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Instagram Gold APK 2022 (Abu3rab) Download Latest Update

Instagram Gold or InstaGold is a modified version of the official Instagram Available on the Google Play Store. InstaGold enables you to get Blue Tick Verified account marks on your Instagram Account (Golden Users Only). You can save stories, Save Reels, Save IGTV videos, Hide appearing online, hide seen marks, skip videos, remove ads, and much more you really want to have on Instagram. You can also get more followers using InstaGold (Claim by Developers). Follow @thelordehsan On Insta to verify the blue tick

Instagram Gold V2.90 Abu3rab 2022

Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus once again thank you for your precious time with us and hope that you will be fine Alhamdulillah 💓. As all of you know that we always provide information about Mod apps and games with Premium Paid services. So guys today our new topic is Instagram Gold by Abu Arab

download instagram golden apk by abu3rab

Let us know some information about this app۔This app is Instagram Gold Plus and its developer is #AbuArab Who is an Arabic software engineer As everyone knows, Instagram is the Gold Plus that Abu3rab developed Due to some technical glitches, #Abu3rab left the job before he could do it Now Assem Mahjoob took over the task for fulfilling such a big responsibility. Took It is true that in the beginning, he had a lot of problems But he did not give up and kept working. And persevered۔And successfully created one app that we want to know about today!

If you don't like reading so you can click on redirect to the download button and download directly without knowing about it by clicking on"Navigation Link"

Instagram Plus Assem Mahgoob is an app to run a second Instagram for Android easily and without rooting your device. It is based on the latest version of Instagram in the Instagram store There are two versions you can install: Instagram Plus + Instagram or Instagram Plus AGInsta. Both versions contain all the features that I mentioned above

Features of InstaGold Plus

  1. The ability to download photos and videos from built-in applications without any use of another external application.
  2. Instagram Gold allows you to easily download the story/status on your mobile 📱 with a built-in download feature by just clicking the button.
  3. The ability to enlarge the images, so that whenever you click and hold the image, by using your using two fingers pinch your finger and you will be able to zoom in and out as you need.
  4. The ability to open thumbnails, as this feature is not possible in the official version of Instagram as well.
  5. Instagram Plus allows you to copy the 'BIO' by simply clicking and holding on to the bio from any profile you have visited.
  6. Supports the Arabic language, where you will find that all menus and phrases in the golden Instagram are incorrect Arabic words.
  7. The ability to copy comments easily by clicking on any comment and then clicking on the option to copy. and paste it anywhere you want to.
  8. Free from annoying ads that disturb users, it is a non-profit application.
  9. Open the profile picture of anyone.
  10. Get to know who is following you on Instagram
  11. Disable ads with a built-in Instagram app.
  12. Remove the posts that you have liked. 
  13. Video automatic playback in the newsfeed
  14. Browser for browsing is built into the application
  15. Send images with full resolution also with the original property
  16. Download your friends' statuses or Instagram stories easily by clicking on⬇️
  17. Hide typing in conversation and also hide that you have read your partner's mail
  18. Hide display of stories with a built-in feature

