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Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated

EaseUS Partition Master tool is one of the most famous tools specialized in partitioning and maintaining the hard disk, as the tool allows the user.

Download EaseUS Partition Master Full version, lifetime activated for free

Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated
Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated 2023

Hello, followers of Ehsan Kamboh's website. Many of us are looking for a way to partition hard disks for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 without formatting. The question that arises is how to divide hard disks without formatting, whether are there tools for partitioning hard disks without formatting, and what are the best hard disk partitioning tools? There are many tools for repartitioning external and internal hard drives, but most of them are paid, and there are a few free tools for hard partitioning, but most of these tools format the hard disk.

Many of us need a hard partition tool. Some may buy a new laptop, but the hard disk is not well divided, as you may find some disks that are large in size and others that are small in size, so you naturally need to re-partition according to their needs, so that toolbars and designers put a large space for the disk C, as it needs to install several large tools, while ordinary people need a little space for the C hard drive, and some may find that some discs are hidden and do not appear, so they need to show the hidden discs.

Today, dear ones, we present to you the method of downloading and activating the installation of the EaseUS Partition Master tool to partition the hard without formatting, which divides the hard, compacts the disks, resizes the disks, reduces the space of some disks and increases the space of the disks according to your need and also merges the disks as well.

Explanation of EaseUS Partition Master Premium

Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated 2022
Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated 2022

The EaseUS Partition Master tool is one of the most famous tools specialized in partitioning and maintaining the hard disk, as the tool allows the user to fully control the organization of the size of the hard disk parts with ease, leaving empty spaces in each part, and transferring tools and data from one part to another, which allows to speed up the operation process and download tools and applications And new games and data without any obstacles in use. Through the tool, you can re-divide your hard disk into several sections in an easy and fast way, while preserving the files stored on the hard disk.

EaseUS Partition Master tool divides and converts hard formats and includes many advantages in this field so that you can convert the hard from MBR to GPT and vice versa with ease and without complication, and also convert the partition (disk) from Logical to Primary and vice versa without formatting and without damage or loss of data on the hard disk. The partition (disk), the ability to hide any partition (disk) you want with one click and completely block it from appearing to protect it and protect your data in a strong and hidden way from prying eyes, and the possibility of showing the partition again easily and without data loss. It can deal with all types of storage disks, whether HDD / SSD or even removable storage units such as USB flash drives and SD Cards.

You can also increase the size of the "C" partition (disk) of Windows without formatting and without reinstalling a new Windows, as well as you can crop a specific space from the partition (disk) and add it to another partition (disk) in the easiest way without formatting and without re-partitioning the hard, you can From merging more than one partition into one disk or dividing one partition (disk) to produce more than one partition (disk), and the wonderful thing is that the tool does not format the disk while applying modifications to it, so you can control the entire disk without losing your files. So it is important to have it on your device to get out of any problem you may encounter on the device with the least possible loss.

How to use EaseUS Partition Master Cracked

Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated 2022
Download EaseUS Partition Master Lifetime Activated 2022
  1. First, download the Download EaseUS Partition Master latest version 2022 complete with activation by clicking on the link below the article.
  2. Install the tool and after completing the installation, you will see an easy-to-use menu similar to the one in the image above.
  3. You will find all your disks, whether internal or external if you are connected to an external hard drive or a flash memory.
  4. You can press the left mouse button to show you a list of operations that you can perform on this disk, which we have shown above.
  5. You can merge more than one disk, provided that they are adjacent, by selecting the two disks, then pressing the Merge option, and it performs the merge without formatting the two disks.
  6. You can divide the floppy disk into two or more disks, provided that it contains some free space, where you select and then click on the Shrink option and specify the size of the new disk.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master Unlocked

  • It is easy to use as it has a simple interface that enables you to deal with it easily
  • The possibility of re-partitioning and organizing the hard drive easily and without formatting the device
  • Enlarge or reduce the size of any disk without formatting
  • The possibility of merging more than one disk to become one disk
  • Examination of the hard drive and disposal of the bad sector damaged parts in the hard drive
  • View detailed information about any disk after performing a scan
  • The possibility of permanently erasing data without returning it, even with the use of recovery tools
  • Converting the hard drive from Basic to Dynamic and vice versa
  • Convert a disk from fat format to NTFS format
  • Hide any disk and unhide the hidden disk
  • Increase disk size for all types of Windows without formatting
  • Change the name of a specific disk
  • The possibility of recovering deleted disks
  • Detect and repair hard drive errors

Download EaseUS Partition Master Pro Lifetime Activated 2022

Download EaseUS Partition Master Cracked from here

You can unlock this file using the "" password to unlock the .rar file. keep supporting us by sharing it. sharing is always caring.

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