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OBWhatsApp Omer 2022 - Download latest Version

WhatsApp OmarDownload WhatsApp Omar 2022, the latest update, version v43, Download WhatsApp Omar 2022, WhatsApp Omar, and WhatsApp Omar against the ban

Introduce about OBWhatsApp

download obwhatsapp apk by omer 2022

Assalam u Alaikum: Dear friends most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus. I m glad to see you here on my website. I am grateful you trusted my website to download OBWhatsApp. Here I will give you some basic information about OBWhatsApp and also, and I will give you a direct download link also

Download Watts Omar Badeeb against the ban 2022. We will now talk about downloading the OBWhatsapp application, in all versions of the latest version of the WhatsApp application. like that; Download WhatsApp Omar, from all versions, are WhatsApp Omar Badeb; And the WhatsApp Omar application and the WhatsApp Omar version, the latest version of 2021 Whatsapp Omar; Hello and welcome, my dear to download the update of Watts Omar 2022; A copy of Omar Badeeb’s WhatsApp version v43, including a copy of Omar’s WhatsApp, OBWhatsapp.

What is OBWhatsApp

OBWhatsApp is a Mod copy of the official WhatsApp available on Playstore. OBWhatsApp works on all android smartphones. it supports v4.4 and up. You can customize privacy, status saves, and themes store.

Omar OB2Whatsapp; WhatsApp Omar OB3Whatsapp and all versions are the latest versions and anti-ban 2022 with direct link. It is also; Download WhatsApp Omar Badeeb against the ban, WhatsApp is the security of all your privacy in security. WhatsApp is absolutely safe; You can download it now so you won't have any trouble downloading it; You will not find any problem with the ban and you will not find any other problem. WhatsApp Omar Badeeb.

OBWhatsApp Omer 2022 - Download the latest Antiban and antivirus

OBWhatsApp Gold is one of the other ModWhatsApp. OBWhatsApp V43 is Mod by Omer Al Badheb. OBWhatsApp is distinguished with multi-features. OBWhatsApp lets its users customize their favorite settings. The user has full hands to decide what he wants either to keep or remove. OBWhatsApp وتساب عمر البدھیب the biggest advantage of this App is you can read the Noble Quran within the app. You have full hands to customize your privacy. Hide blue ticks, hide blue mic, and decide who can call you. Change themes, many font styles, emoji changer, icon changer, photo editor, guides when sending pics, auto disappear media function, and much more I will mention below.

What are the biggest advantages of OBWhatsApp?

  • Separate bottom bar
  • New widgets to set the desired settings on the home screen
  • Fast speed
  • Some existing problems have been improved.
  • Hide status
  • Option to save videos and images automatically
  • Quick access to all pages
  • Better voice quality
  • Receive notification of incoming calls during another call
  • Option to load ringtones from your phone
  • No ads
  • You can set the background images of your choice
  • Animated gifs and emojis
  • Ease of blocking calls from unknown people
  • You can see who blocked you on OBWhatsApp
  • Option to display your name on the home page
  • You can check your data usage
  • Send videos more than 15MB easily
  • You can change the notification ringtones
  • Hide writing and recording options while writing a message
  • Different amazing themes
  • Default Arabic language
  • Better user experience
  • Upload long videos to your status
  • Disable or enable dark mode
  • You can turn off wifi only for OBWhatsApp
  • Facility to configure the schedule message to send it at the specific time
  • The automatic reply option sends an automatic reply if you are offline

What's New in v43

  1. WhatsApp base update
  2. ‏Addition: A group message feature has been added to groups in a new way and with the same old design.
  3. ‏Adding new interfaces, including the One UI Design interface.
  4. ‏Added a new default theme (Day/Night).
  5. ‏Add an option to change the tone of incoming and outgoing messages (Additions and Properties > Notifications).
  6. ‏Added an option to change the start and stop tone of the audio recording (Additions and Features > Notifications).
  7. ‏Added feature to hide archive messages (Home Screen > Lines).
  8. ‏Adding several options for the floating button inside the conversations (you can change the color and hide the button).
  9. ‏Add new designs to the Instagram cases style.
  10. ‏Added Navigation Effects feature.
  11. ‏Add the feature to create a group video chat (from the calls tab, then press the floating button below the Delete Call History button.
  12. ‏Add the option to display the name of the admin in groups.
  13. ‏ Added an option to disable Show More.
  14. ‏Add the Urdu language.
  15. ‏Adding the feature to copy texts from conversations has been activated automatically.
  16. ‏Add the feature to hide unimportant and recent cases, as well as cases that have been viewed.
  17. ‏Adding a new design to the way to add a status via Instagram style.
  18. ‏You can now forward messages to more than 1000 people.
  19. ‏Adding a new design to the bottom navigation bar styles.
  20. ‏Improving the feature of displaying quick conversations and adding an option to change the location of the conversations.
  21. ‏Added a new design to the question when activating options (flight mode, day/night mode).
  22. ‏Add moving the name automatically in the upper bar if it is long.
  23. ‏Adding the flight button will give a pulse signal if it is enabled
  24. ‏Adding color options to the Instagram statuses.
  25. ‏Add a new shape to the floating button with the ability to hide the button and show it from the add-ons and properties > chat screen.
  26. ‏Improved the number of status characters to more than 700 characters
  27. ‏Improved translation feature.
  28. ‏ Note The translation feature within conversations requires the installation of the Google Translator program.
  29. ‏Fixed an issue where an image did not appear next to the media bubble in groups.
  30. ‏Fix the flight button and day/night mode not disappearing on the group's page.
  31. ‏Fixed crash issue when using auto reply and message scheduling.
  32. ‏Fix the problem of changing the style of the bottom platform when entering the conversations screen and then the style of the bottom platform.
  33. ‏Fixed bottom navigation bar issues with the Arabic language interface.

Download OBWhatsApp APK for Android

Click on your required version of OBWhatsApp and it will redirect you to the download page and your downloading will get started soon.

Download WhatsApp Omar V43 واتساب عمر العنابي (com.obwhatsapp) :-

Download WhatsApp Omar

Download WhatsApp Omar Pink V43 واتساب عمر الوردي (com.ob2whatsapp):-

Download WhatsApp Omar Pink

Download WhatsApp Omar Blue V43 واتساب عمر الازرق (com.ob3whatsapp):-

Download WhatsApp Omar Blue

Download WhatsApp Omar Green V43واتساب عمر الاخضر (com.ob4whatsapp) :-

Download WhatsApp Omar Green

Download WhatsApp Omar Red V43 واتساب عمر الأحمر (com.ob5whatsapp):-

Download WhatsApp Omar Red

Download WhatsApp Omar Gold V43 واتساب عمر الذهبي (com.ob6whatsapp):-

Download WhatsApp Omar Golden

In order to download the WhatsApp Omar application, the latest version of the new version is against the ban in 2022. You must go down at the end of this article, you will find a direct download link with us. how that; How to update WhatsApp Omar 2022, then click on it; And you will be able to download, #WhatsAppOmar against the ban easily and simply without any problem at all; Because we are always working to provide trustworthy sources to download WhatsApp Omar Latest Update Anti Ban 2022 OBWhatsApp.

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