Assem Mahgoub. He did so much struggle and effort to bring it up that much. AG WhatsApp new version has 100+ extraordinary quirks like GBwhatsapp, AGWhatsApp, AGWhatsApp, and many more versions like this. are similar. But here our main topic is AGWhatsApp Blue copy of Assem WhatsApp.

The version of WhatsApp Assem Al-Azraq is considered the first version developed by Assem Mahgoub, which bears the name AGWhatsApp and contains many features and additions as well as wonderful themes

AG2WhatsApp Apk V29 Latest Update

AG2WhatsApp pink WhatsApp allows users to download statuses from their Contacts with built-in status-saver functionality.AG2WhatsApp allows users to customize their privacy [Hide saw, who can call? Conversation Lock, Blue ticks show after reply, second tick (green tick) hide, Bluetick hide, Hide status view (even though you will be able to see who watched your status?).

WhatsApp allows its users to make their WhatsApp interface attractive and beautiful with 1000+ themes.AG2WhatsApp allows its users to set toast notifications for each new activity on WhatsApp. AG2WhatsApp allows its users to customize their WhatsApp but not fully although 70% of them can.

AG3WhatsApp Apk V29 Latest Update

AG3WhatsApp Green The version of WhatsApp Assem Al-Akhdar is the third version developed by Assem Mahgoub, which bears the name “AG3 WhatsApp” and contains many features and additions as well as wonderful themes. You can use double numbers within one app at a time like telegram and messenger. All the files that go with AG3WhatsApp will create as AG3WhatsApp.WhatsApp was mod on the demand of many users.

ERWhatsApp Apk V29 Latest Update

ERWhatsApp is as Ertugrul WhatsApp. ERWA IS basically dedicated to a Muslim ghazi Ertugrul. Thus, WhatsApp is loaded with many properties. This is NO#1 WhatsApp in 2015-22 and has more qualities of nowadays WhatsApp available in the market. the files created with ERWA save all data into the storage as a folder ERWhatsApp 2022.

WhatsApp Plus Apk V29 Latest Update

WhatsApp plus is also a moded WhatsApp. It is also modded by Assem Mahgoob. It is an alternative to the official WhatsApp. All the files that are created will save in one folder that name is the WhatsApp plus name folder.

Features of Assem WhatsApp

AGWhatsApp is one of the best Mod WhatsApp available on the internet. we are going to describe all the characteristics of AGMods. There are all the add-ons available that any other WhatsApp Mods it works as usual with any other mod.

  • You can save status videos and pictures.
  • ERWhatsApp is Anti-ban
  • Forward messages to more than 5 persons or groups.
  • Support Anti-Delete messages.
  • You can set custom privacy on Gold WA. (Last seen, Blue ticks, second ticks, who can call you, who can see you watch someone’s status, set custom privacy for each conversation, security {pin, pattern,} hide conversation name).
  • Support Translation messages inside the conversation.
  • Delete messages for everyone up to 100 years!
  • Cannot save Backup on Google Drive.
  • Support External themes can be installed (zip, XML).
  • You can set a schedule message-sending feature.
  • You can set the auto-reply function on Gold WA.
  • Quick contacts function like a messenger.
  • Bomb message support (click and send unlimited messages).
  • Change tones (inside the conversation while new messages arrive).
  • Broadcast messages to the Groups at a time.
  • Send messages with Text styles (big text)
  • Support Urdu language.
  • Urdu font style (khasheeda).

Pros OF AGWhatsApp

  • Anti-ban
  • Support on 4.1 and up.
  • Status Downloader
  • Last seen freeze. Online Status
  • Specific Pin/Password for each Conversation.
  • Hide the Important Conversation with PIN/Password.
  • Launch Time PIN/Password/Finger Print lock.
  • Use Multiple Accounts in one WhatsApp
  • Stop From Auto Downloading Media.
  • Allows you to download Custom Auto Download for each conversation Group.
  • Anti-Delete Messages and media.
  • Auto reply
  • Schedule message-sending feature.
  • Download 4200+ Custom Themes.
  • The Urdu language is supported.
  • Pre Urdu Fonts style Added

Cons OF AGWhatsApp

  • You can not create a backup directly to your Google Drive as in Official WhatsApp
  • AGWhatsApp is a third-party app that WhatsApp strictly prohibits you to use
  • You can not claim WhatsApp for any damage you get while using AGWhatsApp or its sub copies

What's New in V29 in AGWhatsApp

Changelog -
  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Enable the creation of polls and voting in groups
  • Add an option to turn on/off the group admin indicator (Additions and Properties > Conversation Screen)
  • Added ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!
  • Add an option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • Add an option to translate text cases.
  • Adding the package name to the expiration page to help users find out.
  • Enable filtering for unread messages using a search
  • Activate a new drawing pen
  • Activate online privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Enable Leave Groups Secret Without All People Knowing (Only admins can see you when you leave)
  • Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule)
  • Activate the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!)
  • Activate quick reactions to the situation
  • Activate the new text status UI
  • Activate the new status privacy design user interface
  • Fixed the problem of crashing in Kitkat versions when entering the conversation
  • Fixed an issue where names did not appear in the Quick Chats tab
  • Fixed the comment problem when choosing the quick chat site to the right
  • Fixed an issue where new conversations did not appear in YOWA style
  • Fix the problem of collapse in some devices when activating the number
  • Fix Go to the first message
  • Fix showing all messages of a person in the group chat
  • Fixed group message counter on the group info page
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More other fixes and improvements

How to Download AGWhatsApp Plus?

