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Download PixelLab App for Android and iPhone

Pixel Lab photo editor: Adding stylish text, 3d text, shapes, stickers and drawing on top of your picture has never been easier. With a simple

PixelLab - Text on pictures is the best and easiest way to create and share your quotes with the world. Quotes Creator is ready with customizing options such as background, text colors, text size, and fonts, or you can choose your photo from your Photo Gallery to be used as background, so you can share your own quotes with your friends to create with your photo to share in social media.

pixellab app
Download PixelLab Pro APK 2022

Most welcome all of you to EhsanTechCorner Adding fancy text to your images and graphics, 3D text styles, shapes for your graphics, stickers, and drawing on top of your image has never been easier with using the lab of pixels. It features a simple and clean interface that lets you focus on what you're doing wherever you're editing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, background, over 60 unique options that you can customize, and of course your imagination. . . , you will be able to create impressive graphics and surprise your friends directly from your Android or tablet.

PixelLab APK for Android and iPhone

PixelLab Plus app is a free app compatible with the "Android" operating system and the "iOS" operating systems for iPhone, you can get it through Mocha professional channel and blog for free. PixelLab plus black version is an advanced version with the latest new fonts with more than 500 Arabic fonts, professional formations, images, sizes, backgrounds, and various stickers that help you design your own content easily and smoothly, unlike normal pixel lab blue. version. You can use Adobe illustrator cc for pc for windows.

PixelLab Plus

PixelLab app was launched to help design lovers, Arabic font lovers, and drawing lovers as well as PixelLab. It has a great role in helping bloggers and photo creators create great content, add text and stickers, and convert images to a professional 3D format, and it is based on the PixelLab app. In order to professionally edit your photos, you must continue with the layouts until you master your work.

Features of PixelLab Pro APK

  1. You can add multiple texts with lots of font styles and with different colors.
  2. Colors you can select your required or favorite color from the colors trays and also with HTML codes and now available with the color choices from the following image cornflour can also choose as radiant effect color.
  3. Fonts you can add and select font styles for the texture can use 50+ Fonts for handwriting and also you can add your favorite font style from your SD card. 
  4. Fonts styles you can add custom fonts style for each word or alphabet, such as Bold, italic, or underline,.
  5. The image you can import the Image as a background.
  6. Transparent you can add a transparent background for graphics editing.
  7. You can add 3d effects for each word or whatever you want to.
  8. You can draw your favorite graphics from the app.
  9. You can edit image perspective editing (warp). Handy for replacing monsters. Contents changing a road sign text adding logo boxes.
  10. you can apply fewer available effects on your picture to look more awesome. such as vignette,stripes,hue,saturation.
  11. If you want to share your edited Image anywhere such as on Instagram, FACEBOOK, Whatsapp, etc. You send through the share button fastly.
  12. You can create thumbnails for YouTube.
  13. You can create cover pictures for Facebook and tweeter. also can set your required image size.
  14. If you are looking for meme editing apps so pixel-lab is the best option for you. Pixel lab provides preset templates for memes so you can save time writing your memes within a few seconds with ease.

How to use PixelLab?

In this article, we will learn how to use PixelLab pro apk. So, it is very easy and simple. What you have to do is open your PixelLab Pro apk. You will only see the PixelLab interface in front of you. All the features of PixelLab pro apk are predefined. You can manage the app just by viewing the app's small images, which are also known as vectors. It is very easy to use PixelLab apk. All the fonts that are your needs are already installed in your apk. Next, I will teach you in detail how to use PixelLab. And also, I will make you a master of editing InshaAllah. In the PixelLab app. All features and their uses are described below in another article following this article.

How to create the first YouTube Thumbnail using PixelLab pro apk?

So, according to the given topic, how to create the best YouTube thumbnail using PixelLab pro? So guys, I just want to say that it is very easy and simple, what you have to do is follow the instructions that are given or taught in detail. You can also use Adobe photoshop cc for your pc and windows system.

Choose a transparent picture background. (optional)

All you have to do is select the image ratio according to your needs or requirements. All popular platform ratios are predefined within the PixelLab app. All you have to do is select or choose the required image ratio and click OK. Making a perfect thumbnail for YouTube videos aspect ratio is [1280*720] and you can also add this property manually if your PixelLab doesn't have a predefined thumbnail aspect ratio for YouTube videos thumbnails. it also has a frame ratio of [16.9]. Just try adding or importing any of your images or you can continue your work on the transparent image background that I clarified long ago in the previous article as we started editing our YouTube thumbnail image background.

How to edit thumbnails?

After finishing selecting the image size and other formalities, we now have the need to add cool fonts to make our thumbnail look more impressive. Just click on the tab at the bottom of the PixelLab pro app. Since you typed "A" into a larger word with a fancy look, just click on it and see what font style makes your thumbnail even more attractive. Or if you found that your required font style is not available in your PixelLab font store, then you also have the right to add your own required fonts and your font will work the same as others. People also use CorelDraw Graphics Suites for their windows operating system if they are not masters in adobe illustrator cc.

How to import Font’s style in PixelLab?

Click on the type of small folder that contains [+], login to the vector image of the folder that is available in the upper right corner of your phone screen, and select the directory where you downloaded or saved your font style.

You need to unzip the file if it is compressed

open that folder and you will now see a smaller button appear at the bottom of the dialog containing the text "Add Directory". Just press it and you will see that your font file is selected. The file will have an extension like .ttf, then you'll click on it and your font style will be automatically installed in your PixelLab.

How to make a thumbnail with texts for YouTube?

Now you need to go back and write the text you want to add to your thumbnail if you will be selecting any of your images (related to the video) and write your texts.

If your text is smaller or does not appear on the thumbnail, no need to worry, just change the color of the text you will find in the same tab "Edit text", you will find a button in this tab with the name "Color" and select your color and now I hope it looks good. (optional)

If you don't want to change the color of your text, don't worry, just click on the image and then decrease the transparency of the image. Unless your text appears perfectly.

Your image might affect you if you really decreased so much.

The simple way to make the text on the thumbnail readable is to add "Shadows, amber, stock" which can make your text readable and can make your thumbnail look more beautiful.

How to add shapes on the thumbnail?

So guys will sometimes notice that when someone does the thumbnail, the look of the thumbnail is like they did it professionally, like adding borders, etc. You can add emojis, stickers, and shapes. everything is available in the same tab, just touch and design your thumbnail. Well done, now your thumbnail is ready to be set up in your YouTube videos. In this way you can even write quotes, you can make meme images, you can also make Facebook posts, and create your Twitter and Instagram posts and stories using pixel lab pro. All these templates are predefined.

Difference between PixelLab and Pics Art:-

Difference between PixelLab and Pics Art

Pics Art



Lens flare.



Background effects when adding some text etc.



When you are going to add your transparent picture on some already taken pics so, you can edit that recently added picture, not the full project.

When you are going to add your transparent picture on some already taken pics so, you can edit that recently added picture but the pictures will be to edit the full project.


You cannot create a 3D Logo.

You can create a 3D Logo.



If you will lock the layer then you have the ability that you’re that layer will not get damaged even though how much you are editing.



You can add a specific alphabet, and font style.


You can use Pics Art for picture editing.

You can use PixelLab for the best graphics editing.

Download Pixellab Pro App for Android

You can download: Pixellab for android
You can download: Pixellab from iPhone

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