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YouTube has announced upcoming significant improvements to the design of the YouTube app and website to improve the user experience, and the company said it celebrated 17 years since the launch of the popular YouTube video service earlier this year, which prompted her to make some changes to the design after the arrival of many proposals from users in this regard, changes that include the video player.

Youtube News: Youtube Announced Design Improvement
Youtube Announced major Design Improvement

What are the new improvements coming to the design of YouTube?

New YouTube design improvements include changes to the interface, as well as improving the video player and making it easier to control viewing options:

Improvements in the design of the Youtube interface

Youtube's new update brings major improvements to the interface, including ambient color mode, a feature that automatically changes the color of the interface according to the main color of the videos, so that the color below and above the video player video appears to render the main color in the video background so that the app's background color matches the video, which YouTube says is inspired by the light screens emit when viewed in a dark room, and the company confirmed that playlists will get the same feature or theme.

Youtube Major Design Improvements Screenshot
The difference between Old and New Improvement

The Youtube interface design improvements also include changes to the dark theme, to make it appear darker, which it said is based on user feedback, a change that will be made available to YouTube users on the web. smartphones and smart TVs.

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Changes to the design of the YouTube video player 

To enhance the experience of watching YouTube videos, new design changes include the video page and player, which provide a new experience by:

  • Turn YouTube links in the video description into clickable buttons to enhance the video page layout. 
  • A new design for the Subscribe button, so that it comes with circular borders dispensing with the red color and replacing it with white, which according to Google is more accessible, and it is the button that will appear in the new design, either on the playback page or the channel page.
  • Improved pinch-to-zoom feature to enlarge any frame in YouTube videos so that the user can drag with two fingers to zoom in as long as the image remains in the enlarged state on iPhone and Android phones for the user to can continue looking for clearer details.
  • Precise Search Feature – A feature that allows YouTubers to quickly access the clip or frame they want, by swiping up when watching any video clip to display a row of thumbnails, allowing the user to quickly access what they are looking for within the video.

YouTube said it will gradually roll out these new design changes to all users, over the next few weeks, either for YouTube users via the web or the YouTube app for iPhone devices, which is available for download through Apple. App Store and Android devices through the Google Play store.

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