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Download Vidmate Pro Mod V5.1508 Video Downloader for Android

Vidmate is an application for Android smartphones that is used to download videos from different social media apps direct to your phone's storage to watch them later.

Vidmate was available in the Google Play store in the beginning but now it's no more there. There were some Google Play Store policy violations done by the Vidmate development team.

Download Vidmate App for Android in 2022 - Latest Version
Download Vidmate App for Android in 2022 - Latest Version

Download Vidmate App for Android in 2023 - Latest Version

Vidmate is also similar to Vmate. Both applications are not available on the Android applications platform Playstore. A user can download Facebook videos using vidmate. You can download Twitter videos. You can also now download 50+ social media application videos through using Vidmate.

VidMate - HD video downloader, the first thing you'll see is that there are around 20 different pre-loaded links, including YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and many more. These links allow you very quick access to the content, and from there it's as simple as hitting the download button in the top-right corner of the app's screen.

What is Vidmate APK?

vidmate download

is a most popular application for android. Vidmate is used to download different social media videos direct to your gallery. You can download mp3 videos also.vidmate download mp3 youtube You can convert mp4/videos into mp3 without any external software to convert. Vidmate allows you to download 4k videos direct from YouTube. You don't need to download other applications on your Android smartphone to download these media files. Vidmate also contains a video player + audio player for free. You can also download lyrics for your mp3 songs available on the internet. There are so many different applications available inside the vidmate app by using you can download direct videos that are not available on any other browser.

The Vidmate app is not recommended by the google play store, Vidmate shares some 18+ websites, and it's against the google community guidelines so it's banned by the google Play Store.

Why do you need to download Vidmate App?

If you are an Android user for not so long or you are a beginner in the internet world then it's most important to download the Vidmate app. If you are a student and want to store course/lecture videos from YouTube then it will be so hard for you to download videos to watch them later. You must need an active internet connection to access the videos if you are downloading the videos from the youtube application. Most of the time the videos we can not download from the YouTube app.

Why Vidmate is not available on Playstore?

Google Play Store has a policy to never download videos from YouTube, you should follow this policy. If the violation will be found in any application the play store has a full handle to remove them from the google play store. There are some reasons the Vidmate app is removed by the play store as follows:

  1. Vidmate app allows you to download videos from YouTube.
  2. Vidmate app links to some porn sites.
  3. The Vidmate app asks for some unwanted permissions to use it.
  4. Vidmate app is a Chinese application that stores users' personal information.

Pros and Cons of VidMate – HD Video Downloader

  • Small size and fast download
  • Works well with any type of OS
  • Compatible with many sites
  • Allows access to offline media
  • Resume video downloading process if slow internet
  • Doesn't work with every site
  • Download times aren't very fast on large files
  • May occasionally freeze if you have a lot of programs running
  • Vidmate Apk is not available on Google Play Store
  • Videos downloaded from Vidmate Apk cannot be played on other video players instead than PLAYit Player.

How to Download Vidmate App in 2022?

It is very easy to download Vidmate apk in 2023 on your device. Go to google and type "Vidmate app 3hsan.com" and then go through the first link then click on the download button available on top of the article. You may also find it at the bottom of the article. Just wait for approx 10 seconds and it will redirect you to the list of available versions. Press on any (latest) it will complete a circle and redirect you to the download button. Click here and it will automatically start downloading Vidmate apk inside your mobile phone.

Available Versions of Vidmate v5.1508_20230906163703

Download Vidmate APK
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