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[Latest] Download WhatsApp Gold Apk 2023 Antiban Mod by Abu3rab - WhatsApp Gold APK With Daily Updates

Download WhatsApp Gold 2023, the latest version of the WhatsApp Gold update APK, WhatsApp Gold 3ssem

download whatsapp gold apk by abuarab
WhatsApp Gold APK (Official) Download Latest 2023
WhatsApp Gold Apk Latest Update - is an alternative and end-to-end encrypted and safe from hackers. I personally tested whatsapp gold as a secure copy in between the modified copies of WhatsApp available on the internet. WhatsApp Gold Apk - contains lots of features. Golden WhatsApp 10.77 Latest Update

Download WhatsApp Gold Apk March Update 2023

WhatsApp Gold APK is the perfect mod for your use. Besides this, we’ll also guide you through the process of downloading and using WhatsApp Gold APK. This app is not available on the play store, you will have to download it from 3hsan.com If you want to know more then kindly read the full article and give us your valuable comment in the comment section. (10.77)

WhatsApp Gold APK:-

Dear friends! Welcome, all of you too. Hopefully, all of you will be very fine! Ma Shaa Allah! WhatsApp gold تحميل, As all of you, know as always we send the latest technology-related information and posts, many third-party WhatsApp is more famous in the market.

So, from this, you will have to guess/estimate that today's topic is some WhatsApp, yeah! you have got right! Today's topic is WhatsApp Gold we will tell you about in detail below.

WhatsApp gold is a completely free instant messaging application that works on all operating systems such as Android as well as iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. It was in the form of shares from the Facebook company that runs it, in addition to the other text that was paid in cash.

Golden WhatsApp came to the most popular social networking platform for users and became used by everyone who has a mobile phone despite the features of WhatsApp, it is restricted and has limitations in some features similar to WhatsApp gold that we present to you today, which is sure that you will love the application.

WhatsApp Gold Apk with Daily Update

Whatsapp Gold apk is an alternative to official WhatsApp Inc, it has its own many features. it is basically developed by #Abu3rab from Arab. But because of some issues, he stopped developing or updating the Gold Whatsapp. But don't you worry here Assem Mahjoub is for serving you from Yamen he took over the task to update its latest versions according to the market and users' demands. at the beginning of this journey.

It was so hard for him to have updated WhatsApp but he didn't give up and continued working on it! and get success and now his WhatsApp Gold is the number #1 copy from google as its rating of download and installation is number #1. He added many extraordinary features and most of them it's mobile-friendly apps (No hanging, no freezing)just install and enjoy your journey on this WhatsApp. Now in the market, WhatsApp Gold's latest version 10.77 is released what we are talking about here.

Is WhatsApp Golden APK Safe?

The golden WhatsApp apk is safe and virus-free, as it has been checked by many workers in the field of data protection, in addition to the fact that the program uses the same servers as WhatsApp, and this ensures that there is no leakage of our data to any third party, and to be reassuring, there is not a single complaint from Before any user of Golden since its launch, then it is 100% safe. WhatsApp gold 3ssem

WhatsApp Gold apk is against the ban (Antiban)?

Hey! What do you mean by this question? At first, do not worry and do not rush. Continue to the end - to be frank, after the spread of WhatsApp Plus versions such as WhatsApp Omar and Gold and gb whatsapp, WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Red, and others, WhatsApp launched a campaign against users for any modified WhatsApp version and it served as penalties and warnings for the numbers that use WhatsApp modified apk If you own WhatsApp gold, abo Arab during the days of issuing these laws, then 85% of you have certainly been banned and your number has been suspended from the official WhatsApp company.

The penalties for stopping and banning your account in WhatsApp for the numbers that use Gold were very light. It is a ban that starts by preventing you from opening the program for 15 minutes, and the period increases the more you continue. It was applicable to the blue WhatsApp Plus, but I do not confirm, but I am only sure of WhatsApp gold to ask because I was I own my Android phone the golden whatsapp gold apk, but the developer AbuArab quickly responded to that problem and issued a new golden WhatsApp update against the ban, and this latest version against the ban with a direct link from Media Fire is presented to you, and thus, the golden returned.

Explanation of WhatsApp Gold APK Pros

WhatsApp has lots of features like other WhatsApp i.e. AGWhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, etc. Ag WhatsApp allows its users to download Statuses, and hide view statuses. custom privacy, and themes store, WhatsApp Gold covers all areas of users' demands.

What do we mean by WhatsApp Gold Apk Daily Updates?