مميزات الانستقرام الذهبي InstaGold

  • إمكانية تنزيل الصور والفيديوهات من التطبيقات دون الحاجة إلى استخدام تطبيقات خارجية.
  • يتيح لك Golden Instagram تنزيل القصة بسهولة على هاتفك من التطبيق بنقرة زر واحدة.
  • القدرة على تكبير الصور ، بالضغط مع الاستمرار على الصورة ستتمكن من تكبيرها وتصغيرها كما يحلو لك.
  • إمكانية فتح الصور المصغرة ، حيث أن هذه الميزة غير ممكنة في النسخة الأصلية من التطبيق.
  • يتيح لك Instagram Plus نسخ السيرة الذاتية ببساطة عن طريق النقر مع الاستمرار على السيرة الذاتية لأي ملف تعريف يظهر لك.
  • يدعم اللغة العربية ، حيث ستجد أن جميع القوائم والعبارات في التطبيق الذهبي مكتوبة باللغة العربية الصحيحة.
  • إمكانية نسخ التعليقات بسهولة من خلال النقر فوق أي تعليق ثم النقر فوق خيار النسخ.
  • خالٍ من الإعلانات المزعجة التي تغضب المستخدمين ، فهو تطبيق غير ربحي.
  • افتح صورة الملف الشخصي لأي شخص
  • اكتشف من يتابعك على Instagram
  • تعطيل الإعلانات داخل تطبيق Instagram
  • إزالة المشاركات التي تم الإعجاب بها
  • التشغيل التلقائي للفيديو
  • متصفح داخل التطبيق
  • إرسال صور عالية الجودة
  • قم بتنزيل حالات أصدقائك أو قصص Instagram
  • إخفاء الكتابة وإخفاء أنك تقرأ الرسالة
  • إخفاء عرض القصة

Do not download any application bear on the name Instagram Gold other than Assem Blog and EhsanWAPlus. we only provide the original and latest version of InstaGold

Amazing Features of Instagram Golden

  1. Privacy- As In Every App Privacy is important. This version has some useful privacy features. (Do not mark messages as reading in direct, Hide View Stories, Hide typing status in DM).
  2. Download Statuses &amp, Media - Downloading is the Most Important Feature of all. you can save stories and download images and videos from your insta feed by clicking on the download button and also using the extra options.
  3. Save IGTV Videos - You can Save IGTV videos to your android device storage or gallery.
  4. Ad-free - Instagram pro 2 ( Instapro 2 ) Fully Ad-free You wouldn't see any advertisements in your insta feed and stories.
  5. Photos in max quality -Using this feature you can share photos and videos with full resolution.
  6. Translate -Supports Google and Yandex translation engines. You can translate comments and posts into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Turkish. with its built-in Feature
  7. In-app browser -You Have an extra choice option need to open another browser to visit any link.no more need to go to other apps just click on the link and start browsing with a built-in browser engine.
  8. Shopping items in search - You can disable advertisement items from your insta pro 2 settings easily.
  9. Unfollowing tracker -Many people know who unfollowed them. So, this option makes sense in this situation. Even, you can see the list of unfollowers with this Instagram 2.
  10. App lock -Don’t need any other apps and tools anymore. Just insta pro 2 lock your Instagram with the pin code.
  11. Follows You -Ability to show ( FOLLOWS YOU ) Tag. You can easily see who follows you. and many more features discovered by yourself

What's new in Instagram Gold 2.90

  • [Base Update] Instagram to
  • [Added] All the new Instagram features
  • [Removed] Font change feature due to some problems
  • [Improved] Update codes
  • [Fixed] The problem of the appearance of videos is not clear
  • Solve the problem of crashing when opening the application
  • [Fix] Rails download button
  • [Fixed] Many random crashes and crashes

مالجديد في انستقرام الذهبي 2.90 ؟

  1. [تحديث قاعدة] انستقرام الى
  2. [اضافة] جميع ميزات انستقرام الجديده
  3. [إزالة] ميزة تغير الخط بسبب بعض المشاكل
  4. [تحسين] اكواد التحديث
  5. [اصلاح] مشكلة ظهور الفيديوهات غير واضح
  6. حل مشكلة الانهيار عند فتح التطبيق
  7. [اصلاح] زر تنزيل الريلز
  8. [اصلاح] العديد من الأعطال العشوائية والانهيارات

Download Instagram Gold v2.90 By Abu3rab

Download Instagram Gold

Download Instagram Gold Plus Alternative to the Official Instagram By Abu3rab

Download Instagram Plus

You can enable the Blue tick by contacting our developers on our contact us page. Contact us to get verify your account for Instagram gold https://instagram.com/thelordehsan

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