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WhatsApp Introduced Paid Subscription to extend Multi-device Support

The paid subscription plan will allow WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp users to connect/pair up to 10 devices to a primary WhatsApp account...
WhatsApp Introduced Paid Subscription to Extend Multi-deveice Support

WhatsApp sources have reported that WhatsApp will soon be introducing a new feature which will be a paid subscription for WhatsApp Business.

The paid subscription plan will allow WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp users to connect/pair up to 10 devices to a primary WhatsApp account. This new functionality will help businesses to easily connect with their customers as multiple employees will be able to access the same account on their phones.

WhatsApp Paid Subscription to extend Multi-deveice Support

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature called Multi-Device, using which WhatsApp users can use their WhatsApp as a secondary device on multiple devices up to the same number of accounts without the primary device.

WhatsApp will Charge Users for Extend Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support feature is currently available on certain versions. However, this did not happen. This feature is currently experiencing a number of glitches, including improper functioning of functions. With WhatsApp now owned by Meta, the company is considering adding a new feature for users. According to this feature, any user can now deposit money and use their WhatsApp from the current four devices up to ten devices without the primary device Active.

WhatsApp Paid Subscription to extend Multi-deveice Support
How to connect on multiple devices in WhatsApp

According to sources, WhatsApp, which has gained the trust of millions and millions of users, has now decided to turn on monetization. That means WhatsApp will now run ads on its product to earn money. But in the last few months, many fingers have been pointed at this in the name of privacy protection for the WhatsApp users. Now that the WhatsApp developer team has been very active in adding features lately, they are introducing new features every week.

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WhatsApp Subscription Plan will Lets You pair up to 10 devices

So now, according to our analysis, WhatsApp will earn some money for providing some extra of its features to the users.

It is also rumored that this feature has been created for WhatsApp business users, in which a business account user can use this service if he wants to log in to one of his accounts on more than one device. Yes, but he will have to pay a small fee for using this feature. WhatsApp announced proxy service for prohibited countries

A similar feature is already present in Twitter Blue


WhatsApp Messenger is an Instant Messaging app, a popular product of the meta company, and has undergone major changes recently. 

In this article, I have explained to you in detail about the new feature of WhatsApp Paid Subscription. In recent days, WhatsApp has introduced this feature as a multi-device feature, which allows users to use a number on a primary device without having access to the primary device on four different devices. 

But now this feature has been extended so that the user can now connect from four to ten devices to his number. But to use this feature you have to pay money.

I hope you have a good understanding of the changes that have taken place in WhatsApp through this article about paid subscriptions.

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