WhatsApp Gold APK Daily Update means: The developer is always trying to work harder and bring new features in WhatsApp Gold update so the app will be more useful for the users. These updates may include BUG FIXES | Enhancement | Security Update | Bann Proof | New features additions and much more. Keeping this in mind you will be now able to get the daily updates of the WhatsApp gold apk from 3hsan.com so if you have any error or lag in using the app you can come back to the 3hsan.com to download the latest version of the WhatsApp gold and InshaAllah we hope your error will be fixed.!

Download WhatsApp Gold v10.77 Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab latest update 2023: -

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold

Download WhatsApp Blue v10.77 Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab latest update 2023: -

Download WhatsApp Blue From MediaFire

Download WhatsApp RED v10.77 Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab latest update 2023: -

Download WhatsApp Red From MediaFire

Download WhatsApp Green Plus v10.77 Anti-ban and safe from hackers latest 2023 by Abu Arab:-

Download WhatsApp Plus From MediaFire

Advantages of WhatsApp Gold v10.77 latest update Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab: -  

Features List of Golden WhatsApp

  • Download and save statuses.
  • Privacy for a custom chat.
  • Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  • Custom themes.
  • You can set custom privacy features on Gold WA. (Last seen, Blue ticks, second ticks, who can call you, who can see you watch someone’s status, set custom privacy for each conversation, security {pin, pattern,} hide conversation name).
  • Anti-ban with proof.
  • Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  • 4200+ Themes for WhatsApp gold.
  • Auto reply to your clients.
  • Schedule message sending to let connect you with your near and dear ones.
  • Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  • Enable a Forward limit of more than 5 persons at a time.
  • Forward messages without forwarding tags.
  • Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  • Custom bubbles styles.
  • Hide the partner's name from the conversation screen.
  • Quick Contact feature.
  • Added 15+ Notification tones built-in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Gold provides you a log system that always tracks your contacts' activities on What's App e.g Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.
  • And all the other features that your need.

Pros of WhatsApp Golden Apk added By Aboarab

  • Anti-ban
  • Support on 4.1 and up.
  • Status Downloader
  • Last seen freeze. Online Status
  • Specific Pin/Password for each Conversation.
  • Hide the Important Conversation with PIN/Password.
  • Launch Time PIN/Password/Finger Print lock.
  • Use Multiple Accounts in one WhatsApp
  • Stop From Auto Downloading Media.
  • Allows you to download Custom Auto Download for each conversation Group.
  • Anti-Delete Messages and media.
  • Auto reply
  • Schedule message-sending feature.
  • Download 4200+ Custom Themes.
  • The Urdu language is supported.
  • Pre Urdu Fonts style Added

Disadvantages/Cons of WhatsApp Golden Apk

There are so many websites available on the Internet that only show you the advantages of Penguin WhatsApp. But here we will tell you everything in detail including the Disadvantages of WhatsApp Gold You can learn everything here on 3hsan.com so keep exploring EhsanWAPlus and enjoy the information provided by certified Ehsan Kamboh

  • Hiding the last seen you will lose special messages and it might be delayed delivering and receiving messages.
  • I deleted message will not delete from its users so someone's personal information might be leaked and he/she cannot delete and it will be a great loss.
  • If You will be able to delete messages for everyone at any time it might be data damage or a great loss.
  • Customizing the themes might be a source of your WhatsApp communication speed slow.
  • Forwarding messages to more than 5 in official WhatsApp might your WhatsApp account banned by the WhatsApp community.
  • It might be Insecure or easy to hack and steal your precious data.
  • Cannot Connect to Google Drive to make a backup.
  • Ultimately crashing problems
  • The only compatibility to the latest versions features in Gold WA.

WhatsApp Gold is ads-free and is not found in official stores such as Google Play, and other stores because it is known that WhatsApp Gold is considered contrary because it is only a modified program by third-party developers.

How to Download WhatsApp Gold Plus?

You have to do some steps before downloading WhatsApp gold apk. The link to the gold WhatsApp is given below for the explanation. You have to go down and click on the button given as well as Download WhatsApp Gold apk Then this will redirect you to the media fire to download WhatsApp. You have to do is to again click on the Download button to start downloading.

You will get a notification to chrome as well as this apk file might harm your mobile, this is only because Gold WhatsApp is not available and also this is normal when we download anything from the outside of the PLAY STORE. Just click on “OK” and your downloading will finally start.

Privacy Features

Privacy Control

Together with all mentioned above, if you install Whats App Gold you will have the ability to control your personal privacy choices. This implies manually regulating whether you are letting your mobile inform others what you are up to or you are online.

