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Download Seo Plus v8 Premium Template 2023 - Download Premium Blogger Template - Ads-Sense Ready

Seo Plus blogger template is a build with awesome and elegant design. Fast loading Adsense is ready and fully responsive for both mobile and desktop

Seo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for Blogger

Seo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for BloggerSeo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for Blogger
Seo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for Blogger

Seo Plus 2023 Updated Free and Paid Template: -

قالب بلوجر سيو بلس V8

Seo Plus blogger template is a build with awesome and elegant design. Fast loading Adsense is ready and fully responsive for both mobile and desktop support.

Assalamu Alaikum! most welcome all of you too EhsanWAPlus. once again. Dear friends today I will let all of you know about a template for in 2023 a latest and mobile and desktop both friendly with their latest features and awesome look that make your blogger more beautiful and attractive. Although all of you are well known about the importance of a template in blogger or it might be a website. If I say that all the beauty, ranking, and traffic is bass on how your website looks and how its features work all that depends on your template and its functions. Many bloggers cannot progress in their work (blogging) just because they never use a useful template. so google cannot rank them because of their useless template. For this, I also faced many issues always changing face problems that sometimes it is as (links error, meta image errors, translation error, and glitches) I got all these problems.

If we talk about a blogger so make sure that only talented people use this because they might have money problems, so he selected this field to prove his skills. We have to make sure too, that he is not very well known for his blogging if he got wrong way or got trouble in blogging so it is very hard for him to solve the issue as I also faced so many problems in my career of blogging still. I never sleep for very few days to just improve my website, it is not very easy to maintain it. Although I found some good friends to fix my problem. anyways I meant to mention my blogging is only to let you know how a template helpful for you is actually.

Now I would like to tell you something about the SEO PLUS template. How it looks and how it works with its features with fewer details.

Seo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for BloggerSeo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for Blogger
Seo Plus v8 Free & Paid Template for Blogger


SEO plus template is available for free and also for paid too. Download free version of the SEO Plus template free version of the template is made for limited features and also supports limited areas of features although it is allowed to be used without activation to make it easier for beginners. so They can learn how to use premium templates?. It is because the premium template has lots of extra features than a free can also make them enable it as a trial vision for as to know the features of the template before they buy the template.

Best Quality of SEO PLUS BLOGGER template: -

I am going to show you the best qualities of the SEO PLUS template that admires me the most. let me share some personal experiences about my beginner journey and how I adapted the SEO PLUS blogger template.
I was using so many templates as I m from north Punjab in Pakistan so I kept on watching videos about how I could make my website attractive and beautiful? I tried so many templates include
  • Newspaper blogger template
  • SEO Rocket
  • Median UI Pro (5,6 )
  • Squeeze Pro blogger
  • Fletro Pro v5, V8
  • LiteSpot Pro
  • Magzine
  • Pure Apk
    • Playstore v2
    After trying all that I could not find myself to be really happy and satisfied. I found there is something that is missing and that was actually an extra beautiful and heart-captivating look. and then I start looking for competitors and I was really very impressed by one of my close and long-time friends Assem Mahgoub has been using a name template SEO PLUS I asked him some basics about this template and get the download link and visited the official website for SEO PLUS and in starting I used and learn how to customize Seo Plus template? all I have done and now I tried to get a taste from its Paid Version and I do connect to the developer and try to buy premium and after this, he did all his best for me to do all customizations that were for me for free. I really get so much happy that time because I get the best blogger template ever wished so far.

    Features of SEO PLUS Template: -

    • Supports HTTPS
    • Optimize and compress javascript.
    • Optimization and compression of CSS and HTML codes.
    • Photo delay feature.
    • Web thumbnail conversion feature. 
    • Meta and SEO codes.
    • Respond.
    • Thread and splitting property.
    • Read more features.
    • Internal linkability.
    • Table of the content features.
    • Error page support.
    • Left to Right layout for LTR for English and Arabic blogs.
    • Ads inside the post feature.
    • Colors support.
    • Home page section.
    • The latest post shows as a Breaking news feature.
    • Custom page (contact us, Index,).
    • External links redirect feature.
    • Latest comments tool.
    • Advance comments feature.
    • A feature to install a side menu when scrolling.
    • Prevent copying text from your blog(site).
    • After-sales services (any technical support)
    • Free updates for a lifetime.
    • A new shape for the top menu.
    • Night mode supports.
    • ANDROID, TABLET, IPAD, iPhone special designed menu.
    • Quick mode.
    • Adsense ready template

    Improving the control panel and transferring it to customization in blogger.

    Template information

    Designed by: Ibrahim Majdi.


    Powerful dashboard

    A complete control panel that contains the best features and advertisements places that keep you from using codes

    Clean code

    A bug-free template, equipped with the latest meta-codes, fast archiving, and high-speed page loading 

    Post-purchase services

    Free technical support and free premium updates. We also provide you with a special blog to support the template with optional features

    Visitor conversion page

    It is a feature to convert the visitor to an internal waiting page to double the advertising profits from AdSense

    Quick phone mode

    The SEO Plus template provides you with a very fast mode for mobile phones, which is a system similar to the [AMP] system.

    Article display styles

    The SEO Plus template offers you more than 9 different styles for displaying articles on the homepage

    Also feature read

    And it is a feature that appears in the middle of the end of the article to display other articles in order to keep the visitor for a longer period on your site

    Comments system

    An advanced comments system that allows the visitor to comment with a new elegant design.

    Download SeoPlus (Trial) Free blogger template

    Download Now

    Get the Premium version of Seo Plus from the official website here

    FAQ about Seo Plus template?

    is SEO PLUS Template available for free?

    Yes, the Seo Plus template is available for free along with the premium paid. you can use the free version of the template as a test to the template and you can choose and buy it later if you would like it, 

    SEO plus supports its users

    Yes, SEO plus always gets attached to its users and finds their problems, and fixes them.

    SEO plus Adsense ready template

    SEO PLUS is an AdSense-friendly responsive and awesome designing blogger template.

    SEO PLUS ALways supports lifetime updates once buying it, 

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