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How to Record Whatsapp Call? Whatsapp Call Recorder for iPhone and Android

How to Record whatsapp voice calls and video calls easily? Here is how you can use whatsapp call recorder for iPhone and Android users. Cube ACR Down

Record WhatsApp Calls including Voice calls, and Video call for free for android and iPhone devices. Here is a premium unlocked app to record WhatsApp calls for free.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications, used by more than two billion people, and one of the best features it offers to users around the world is to make a free call. You only need the internet to connect anywhere in the world. You can easily record WhatsApp calls but there is no default option within WhatsApp to record calls. Therefore, we will explain the best WhatsApp call recorder app with the explanation.

Best WhatsApp Call Recording Apk For Android 2022

How to Record Whatsapp Call? Whatsapp Call Recorder for iPhone and Android
Best WhatsApp Call Recording Apk For Android 2022

There may be many reasons why you want to WhatsApp a voice call recorder. Regular call-recording apps cannot record a WhatsApp call. On the other hand, there are features of WhatsApp calls that are not available in regular calls, including:

  • Totally FREE
  • Encrypted and secure
  • Everyone has WhatsApp on their phone

Assalam Alaikum dear friends, how are you? I hope you are all safe and well with the grace and grace of Allah. I am very grateful to you for taking out your valuable time to read this article of mine today on my website EhsanWAPlus. Dear friends, do you already know that we always share useful and useful information with our users? Dear friends today's topic we will cover: How to record WhatsApp calls?  which can install on your Android mobile phone and iPhone. In this article, we will explain the best WhatsApp call recording app explanation let's get started.

The WhatsApp application is considered the first instant chat application in the world, as it is used by more than one billion active users. It provides you with many very powerful features that all users need, and the WhatsApp app is constantly updated to add all the new things so that it remains the first app in this field, especially in light of the spread of dozens of apps similar to it, and WhatsApp app gives you the fastest typed chat in the world as you don't need fast internet just use the weak internet.

You can communicate with whoever you want for free and in a very simple way, and you can also make voice calls and video calls through the WhatsApp apK and which provides it completely free of charge, so you can make unlimited voice calls and video calls, so at some point, you have to record these calls until you hear them again after completing them for one reason or another and that is why through this article we will introduce you the best way you can to record voice and video calls to via WhatsApp request.

Voice call recorder for WhatsApp - How to Record WhatsApp Video calls?

Voice Call Recording Using WhatsApp Call Recording App - Cube ACR We have chosen for you this wonderful app so that you can record calls on WhatsApp. WhatsApp works with all operating systems including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, and has many great features that make it very popular all over the world.

And every year brings new updates, which help it to develop permanently by increasing new ideas in it, and as we have talked about many versions of WhatsApp before.

The most important features of the Call Recorder - Cube ACR

  1. The application is completely free.
  2. Supports recording of all voice calls.
  3. Recording WhatsApp and Facebook voice call.
  4. It is constantly updated to add all news.
  5. Record calls in complete secrecy.
  6. Supports all current Android versions.

What is WhatsApp Call Recorder - Cube ACR?

The Call Recorder - Cube ACR app is one of the most famous apps in this field as it offers you many very powerful features it allows you to record phone calls either through calls or also record calls from social media apps like WhatsApp and many other applications.

It is the best in this field as it is a completely secure app and you can use it in total secrecy to record calls it also records these calls in the best possible quality and also gives you control over that matter, through which you can record calls of WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Facebook and WeChat and also the app promises you many other things as it is regularly updated to add all the new features.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls With Call Recorder - Cube ACR For iPhone and Android

Call Recorder - Cube ACR: is one of the best apps to record incoming and outgoing phone calls along with voice chats online. It also works in many programs including Skype, Viber, IMO, Line, Telegram, and many of these applications.

There are many ways you can use order to record calls from social media apps, including WhatsApp instant chat and messaging app, and the bad news is that the WhatsApp app doesn't give you the ability to record calls, either. be voice calls so you need a third-party app so through this article, we are going to offer you the best app through which you can record calls either for the phone i.e. through which can record outgoing and incoming calls on your phone in total secrecy and also automatically.

This field is used by 10 million users from all over the world, making it one of the most popular apps in that field and it has already received many positive reviews for the powerful features it offers to Android phone users.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

Dear friends, as you all know, it is very easy to record a normal call on iPhone and all new operating systems have built-in call-recording features. But the WhatsApp calling system is totally different, it is impossible to record WhatsApp calls with your mobile phone recorder. So, to record WhatsApp calls, we need to use an external application. In this paragraph, I will tell you that there is something by doing or using which you can record any incoming calls on your WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

Call recording on iPhone is very easy. But just like Android, it is very difficult to record WhatsApp calls. So today after much research I found an app for all friends, by which users can record all calls on their WhatsApp. The app that iPhone users can download and use is called "Acr call recorder - for iPhone". This application is very easy to use, there are some parameters that you need to give this application and you can easily use it on your iPhone and use all its features without any problem.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls using Cube ACR App:

Step #1:  Open the Google Play Store and download and install the Cube ACR  app or download it from here on your device.

Step #2: Now open this app, and a welcome screen will appear, press “Next” as usual giving permission to this app to save recorded calls, listen to voice calls, detect incoming and outgoing calls, etc.

How to Record Whatsapp Call? Whatsapp Call Recorder for iPhone and Android
Best WhatsApp Call Recording Apk For Android 2022

Step #3:  If your device supports VoIP call recording, it will ask you to give it permission to record calls directly otherwise it will show you an error window “ Your device does not support VoIP call recording. (This feature is disabled) . 

Tap on the menu icon  (the horizontal bar at the bottom) -> tap on the  “Record” icon under  “Settings”. Just scroll down and enable/turn on ignoring VoIP Support Checking under VoIP Recording as shown in the picture.

How to Record Whatsapp Call? Whatsapp Call Recorder for iPhone and Android
How to grant permissions WhatsApp For Call Recorder

Step #4: Now when any call comes on your phone or on WhatsApp, the recording will start automatically. If you want to change the automatic history of any specific call, you can change it from the floating icon that appears on the screen.

How to Record Whatsapp Call? Whatsapp Call Recorder for iPhone and Android
Best WhatsApp Call Recording Apk For Android 2022

That's it. Now any incoming or outgoing call can be recorded very easily or if you like automatically. You can also check other settings like the default storage location from the menu and many more options available. If you like the explanation, share it with your friends, and do not forget to follow us on the social networking sites  Facebook and  Twitter and our YouTube channel to receive all new and thank you.

This App will require/ask for all the permissions to use it. Please do not allow permissions if you do not understand what is permissions made for. Does not recommend you to allow all the permissions of your mobile phone, But You can not use the application perfectly as you want, Use this app or Allow Permissions on YOUR OWN RISK.

Download WhatsApp Call Recorder Free

Download Cube ACR for Android Download Cube ACR for iPhone
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