Several of the privacy settings are mentioned below;

Being online (Status)

Double tick


Settings of microphone

Status of recording

Status of typing

Messages Scheduling

Freeze last seen

Now you can freeze your online status on WhatsApp gold easily without knowing your contacts that you are online. In whats-app inc you can only hide your last seen only while you can not hide your online status. So no one can disturb you even though you are online.


there were fake reporters to report your Num. As accuse you of sending porn graphic content on whats-app groups, or some of them online report your number to ban it, but now we found the solution to protect your account from false reporters or overall protection from Bann. You can learn more about How to Keep Safe From being Banned by WhatsApp? This will help you to stay safe from being banned.

Customize themes

Now can use your favorite theme from the themes store there are more than 4000+ themes available. Download and install default settings or there is an option to customize your favorite settings. (gold settings>Themes>download themes>install>Restart Whats app>OK).

Fonts styles

Now you can change or select your favorite font style for your likes fonts. Now you can use Urdu fonts (JAMEEL NOORI NASTALEELQUE ) so your messages will look more beautiful and awesome.

Difference between Official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold Apk

WhatsApp Gold saves its All files in the new folder as WhatsApp Gold. it's fully Anti-ban You Can SAVE status video pictures. As it is a mod apk so, you cannot back up your WhatsApp data on your google drive.

You can see who got online. At what time? and also you can hide your last seen. even if you're online but it will show a long time ago last see. YOU CAN EVEN CHANGE THEMES, WALLPAPER, AND FULL INTERFACE. You can set Auto reply, schedule messages, and send bomb messages. All messages cannot delete after deletion for everyone from your friend.

You can delete messages for everyone for up to 100 years!;

Other unique features to help improve your WhatsApp Gold experience

1. Disable Automatic Download WhatsApp gold:-

WhatsApp Gold - This Gold feature can save internet usage if you don't want to download all kinds of files while using mobile internet or WiFi then go to data and storage usage in the setting section and in this section go to when using mobile data or when connected to a network Wi-Fi or both In this section you can enable or disable the automatic download options for images, audio, videos, and documents so that these files can only be downloaded manually and only with the consent of the user.

2. Reduce the use of WhatsApp Gold Internet:-

WhatsApp Gold - WhatsApp Gold voice and video calls consume a lot of internets but by using this Gold feature you can reduce the volume of these calls when connected to the mobile internet to do this go to the data and storage usage section in the setting section and at the bottom of it you can see the low data usage option Which by activating it reduces the use of the mobile Internet during voice and video calls.

3. View detailed internet usage statistics in Gold Plus:-

WhatsApp Gold - This Gold feature allows you to access the Internet usage statistics in WhatsApp separately to do in the setting section and then data and storage usage see the network usage section in this section you can see the amount of Internet consumed for sections such as calls, messages, and other items, unfortunately, does not provide This section statistics about mobile Internet and Wi-Fi separately.

4. View the size occupied by contacts in WhatsApp Gold:-

In the Setup section, then Data and storage usage, you can go to the Storage usage section and see how much gadget memory is occupied by files sent from your contacts. By clicking on any of these contacts or groups, you will see the statistics of this occupied space separately.

5. Delete messages sent in WhatsApp Gold by contacts:-

WhatsApp Gold - In addition to displaying these statistics it is also possible to delete this content after following the steps in the previous feature You can click on the icon of the desired group or contact and at the bottom select the option to manage messages by doing this You can enable options related to different contents to click on Clear Messages to clear all this huge content.

6. Protect WhatsApp Gold and activate two-step verification:-

WhatsApp Gold - By default to using WhatsApp Gold you must enter your mobile phone number to send a PIN to your phone but if you want to increase the security of your account it is better to enable two-step authentication, two-step verification, or two-factor authentication to do this enter the two-step verification section From the Setup and Account section in this section, you can select a 6-digit code and when you use the WhatsApp Gold account in the new tool, you will be asked to enter this code. You must also write your email address so that the required number will be sent to your email when you forget this code.

7. Why WhatsApp Plus Gold WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab?

WhatsApp Gold - You can use any version of WhatsApp Plus that you want, and you can read the features of any version and learn about it and the developer of the version by browsing the articles of your blog www.3hsan com Dear visitor, which offers all versions of WhatsApp Plus to all developers and all that are safe and anti-ban copies in addition to That is, you can try what you want and download for free and with a direct link, but we recommend this version of WhatsApp Gold because as we know that the WhatsApp versions provided by the developer Assem Mahgoob are light and smooth, which cannot cause any slowdown or heaviness in the system or even the collapse of the WhatsApp Gold application.

