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How to Unbanned My Whatsapp Permanently Banned? | Asking help from Support team in WhatsApp 2022

WhatsApp is permanently banned:-

Welcome to EhsanWAPlus, friends of today, our topic is where, if you face the problem of ban, when using WhatsApp To resolve an issue where you are facing an issue that the use of WhatsApp has been banned from your WhatsApp number, please contact our support team for help.
Resolve an issue where the use of WhatsApp was banned at this phone number, please contact our support team for assistance in 2021
And don't worry today, we have a solution, in shaa Allah, to leave the ban on your WhatsApp number banned on WhatsApp, and everyone asks me, what is the way to remove the ban on my phone number on WhatsApp? You are communicating with WhatsApp and asking the WhatsApp support team to remove the ban on your phone number.
Then you can use WhatsApp without any problem, follow the steps and apply the instructions with images at the bottom of the post, My number has been banned from using WhatsApp

Solve a problem that your phone number has been banned from the use of Whatsapp, please contact your help team to unbanned your number 2020

Posting unethical photos and videos Posting voilent links and being reported about you by users Posting group messages for groups on WhatsApp.
One is sending spam messages or advertising messages to others via WhatsApp. Frequently others bann you on the WhatsApp application and bann your number, which leads to permanently banning your number from using WhatsApp. Sending hate messages or abusive pictures or threatening phrases to others. 
The presence of an application or virus on a mobile application that uses the application WhatsApp to send automatic messages to others.
 You are severely violating the rights to use the WhatsApp application
Violating. Corresponding to people who are not registered or sace with you in the contact list. Posting group messages to contacts who are not save in you conatact list. 
Your number is with them or your number is not added to their contact list.
Resolves an issue where this phone number has been banned from using WhatsApp.
 My number has been banned from using WhatsApp What is the solution: The main reason for banning your number from using WhatsApp is the number of WhatsApp users reported and banning your number on WhatsApp and a lot of people publish numbers and say you do a report and bann this number and this causes the number to be banned from using WhatsApp Please do not report randomly to others' numbers
The most common reasons for banning your number from WhatsApp itself
 Lifting the ban on your number in the golden WhatsApp There are those who are being banned due to the large number of complaints recorded against him by users, which are complaints that the server records whenever a user banns another user, the greater the number of restrictions restricted on the user’s account and his number will be subject to denial of service
 The same is the case with users who rely on advertising promotion via WhatsApp, and those who send messages in large numbers that can be classified as spam, servers work to discover them and bann their phone numbers
 If you came to contact the support team, how would I solve a problem that this WhatsApp number has been banned from using WhatsApp, please contact the support team for assistance

How to ask from team to support? 

1- First, we photograph the screen when it appears that your number has been banned, then click on the support team as shown in front of you in the picture

2:- what to write in message?

. Send them in the mine that appears with you this message as shown in the picture have banned my account whatsapp and I have not violated the Terms of Service Please remove the ban from my account or raise my application to the higher authorities.

Or this message

One of the hackers guessed the verification code without my knowledge, which is the reason for the number disabling. Please remove the guessing from my phone number so that I can send a message or phone call to receive the code and return to the Whatsapp and thank you +20
And we choose the image that we Screenshot as shown in the image

 Don't have Answer of your question?

3. Click on this does not answer my question as shown in the picture below in screen shot.

Ask them support directly through E-mail:-

Solve a problem if your number has been banned from using WhatsApp please contact the support team 2020

4 - Click on Gmail as shown in the picture

What to write in E-mail asking for support?

Fixed the problem  that your whatsapp number has been banned from using WhatsApp, please contact the support team 2020

5 - now just send the message without any change or edit bcz its not actually needed, Gmail detected your message typed on Whatsapp automatically,some of portions i have blurred because of mobile id etc. Provacy.

6- You will receive an answer like this
 Thank you for your message.
 We understand that you are currently unable to access WhatsApp and are working hard to respond to your request. We appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as possible. For more information, please read this article.

WhatsApp Support Team

 Then we reply to the message with this message ':

I am sorry I have guessed the code by mistake. There was someone who intended to ban me and I hope you reactivate the number because my work depends on the application and the business and I am now in a very embarrassing situation Thank you support team

7- After 24 hours have passed, you will receive a reply from team like this.

Congratulations! on you 
Hello, thank you for your message. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. Our system has reported your account activity as a violation of our Terms of Service and subsequently blocked your phone number. To ensure access, please reverify your number with our official WhatsApp client/app; which can be downloaded from our website: www.whatsapp.com/download Please note that we do not provide unofficial customer support or iPhone / rooted (including emulators), and unsupported devices.  

WhatsApp support team:-

Finally, congratulations for you to unbanned your WhatsApp number

Dear, friends lets us know if you have any problem or your unbanned trick is not working correctly,we shall find another way to prove unbanned your WhatsApp .leave a comment below or directly contact us on telegram to support you.