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Advantages & Disadvantage of VPN - Top Best Online Free VPN

Using VPN all your data is encrypted and nobody can ever access your information in any way. but all your information is stored on the VPN provider's

What is VPN? Types of VPN – Advantages & Disadvantages – Top Best Online Free VPN

Advantages & Disadvantage of VPN - Top Best Online Free VPNAdvantages & Disadvantage of VPN - Top Best Online Free VPN
Advantages & Disadvantage of VPN - Top Best Online Free VPN

What is VPN and why do I need it?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network VPN is a service that deals with two things in your system mainly. Vpn encrypts your all information and hides your IP address by bouncing all your information over that network or your all activities through the chain that secures it and connects you to another server actually that’s miles of distance away from you. VPN also provides you the facility to browse over the internet without tracking you and your information including location, browser type, bounce rates, etc. and you can enjoy everything safe, secure, and anonymously without any fear

Types of VPN; Paid & Free

VPN also comes with two types, either paid or free service. the company puts some restrictions for users to not use all features or services for free. They limit the amount of bandwidth that you can use as of the free trial period. On other hand, with the paid services of VPN the company unlocks all the functions of your VPN and allows you to use all their services. Some of these companies offer limited-time trials or money-back guarantees to their users so users can decide what to do next. 

VPN Really works or not? 

Both android and iOS escort fundamental VPN capacities to allow you to join your organization networks solidly. ... In case you are interfacing with web applications like email or Facebook, you should ponder utilizing a VPN administration - quiet in case you are interfacing by means of partner open Wi-Fi network As long as you proceed with providers like Express VPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN, your online data will be secured against outsiders, all while giving you the possibility to aptitude an extra open net. In the event that you wish for extra proposals, guarantee to peruse our most prominent VPN guide (connected previously).

Who uses VPN?

People mostly use VPNs to access those websites that are actually not allowed to browse in their country. some of them use VPNs only to hide and encrypt their internet usage information while they are using public wifi networks. this is actually a good practice to use VPN while connected to public wifi. the reason is that there are very limited chances to hack your information by using VPN. 

Why do Hackers use VPNs?

Hackers use VPNs to interact with illegal tasks, mostly a professional hacker buys a paid VPN instead of a free one and he uses multiple VPNs not depending on one VPN enough. as hacking is an illegal act the same using the VPN is too.

Using VPN is Bad how?

If you will use a free VPN and work through it then bear in your mind it is totally a risk for you. When you are browsing the internet your all activities and data is being passed through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) VPN creates a private network for you and you're all your information walks through the VPN server instead of Your ISP and your important information is to be stored on VPN servers that you been connected.

Why Using VPN is Illegal?

Using VPN in some countries is to be banned totally even legally or illegally but though it is allowed somewhere bear in your mind that illegal is illegal always. You might be punished if you get caught while doing illegal activities. illegal and, in some countries, you might be punished for being the use of VPN. In China using VPN is considered a crime and also the user is to get punished by the government if he violet against this policy.

Using VPN is safe?

If you are having online banking and you shop through your credit card do not forget your all activities are being stored on all those browsers or websites that have been visited before so all your credit card information is also at risk. Actually, the company or website is responsible for all your data security but for your well-proof security, but for your mental satisfaction, you can use and Download VPN so all your information is said to be encrypted. Doing a hack is not hard to hack your data without a VPN. but using VPN is safer than not using VPN.

Advantages of VPN?

  • you can browse the internet safely when your personal information such as credit card information and the Facebook account password is secure and encrypted.
  • You can hide your live location, in case you are threatened by any hacker so you can use VPN to get safety from him.
  • Hide Your Private Information. ...
  • Prevent Data Throttling. ...
  • Avoid Bandwidth Throttling. ...
  • Get Access to Geo-blocked Services. ...
  • Network Scalability. ...
  • Reduce Support Costs.
  • You can control your device remotely with a VPN

Top Disadvantages of VPN

  • A VPN will not provide you with complete obscurity. ...
  • Your privacy isn't warranted. ...
  • Using a VPN is illegitimate in some countries. ...
  • A safe, finest VPN can value your cost. ...
  • VPNs nearly always slow your affiliation speed. ...
  • Using a VPN on mobile will increase data consumption.

Top best online VPN providers

  1. MasterVPN - Best VPN for Android
  2. ExpressVPN - Best VPN Overall.
  3. NordVPN - Best Encryption.
  4. IPVanish - Best VPN for Android.
  5. PureVPN - Best VPN For Travel.
  6. CyberGhost - Best VPN for Mac.
  7. Hotspot Shield - Best VPN for Netflix.
  8. ProtonVPN - Best VPN for Zoom.
  9. Surfshark - Best VPN for Torrenting.

Bes VPN for android PUBG game

Playing PUBG is banned in some countries such as Arab countries including Yemen, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Jordan, India, and much more countries banned PUBG because it has negative effects on citizens. To access PUBG the users can use And Download free VPN listed below.

  1. MasterVPN - download from here
  2. NordVPN
  3. Super VPN
  4. PortonVPN
  5. Hotspot shield
  6. Surfshark
  7. Winsscribe


Using VPN all your data is encrypted and nobody can ever access your information in any way. but all your information is stored on the VPN provider's server so your important information might be leaked by the company. using a paid VPN is more safer and secure than using a free VPN service. using VPN services is illegal in some countries so try to get information about your place if there is allowed or prohibited. I will recommend you to use a paid VPN and do not try to use MOD VPN PROXY at all because you might get at risk with your important information.

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