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Download AG Instagram Plus Red V2.80F Ads-Free by Assem Mahgoob

Download AGInsta Latest Version AG Instagram 2023

Download AGInsta Latest Version AG Instagram 2023
Download AG Instagram Plus Red V2.80F Ads-Free by Assem Mahgoob


What is Asim Mahgoub's Instagram? Welcome to EhsanTechCorner Blog. The Instagram Plus APK, Assem Insta is an application specially modified to run a second Instagram for Android easily and without root on the same device, and it is based on the latest version of Instagram Inc in the Google Play store

In the Instagram Plus app, Asim Mahjoub  (Abu Arab) added many important features that Instagram users need in their daily routine, such as downloading photos and videos including reels, downloading stories, opening profile pictures in full screen, copying comments, translating into multi-languages, copying bios, and other features that not available within the official Instagram, in addition to that it supports the Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi languages.

Asim Mahgoub’s Instagram Plus consists of two versions of Instagram: Instagram Plus +, which is the version that you can install instead of the original Instagram, and AGInsta, which you can install along with the original Instagram or Instagram Plus. Both versions contain all the features mentioned above.

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AGInsta APK Download [Latest Version] v2.80 for Android

The main reason for development is always to provide better service for users, Instagram Plus and AGInstagram were developed for the suffering of Instagram users from saving Instagram photos and videos at first, and then many features appeared on Instagram, especially after Facebook. took control of it, such as the story “Stories” and the need for users to save and download photos and videos from Instagram stories, and as users of the Instagram program faced many requirements that we wanted to add the Instagram program, including the inability to copy comments, so these features and more were added to Instagram and we call it Instagram Plus Assem Mahgoub.

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A Comparison between the original Instagram program and the Instagram Plus apk, Assem Mahgoub

AG Instagram Plus

Instagram Inc

Ads Disabled

Ads should have appeared

Download (stories, videos, reel)

For User's privacy, you can save content but not download it on your device.

Hide even if you have seen a message

Unable to set this privacy

Hide Story seen




Translation (Comments, Incoming msg, within typing box)


Option to see who is following you on their profile


Copy Comments, Bios, and Captions


Pinch the image to ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT


Unique Features of AG Insta APK

  1. Save photos and videos from Instagram: Just click on the download arrow below the photo or video, and the photos and videos will be uploaded with you, then you will find the photo or video in the gallery.
  2. Download from the story: When the story opens, click on the side menu, then choose Download.
  3. Enlarge images easily: Click on the image to appear in a frame, then enlarge it easily.
  4. Open the profile picture: Press and hold on to the profile picture, and the original full picture will open for you.
  5. Copy Comments: Select the comment and a copy option will appear at the top, click on it and the comment text will be copied.
  6. Arabic language support: AGInsta and Instagram Plus fully support the Arabic language and other languages. And other great features
  7. Urdu Language Support: AGInsta apk and Instagram plus 3ssem fully support the Urdu language.

Mod Features of AG Instagram Plus

App Name

Ag Instagram Plus

Package name


App Version


Base Version

Mod By

Assem Mahgoob

Updated on

May 05, 2023


Redesigned and enhanced

What's new in Asim Mahgoub's Instagram 2.80

  • [Base update]
  • [Add] All the new Instagram features
  • [Exclusive] You can take a screenshot without the other party knowing.
  • [Exclusively] You can re-watch any image without the knowledge of the other party
  • [Exclusive] You can hide that you have listened to the audio clip
  • [Add] French language
  • [Add] Spanish language
  • [Add] Urdu language
  • [Add] Persian language
  • [Add] Indonesian language
  • [Add] the Indian language
  • [Add] Italian language
  • [Add] the Russian language
  • [Add] German language
  • [Fix] The problem of crashing when uploading images in the chat
  • [Fix] All crashing issues
  • [More] Fixes and improvements, discover it yourself

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Download AG Instagram V2.80 APK by Assem Mahgoob (aginsta apk download):

Download AG Instagram from Mediafire

Download Instagram Plus V2.80 (com.instagram.android)For Android an alternative to the official version by Assem

Download Instagram Plus App from Mediafire

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