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Download Twitter Gold APK | Twitter Plus MOD APK 2023 By Abu3rab

Twitter Gold is a program to run Twitter Plus for Android with new features easily and without root on the same device, and it is based on the latest version of Twitter in the Google Play Store Twitter 9.55.0-release. In the Abu Arab Golden Twitter application, a lot of the important plus features that users of Twitter Plus need, such as: watching the story without telling the account owner, hiding writing in progress, hiding the correct reading of messages, hiding Twitter ads, hiding events in Twitter and other features that are not found in Official Twitter.

Download Twitter Gold APK

download twitter gold apk by abu3rab

Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus once again and I am very thankful to all of you for your special time with us and for supporting our work. So, guys today our mission is to cover our new topic as Twitter Gold. So first of all, I would like to introduce what is Twitter before we discuss twitter gold.

Twitter Gold and Twitter Plus

Dear friends, Twitter is a social media platform, where you can follow the activities of your favorite celebrities, and also you can get the latest updates about their activities. You can also follow your favorite politician to stay up to date with his latest upcoming news and so on. People can also share their updates using the Twitter apk You can share your emotions, photos, videos, and stories with your followers and on your profile timeline. You can also create events on your Twitter account.

Twitter Plus APK

Twitter gold is a mod apk that is designed as an alternative to the official Twitter app that is available on the play store. Twitter gold is developed by Abo Arab in 2021,

The need of developing this program is to meet the needs of the Gold users who were requesting to develop Gold Twitter. Users also have the right to manage their privacy and Improve it as they like it. The app Twitter Gold is proving the latest features that are not supported on official Twitter by Inc. the latest version of Twitter is v 9.55.0-release on the play store.

You can use this app without rooting your mobile. Users can now hide if they have seen the story of their friends' stories, you can also hide the typing status even if you are in the conversation. You can hide events on your Twitter account. All ads within the actual Twitter app are completely removed. All premium features are unlocked.

Why Use Twitter Gold and Twitter Plus

The main reason for the development of Twitter plus gold is to always provide a better service for users of Twitter Plus Gold, the Twitter Gold Plus program and Twitter Gold Plus were developed for the suffering of Twitter users watching the normal Twitter store at the beginning, after which many features appeared in the official Twitter, and we faced As users of the Twitter Plus program, there are many requirements that we would like to add in the Golden Twitter Plus program, including the appearance of ads, so the feature of hiding ads and more was added to the Golden Twitter and we called it Twitter Gold.

Pros of Twitter Gold and Gold Plus

  • You can view the story without informing the account holder
  • You can now hide writing in progress
  • You can now hide the two reading tabs for messages
  • You can now hide Twitter ads
  • You can now hide events on Twitter
  • And many more features, discover it yourself

What's New in the Latest version

  • [Update] Twitter base version to 9.55.0-release.0 | Play Store.
  • [Added] Option to change API server (Golden Twitter Add-ons 》 Downloads 》 Select API Server).
  • [Added] Option to enter a custom API key (Golden Twitter Plugins 》 Downloads 》 Custom API Key).
  • [Add] Assistant button to the account login screen.
  • [Improved] Now every Twitter Gold APK supports all architectures (arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a + x86 + x86_64).
  • [Improved] Some bug scripts have been rewritten to be more informative.
  • [Fixed] The problem of not downloading photos and videos recently

Download Twitter Gold v1.70 official alternative arm7

Download Twitter Gold app from Mediafire

Download Twitter Golde Plus v1.70 official alternative arm64

Download Twitter Plus App from mediafire
Ehsan Kamboh
By : Ehsan Kamboh
A technology enthusiast. Fascinated by technology. Currently, a student of Computer Engineering passioned about the Chinese world of Smart Devices and their innovation in the pricing and quality. I like to take photos and venture into natural places

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