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Download WhatsApp Business 2024 (Official) Latest Update For Android

Updated on April 23, 2024
WhatsApp Business Beta makes your business easier to manage and sell your products to the customers. WhatsApp Business can be run on multiple devices
Download WhatsApp Business v2.24.9.18 (Official) Latest Update For Android
Name WhatsApp Business
Package Name com.whatsapp.w4b
Publisher WhatsApp Inc.
Category Communication
Size 98MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5 and up
MOD Features Official
Link Download Play store
Play Store WhatsApp Business for Android

WhatsApp Business enables you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business.

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Download WhatsApp Business 2024 (Official) Latest Update For Android Download WhatsApp Business 2024 (Official) Latest Update For Android Download WhatsApp Business 2024 (Official) Latest Update For Android Download WhatsApp Business 2024 (Official) Latest Update For Android

WhatsApp has announced a new version of its instant messaging app aimed specifically at small businesses and business owners. version of the app is known as WhatsApp Business and Companies (Arabic: واتساب للأعمال), and here in this article, we will highlight everything about this alternative version of the WhatsApp messaging app, which is known WhatsApp Business.


Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus, I m glad to see you here on my website. maybe you are well known for our website. here similarly we have another topic "WhatsApp Business" we will teach how to use Whatsapp business like a pro and how to download Whatsapp easily even on your Huawei mobile. Huawei brand is banned to use Google Play Store. Huawei mobile users can easily download Whatsapp business for free from

What is the use of WhatsApp Business?

Download WhatsApp Business App for Android
Download WhatsApp Business App for Android September Update

WhatsApp Business The first and last objective of WhatsAppin announcing the version of WhatsApp Business was to give all companies an official presence and a different character from the rest of the companies and help customers to deal and communicate with companies in a way much easier and better than it was. in the beginning, and the WhatsApp Business app will not affect the app and the basic version, both versions will be installed on the phone, and each version will be activated with a different number than the other.

What is the WhatsApp Business app?

WhatsApp has announced the WhatsApp Business app for businesses and small business owners, and the app is now available for free download for Android devices through the Google Play Store, and the app aims to facilitate communication between business owners and customers, as well as provide a set of new tools.

WhatsApp Business is a free standalone app for Android devices intended for small businesses and business owners. The application allows its business users to easily interact with customers, for example, a small store that sells products online can communicate with its customers through WhatsApp in a professional manner, and the application provides the ability to classify incoming messages from customers. 

Clients and answer them automatically, in addition to detailed statistics on communication with clients, Whatsapp Business is a copy of the WhatsApp chat application that provides all the advantages that it provides in the same way that the user used to send photos, videos, and audio, but with additional advantages, if you are not a business owner, so you do not need to download or use WhatsApp Business, rely on the WhatsApp Messenger application to communicate with your friends.

What are the features of WhatsApp Business?

  1. Business Profile: The business profile allows the user to add information about their business, including the title, category, and description of the business, in addition to the email address and website, information that will facilitate communication with customers.
  2. Quick Replies: The user or employer can save the messages ready and reuse them again, which allows replying.
  3. Auto-reply function or remote message: It is a written text that has been prepared in the configuration and is answered by the client in the event that the client sends a message or calls at a time when the company or organization is not available.
  4. Quick response function: In this function, you prepare a series of commonly used texts to reply directly to the customer, and these texts are (such as branch address and business hours, we are glad to be one of our customers, you are a special client, I will review the matter, reply with details and others).
  5. Use of WhatsApp for companies in addition to the official: It can be used with normal WhatsApp on the same phone, but this is achieved as long as the two are not registered with a phone number.
  6. Welcome message function: that the user prepares in the configuration, and is sent automatically in status a new welcome client joins.
  7. Backup the conversation: If the conversations between you and the clients are lost, the app periodically backs up the conversations, you can restore them at any time using Google Drive as it happens in the normal application.
  8. Registration of WhatsApp Business with the landline phone: It is possible to register the WhatsApp Business app with the company's landline phone. It is not required to use a mobile phone number, and the confirmation code is known through a voice message that reaches the landline.
  9. Conversation Encryption: One of the very cool features of the app is that all messages and conversations are fully encrypted, and in several simple steps you can make it more secure.

How to Login to WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices?

Download WhatsApp Business allows you to create a new workgroup without tiring and effort on your part but just click create a new group and it also allows you to send a new group message and determine which parts you want and WhatsApp Business allows you to open the application from your computer by reading the QR code, there is also a list of messages marked with a star that you add. 

The app also allows you to change your account name, replace your number, invite friends, and control upcoming notifications from this app. Whatsapp business also allows you to rate the app to contact the technical support of the app and now download the app from Google Play to enjoy the achievement easily.

How to Register an Account on WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business: This is one of the best applications dedicated to marketing and promoting the products you sell to your customers. It also allows you to contact the customers you want to communicate with easily and simply. When you open the app, WhatsApp shows you a window asking you to accept the terms of service and tracking.

Then after pressing this icon, it asks you to enter your phone number (Active) and the app automatically determines the country you belong to, then you enter your number and press continue, and you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the email has already been created, then you enter the code that was sent in a short message to the number you entered in the app, then it asks you for the synchronization contract to do a backup that you can refer to when your mobile is lost or stolen, then WhatsApp Business asks you for a name to be able to carry out your task, then it shows you that you have made a backup in Google Drive, after that, it asks you enter the image and enter the name as well. The app asks you for the name of the business and you choose your category within it. 

You can also change the activity It also shows you the statuses of clients whose numbers you have in your line of business, and it also shows you the calls you made, and there is a list search to search for any contact you want to talk or chat with.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Business?

  • Download WhatsApp Business for free without paying any fees.
  • The possibility of creating an account for the company that contains information.
  • Fast answer.
  • Automatic reply.
  • Possibility of registering through a fixed telephone.
  • Send media such as (photos, video clips, and audio clips).
  • Make free voice and video calls.
  • Make calls and send international messages.
  • Sending of written and voice messages, as well as the possibility to change the profile picture and hide the last seen.

Download WhatsApp Business Beta for Android

The package name: com.whatsapp.wa4b
The folder to store all files: WhatsApp Business
Run/Install over the: Original WhatsApp

whatsapp-business-beta- 200kb

Download WhatsApp Business Stable for Android

whatsapp-business- 200kb


You can Download WhatsApp Business from latest updated version for free. WhatsApp Business is used to manage your small or larger business companies. WhatsApp is mostly used by merchants to sell and buy products. You can buy online products through WhatsApp business. WhatsApp Business recently launched a new feature to buy products directly through WhatsApp and payloads without making any effort with online banking or other ways used by customers.

WhatsApp Business was developed by a former WhatsApp company. It allows you to sell products remotely or run your store from anywhere in the world. most online businesses especially stores support WhatsApp deals and payment methods. WhatsApp business allows you to also run a second number on your mobile. Most of the users use WhatsApp business to run their second number.

Available Versions of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Betav2.24.9.18
WhatsApp Business v2.24.9.18

WhatsApp Business is built on top of WhatsApp Messenger and includes all the features that you rely on, such as the ability to send multimedia, free calls*, free international messaging*, group chat, offline messages, and much more.

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