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Phone Explosion: Why Do Mobile Phones Explode Actually? How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from being Blast?

we are going to tell you some of the reasons why the batteries of smartphones explode and cause huge losses in case of burns and explosions...

Do you know the reasons for the explosion of mobile phone batteries? What are the causes of explosions in mobile phones? Today we are going to tell you some of the reasons why the batteries of smartphones explode and cause huge losses in case of burns and explosions or blasts. We will explain the reasons as well as the ways to stay safe from all these problems. You can read all the information in detail below.

Why Do Mobile Phones Explode Actually? How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from being Blast?
Why Do Mobile Phones Explode Actually? How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from being Blast?


Asslam u Alaikum

Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus. As all of you know very well that EhsanWAPlus always shares technical information and reviews, future technology news, and much more. as usual, we bring a new topic with all of you that is Why Do Mobile Phones Explode Actually? How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from being Blast? in this article we will tell you all about it. you will get causes of explosion and solutions also. please continue reading our today's article without skipping anything.

Details of the mobile phone explosion

Mobile phone explosion refers to the burning of a mobile phone due to some technical issues in your mobile or the source of a huge explosion. This includes a number of technical glitches, including overheating of the mobile from normal to overheating, unnecessary use, use of the mobile while charging, and a number of reasons which are mentioned below.

Using the wrong charger

As this is considered to be the least common mistake among people nowadays and some people don't even consider it a mistake, charging the mobile phone with other chargers instead of its genuine charger. Nowadays, it has become a common practice in large families to charge mobile phones from each other's chargers. According to him, this small mistake can be very fatal. Each mobile phone is assigned to its charger, meaning that each charger is designed with a specific mobile in mind. If we violate this rule, our phone will continue to receive excessive current, which will cause the battery to slowly swell and cause an explosion.

Never heat a mobile phone.

Sometimes people throw their mobiles away after using them as usual, such as when placed on the bonnet of a car while driving, in the kitchen at home, where the temperature is high., Is applied to the charging near the heater, all these errors are due to the fact that the mobile phone is getting hot due to use and at the same time we keep it in a warm place so it gets hotter. And many more such mistakes lead to such explosions. The normal temperature of a mobile phone is 45 degrees Celsius and whenever the battery exceeds this temperature, the result is a dangerous explosion.

Battery blasting due to Extreme Pressure

Extreme pressure can also be a major cause of battery explosion. This means that if you sleep with your mobile phone under your pillow or under any heavy object, it is a big risk in itself. When you place your mobile phone under a heavy object, the weight will cause tension in its body, which will cause the battery of your mobile phone to move away from its original place and which may result in a short circuit. The mobile will start to heat up and eventually, the mobile will heat up so much that it will explode and destroy everything.

Usage of Local Cable

Using local cable has become a major disease of today's society. That is, if someone's charging is bad then people buy cables from the carts on the road as cheap and then use the same cable to charge their precious mobile. Be aware that every company manufactures its accessories keeping in mind the limitations of the mobile, if those limitations exceed any external object, then the result becomes very terrible. Any modest cable is made without considering anything except a few big companies. In such cases, if you use such dangerous cables to charge your phone, the result is that the mobile phone gets heated along with the battery and becomes a big cause of the explosion. Prevent using a local charger while charging it. Because it is more dangerous than the cable. Local chargers supply more current than the requirement of your mobile phone. Local charger causes overheating than the smartphone can manage. If the current will cross the limit the mobile phone will start heating and might be the reason for the explosion

Usage of Mobile Phone during Gaming

It is a big mistake to use the mobile while charging when playing games, that is when you are playing the game and at the same time the battery of your mobile phone runs low or near the end (empty), you would put it on the charging. They think, "Let's complete this game level so that the mobile phone doesn't turn off due to low battery". During this time, both the mobile and the battery are performing dual functions, meaning that the battery of your phone is being charged and used at the same time. That is, the heating in the mobile phone is coming and going, that is, you are charging the mobile and in case of gaming, the heating is leaking out. This causes the mobile phone battery to start overheating and shortens the battery life. This faulty battery can cause a huge explosion. This blast could be more dangerous than any other. Many people lose their lives in this explosion and some lose their shapes and form. The same blast can burn your hands and affect your eyes. If the fire goes out of control, there is a risk of burning the whole house.

Use of inappropriate Pouches in Mobile Phones: -

People use pouches in mobile phones to protect their mobile phones from dust and dangerous things to hit. The pouch is usually used to protect the mobile from falling and any kind of harmful knee. But if we do not use a suitable pouch for our mobile phone, it can cause a critical problem. That is, when we use a thick pouch for our mobile, apparently, we buy a pouch and think that it looks good, but never forget that a thicker pouch in the first place would reduce the smartness and slimness of your mobile. And secondly, the biggest problem that arises from this is over-heating mobile phones. This means that when you use a mobile phone or charge it, some heat is being emitted from the mobile phone and the outside air is being absorbed inside to keep the mobile internal temperature in normal condition. However, the use of thick pouches or improper pouches will not allow the heat to escape but will remain inside, which will heat up the mobile phone and its direct side effect will be on the battery of the mobile phone which is a huge blast. That could be the reason So buy and use only soft pouches for your mobile phone.

Conclusion: -

Today I have given one of the most important pieces of information that by following you can not only protect your mobile phone battery from being blasted but also protect the objects around you from being hit by this explosion not only in 2022 but for a lifetime. If you feel that your mobile phone battery is going to be damaged or you feel that the battery life of your mobile phone is not the same as before, that is, the battery timing is getting shorter, call your nearest customer immediately. Contact the service department and resolve your issue.

The mobile phone clears some of the signs before the explosion, such as the low battery timing of your mobile phone, the battery exploding, New and dangerous kinds of noises coming from inside the mobile phone, the mobile phone Being overheated while using it or paced it in normal moments, and having a lot of other signals that are out of the ordinary can cause an explosion in a cell phone.

I hope that in today's article you have come to know the real cause of the explosion in the mobile phone in deep detail. If you feel that we are missing something, please let us know in the comments section so that we can include the information you provide in our article so that every new reader who comes will benefit from the information you provide. 

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