You have to do some steps before downloading agwhatsapp apk. The link to the agwhatsapp is given below for the explanation. You have to go down and click on the button given as well as Download AGWhatsApp apk. Then this will redirect you to the media fire to download AGWhatsApp. You have to do is to again click on the Download button to start downloading.

You will get a notification to chrome as well as this apk file might harm your mobile, this is only because of AGWhatsApp is not available and also this is normal when we download anything from outside of the Google Play Store. Just click on “OK” and your downloading will finally start.

Important Message by WhatsApp App Official and the truth:-

WhatsApp finally notified every user that does not use any application bearing the name WhatsApp outside of the Google Play store. If the users will keep using unofficial apps that are considered unethical use. WhatsApp warned the users that if they will keep using modified fake copies of WhatsApp then the users must get ready for the consequence and the company will punish users by blocking their account for a lifetime or it may for a few weeks or months which means it will be banned temporarily. WhatsApp claims that these apps might be harmful to the users and they can leak out the data of the users and break their privacy. 

For me, I hope my honest users of 3hsan.com trust us and if you trust me then I swear I was using the official WhatsApp beta and as a test, I started to keep fighting with one of my friends just for test and I noticed my account was banned by the company and this is the time when I was using official WhatsApp but in the other hand my friend was not banned and the fact was he was using WhatsApp gold apk that shocked me. my official WhatsApp account is not allowed to use WhatsApp anymore for a lifetime. so my conclusion is WhatsApp is not safe actually as if you will keep using it directly and your data is not encrypted or secured end-to-end encrypted privacy. they are a big liar.!

All Links were Updated on November 27, 2022

Download AGWhatsApp APK V29 By Assem Mahgoob (com.agwhatsapp)

Download AGWhatsApp Blue APK

Download AG2WhatsApp APK V29 By Assem Mahgoob (com.ag2whatsapp)

Download AG2WhatsApp Pink APK

Download AG3WhatsApp APK V29 By Assem Mahgoob (com.ag3whatsapp)

Download AG3WhatsApp Green APK

Download Ertugrul WhatsApp APK V29 By Assem Mahgoob (com.erwhatsapp)

Download ERWhatsApp Golden APK

Download WhatsApp Plus V29 By Assem Mahgoob (com.whatsapp)

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Message from the developer! Do not enable all privacy options, such as hiding the second tick, blue mic, and others. Other it might delay in sending and receiving messages.

Conclusion -

Today, I m here with all of my visitors who love to download agwhatsapp, ag2whatsapp, ag3whatsapp, and the most popular erwhatsapp with direct download links. they do not need to be worried about searching and getting confused about the exact official models of Assem WhatsApp. I want to say 3hsan.com is eligible and certified by Assem Mahgoob to distribute Agwhatsapp 3ssem to the users.

Like other play store apps, this app notifies you when the version is updated. The old version will not be uninstalled before the new one can be installed. Although you will be able to install the new update v29 over the previous old version of AGWHATSAPP. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of AgWhatsapp Apk and start enjoying premium functions.

If you get any issues downloading this app from our website, you can leave a comment below. We are always there for you all the time. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions AGWA MODS

AGWhatsApp or ERWhatsAp Comparison and differences

AGWhatsAppand ERWhatsApp are two MODs of the popular messaging app that have lots of things in common, we could say that they’re almost clones.

How to install AGWhatsApp

To be able to install AGWhatsApp, you have to go to WhatsApp or your usual client and create a backup of your conversations from Settings. That’s only if you want to keep them, of course.

How to use AGWhatsApp and how it works

AGWhatsApp’s interface is split into different sections or tabs that can be easily explored from the app’s upper section and by swiping the screen left or right: Chats, Status, and Calls. This upper menu also offers us a camera on the left-hand side. It’s a shortcut to our device’s camera so we can take a photo or record a video and share it immediately with any of our contacts.

Is ERWhatsApp safe

To date, there’s no information about this app hiding malware or going against the users’ privacy in any possible manner. However, that doesn’t mean that AGWhatsApp is a 100% safe application. In fact, there’s no such thing as software development that is 100% safe.

How to update AG2WhatsApp

Updating AGWhatsApp isn’t carried out like the rest of the applications that we usually install through the Google Play Store. We’ll offer you several methods to update your app but before you start you should think about creating a backup of your conversations if you want to keep them, which you probably want to do. When updating, chats are usually kept but you’re better off being cautious.

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