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WhatsApp News: WhatsApp is testing to add three new features in whatsapp beta

WhatsApp is working to add new features for updates. There are three main features added to future updates and tested in the WhatsApp Beta tester.

We are here to tell you about some of the most important features that WhatsApp will add in future updates. There are three main features added to future updates and tested in the WhatsApp Beta program tester. the most popular social media app in the google play store is always on to add new features day by day.

WhatsApp News: WhatsApp is working to add three Features for Future Updates
WhatsApp News: WhatsApp is working to add three Features for Future Updates

WhatsApp is working to add new features for future updates

Asslam-o-Alaikum! Dear visitors, we warmly welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus. In our article, we will tell you about some of the upcoming new features of WhatsApp. We will also teach you how to use WhatsApp features? so you will get news and explanations together. Keep reading about what's new in WhatsApp for the future.

Avatar Profile Photo

WhatsApp is working on adding a new feature in the coming days where users can use a sticker as their WhatsApp profile picture (DP). This is a very impressive feature for WhatsApp users. although it is not very useful other than a simple addition to the most popular social networking application. With this feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp with the new feature.

In most cases, WhatsApp companies will not add this type of feature to the product, but for now, since the process of adding new features is active, why do they enable a new feature for future updates? WhatsApp beta update consists of this feature. I want to make it clear that this feature is not yet for the public. although some of the lucky users of the beta program can use these functions.

You can use this feature very soon. The placeholder for the new feature is Settings > Avatar (WhatsApp has redesigned the page where the PRIVACY tab is now placed on the first page instead of clicking Settings > Account > Privacy).

Create Call Link

WhatsApp announced a new feature for the WhatsApp beta program. If you are a WhatsApp user and you love the new features added for future updates, then this new update is very useful for you. the name of the function is "Create call link" in future updates. you can make calls individually or in group calls and invite your friends to join your call with a link.

Create and send a WhatsApp call link so anyone with a WhatsApp account can join your call by clicking the link. You can send it to a person or group on WhatsApp, or copy the link and share it in another way. Call link calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Every time you create a call link, the URL is different and secure, with 22-character identifiers so no one can guess your call links. Call links are easy to generate if you forget or lose the link you have created. Save your link if you intend to reuse it. Call links are currently supported on iOS and Android in the calls tab. Anyone with the link can join your call, so only share it with people you trust. Blocked users cannot access your calling link.

  • Links expire if they have been unused for 90 days.
  • Links can also be revoked by WhatsApp for privacy and security reasons.
  • WhatsApp call links are currently only supported on mobile devices.

Prior to this update, WhatsApp users must add a contact to their phone book so that they can add their participants to the Calls. It was very embarrassing and took a long time to perform, but now users can add callers through a link. just send them a link so they can participate or join your calls. this is a very good thing for WhatsApp users. I would like to inform you that the function 'Create Call Link' is under development.

Do not Disturb API

The second supposed upcoming feature was recently detected in the WhatsApp beta. It has support for API Do Not Disturb (DND), for missed calls on WhatsApp for Android. This feature is under development and WhatsApp is working to include it in a future app update. WhatsApp beta for Android provides the ability to detect when DND is enabled. When a call is missed and the phone's Do Not Disturb feature is enabled, the reason the call was missed will be highlighted in the chat and call history section.

Previously, it was reported that WhatsApp is working on the same feature for iOS using a new API for iOS 15.

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