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InstaPro App 9.60 Latest Version Download

InstaPro apk is the latest modified version of Official Insta. Click on the link to download the latest 2022 version of InstaPro. Millions of real-time users spend their time on Instagram pro daily. As each of its features is beautiful and attractive, especially the custom color, it makes your profile beautiful and attractive.

InstaPro App 9.60 Latest Version Download

InstaPro App Download
Download InstaPro V9.60 Latest Version - Free Download

What is Gb Instagram?

InstaPro apk is a modified Instagram application. It includes the best types of features. You can download Instagram Pro for free from here. You can use a variety of professional additional features on InstagramPro. Sometimes there are users who want to use something in more detail than its official features. Similarly, Instagram Pro has been designed keeping in mind the wishes of such users. It is designed by Third-Party users. You can download any of your friends' stories and stories directly to your mobile gallery without using any external application. There are also great features that we will explain in more detail below.

InstaPro Apk Download

InstaPro is also another product of GB WhatsApp APK. You all know very well that GB WhatsApp has gained a lot of popularity because of its great features. You can use many amazing features using Instagram Pro. You can download the story. In custom privacy settings for any chat, download, and use separate themes, you are provided with a translator within the app that allows you to translate the caption of any post. You can save others' profile pic, and you can copy others' profile bio. You can use multiple accounts at the same time and move from one account to another without wasting time. INSTAPRO completely protects you from being a band. You have seen someone's story but still do not know. You have full control over the fact that you can watch any longest video. Normally you can't watch a story or video for more than 30 seconds on your official Instagram.

Features of Gb Instagram latest version 2022

  • Customize Appearance
  • Anti-banned
  • Multi-account
  • Hide view story
  • External player supported
  • Preview of the media file
  • Download Media files
  • Translating Chats
  • Hide message seen tick
  • Be Like a ghost in a Live session
  • Create local backup
  • Update regularly
  • Link to Facebook
  • Followers tracker
  • Privacy Protection
  • Download IGTV VIDEOS
  • HD Images
  • Ads-Free
  • Security lock

What's New in V1.0: -

  1. Recently updated anti-banned feature. Now you can enjoy it continuous
  2. IGTV INCLUDED: Generally the official version of the install shows a maximum of 30 seconds of video on the homepage. When we upload a long-time video, then it automatically transfers our long video to IGTV. But recently IGTV was enabled in Gb install means. We can watch every IGTV video with this app.
  3. Video Call Support: Gb Insta version has now supported video calls as Instagram Official via Instagram messenger. We can talk with our friends by using the Gb version.
  4. Upload Audio on the story: It is a unique feature. Any social media doesn’t allow us to upload audio to the account. But you can do it with Insta And also with the Gb version.
  5. Other Update: You can use a tag on the story, Copy the Biodata of your friend, Copy comments, make your favorite chat, Group chat, and other more exciting updates.


Here I provided a download link for InstaPro APK. I am sure it's the latest version, as well as the official Website, which contains this version too. please let me know if there is something that happens while using InstagramPro. as everyone knew that using Mod applications is illegal so if you will lose your important information or it will harm your device then we will not be responsible for any damage using it on your own behalf. I added download links to facilitate the users to download InstaPro. There are so many websites available on the internet that use the name InstaPro but provide fake application links it's an official link of InstaPro. 

Download InstaPro V9.60

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