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How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data?

How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data
How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data?

Whatsapp is a famous worldwide communication platform that millions of people use. It has many features but still some gaps filled by different mod versions. One of the modified versions is Whatsapp Gold which has many packed features.

As you know, applications keep updating to provide the user with an improved experience. Usually, the apps internally update, but the mod version is not registered on the app store, so to correct them, you have to do it manually. Gold's WhatsApp case is also the same.

You need to uninstall the previous version and then reinstall the updated version. It leads to fear of deleting the chat's data. But good for you. You can update your WhatsApp Gold without losing your data. This article will provide a complete guide on updating Golden without losing data.

Ways To Update WhatsApp Gold

You can update your WhatsApp in the following ways.

How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data

  • Install from our website, as you will always find the latest version here.

Steps To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data

If you want to keep your data, create a backup of your chat and media to restore your data after uninstalling. Follow the given steps to create a backup.

  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner and go to setting
  • Choose the chat option.
  • Go to backup
  • Then select if you want a copy of your data in Google Drive or local file storage. After selection, the backup will create.

How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data
How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data

Next, you need to install the WhatsApp Gold Latest Version from the official Fouad mods website, or you can also find it here in this article.

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How To Restore Chats?

To get your chats back after reinstalling, have a look at these steps

  • Reinstall the application by clicking on the download button
  • Open the APk files and give access to the part application install
  • Install the application
  • Add your phone number and the necessary information
  • Then a window shows whether you want to restore your Data or not.
  • Click on the restore data, and then you will see all your media and chats will be corrected.

How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data
How To Update WhatsApp Gold Without Losing Data

Following the above guidelines, you can successfully update your FM Whatsapp without losing data.


Q1. From where can you install the updated version?

A. You can install the latest WhatsApp Gold from our website and the Fouad Mods official website.

Q2. What is Backup on Googe Drive?

A. You can create a copy of your chats and media that include video and images in google drive by using an email address. It is helpful because it doesn't require your phone space, and you can access it anywhere.

Q3. Is it safe to use GoldWA?

A. Moded versions are usually not secure. But Gold WhatsApp has some security and privacy updates that carefully observe your security on the app.

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