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WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 Latest Version - Download For Android

WhatsApp Plus APK is a top-rated messaging app for Android. It comes with tons of unique features. WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2022 Now !!...
WhatsApp Plus APK is a top-rated messaging app for Android. It comes with tons of unique features. WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2022 Now !!

You can enjoy features that are not present in WhatsApp. There are so many features that make your daily social communications even more artificial.
Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK is one of the best Mod Copy of the Official WhatsApp. It comes with lots of amazing features that you won't see before in any Modded WhatsApp. The most popular feature of EhsanWA is it is totally anti-ban and antivirus. You can save Statuses and Privacy Enhancements such as other Mod WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 Latest Version
WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 Latest Version

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V14.00 BY Ehsan Kamboh

Introduction: -

Assalam u Alaikum!

I am glad to see you here on my website the Best website over the internet EhsanWAPlus. Unique and Best Content is our slogan. Your trust is our power. So keep supporting us by letting your friends know about our website and engaging them to download our Best antivirus WhatsApp. Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is today our topic. We are here with the new version of the official update of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus v9.00

Today, it’s a new update released for Ehsan WhatsApp Plus popular as Antivirus WhatsApp Plus. It is one of the first copies of WhatsApp Mod by EKMods official. It consists of lots of features that are not available on any other Mod WhatsApp. It protects you against malware and viruses. The most important safety of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus is that protects you and your WhatsApp data including Chats, and media files from the hackers who steal your data. They would not be able to track you what are you going to do or anything. I brought a new update of it today for you. I will explain here, what are the new features of Ehsan WhatsApp Plus and how to use these features also. I will give some video tutorials of these features below this article.

What are the Changes in V9.00

  • [Update WhatsApp base] to 
  • [Added] New Reaction emojis as feedback
  • [Re-design] Social Media Browser
  • [Added] MP3 Music Player
  • [Added] The option to save the media when the option not to be saved in the studio is activated.
  •  [Added] Effects of scrolling messages up and down within the conversation.
  • [Extend] Extended the version life. 
  • [Added] The new look for contact information. 
  • [Added] a new shape while recording an audio clip. 
  • [Added] Option to choose between instant translation and Google Translate (Plus Settings > Conversation screen). 
  • [Added] Message counter on the page to see all messages sent by a specific person. 
  • [Added] Added a new tab (Ehsan Whatsapp Features) for separate features.
  • [Re-Added] Text Repeater
  • [Re-Added] web browser in the drawer.
  • [Fixed] Backup issue taking up too much space.
  • [Fix] Change WhatsApp effects. 
  • [Fixed] Floating button not disappearing. 
  • [Fix] Opening the conversation via widget when the conversation is locked. 
  • [Fix] The option to call by phone sometimes appears as a non-number. 
  • [More] Other fixes and improvements.

Explanation of new features: -

  1. Added a new tab, [Ehsan WhatsApp Features] here in this you will get five different features, Page viewer effect, list viewer, and chat screen effects. Here another feature is for web viewers that present a browser in which you can browse different popular social sites included (Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google, YouTube, Spotify, and Translator). You can browse the internet in a drawer. 
  2. Added Text Repeater, using this you can repeat any text or sentence up to 999 times. People like to use this feature when they want to repeat one text many times.
  3. Auto disappearing messages, Now your chats will disappear within different time cycles such as 24hours, 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. This means your all messages will be deleted within these periods if you are enabled them once.
  4. The base is now updated on Playstore.
  5. The translator feature is enhanced, which means now you can select either the Google Translator app or the Direct Translation feature. You can translate any text in your required language. 
  6. Added a New elegant design in Home, This feature is known as Card Row style. This feature makes your WhatsApp home even more beautiful. Remember; this is only available if mobile is at least 5+ or lollipop, otherwise, your WhatsApp may be crashed. 
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Mod Information - Ehsan WhatsApp Plus: -

Name app

Ehsan WhatsApp Plus

Package name


Mod version

WhatsApp Plus V9.00

Base version 

Last update



Muhammad Ehsan Kamboh

How to install Ehsan WhatsApp Plus V9.00?

After downloading the Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK. Go to the file manager and locate the directory and you would need to click on the APK and install it. You must have to create a backup and delete or uninstall the old version to install. Just install the new update V9.00. All your chats will not be deleted or wasted (in some devices).

The website This is the official website to download EhsanWA.I will not responsible for any damage if you will download Ehsan WhatsApp Plus APK from outside it. current version V9.00 is the latest version of EhsanWA. Other than this i will not responsible for any error etc,


Download - New Base

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