WhatsApp Gold v10.77 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by Abu Arab is safe from hackers attack and fully secured WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Gold 2023 Abu Arab WA2_Abo3rab v10.77 latest version against the ban

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue Abu Arab WA4_Abo3rab v10.77 against the ban

Download WhatsApp Blue From MediaFire

Download WhatsApp Red 2023 Abu Arab WA3_Abo3rab v10.77 latest version against the ban

Download WhatsApp Red From MediaFire

Download WhatsApp Plus Green Abu Arab WA_Abo3rab v10.77, the official alternative, the latest version, against the ban 2023

Download WhatsApp Plus From MediaFire

What's New in V10.77

  • Enabled > Edit Messages.
  • Improved > Antiban even more improved.
  • Fixed > Many bugs and crashes have been fixed.
  • Update the WhatsApp base to
  • Add a change in the form of the box for sending a message to an unsaved number
  • Add an option to change the font of your choice from the phone files directly
  • ✂️ Added an option to hide the segmentation of the video on the status page
  • In addition, the mod now works as an automatic backup daily via the mod
  • Add a new media section
  • Add the feature of sending pictures with high accuracy
  • Add the feature of playing videos with an external player
  • Add the feature of sharing photos and documents without limits
  • Activate the option to turn on proxy for countries that are prohibited from using WhatsApp from Settings > Storage and Data > Proxy Settings
  • Activate the option to keep messages when the disappearance mode is active (by long pressing on the message you want to save)
  • Fix a problem that you saw the status when you do a privacy reset
  • Fixed an auto-reply crash when forwarding messages
  • Fix the problem of fingerprint lock in WhatsApp
  • Fixed many custom text status icons
  • More Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More fixes and other improvements

Check the Changelogs of WhatsApp Gold

What's new in v10.47

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add an option to turn on/off the group admin indicator (Golden Additions > Conversation Screen)
  • Added ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!
  • Add an option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • Add an option to translate text cases.
  • Adding the package name to the expiration page to help users find out.
  • Enable filtering for unread messages using a search
  • Activate a new drawing pen
  • Activate online privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online.(Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Enable Leave Groups Secret Without All People Knowing (Only admins can see you when you leave)
  • Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule)
  • Activate the ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!)
  • Activate quick reactions to the situation
  • Activate the new text status UI
  • Activate the new status privacy design user interface
  • Fix Go to the first message
  • Fix showing all messages of a person in the group chat
  • Fixed group message counter on the group info page
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • More other fixes and improvements
  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Exclusively add the option to know who blocked you
  • Exclusively, the ability to send any emoji in interactions to messages of your choice by pressing “➕”
  • Exclusively double click on the message to like
  • Exclusively add an option to select emoji for double tap to like/to interact (Golden Additions > Conversation screen > select emoji for double tap to interact)
  • Adding a confirmation message before publishing the case (photo/video)
  • Added stealth mode for calls!
  • Add Show callers that you are not online
  • Add the download icon in the profile pictures to save the pictures to the gallery
  • Add all the new WhatsApp Facebook
  • Add sharing of anyone's contact in an easy way without sharing the person's information
  • Add Backup to Crash Page
  • Add a search from the Internet or use an emoji for a profile picture
  • Add a full Punjabi translation
  • Improvement Now you can change the status text color and it appears in the color you chose instead of white
  • Improved status download buttons and see status automatically colored when changing themes instead of green
  • Activate listening to the audio recording in the background
  • More Themes file has been moved to the path Download/GoldThemes
  • More reading of files has been improved in the new WhatsApp path
  • More ban has been improved from the version
  • Many other things and I forgot what they are
  • Have fun and discover what's new for yourself!
  • Fix the problem of moving media and back up to the Android/media folder
  • More other fixes and improvements

How to register WhatsApp Gold Apk?

  1. Make a backup copy of messages and delete the application.
  2. Download WhatsApp Gold with the direct link.
  3. After downloading WhatsApp Gold, install the application.
  4. You will find the option to back up your WhatsApp.
  5. Click on it and then register the number and do "Done".
  6. And wait for the activation and then complete the rest of the normal options.

This file may contain viruses/malware, please do not download the file. "This is a notification normal from the chrome browser. it is an alert to the users of Google to avoid downloading apps and installing them outside of the Play Store. But in this article, all the links provided by 3hsan.com are 100% safe and viruses free. You can enjoy WhatsApp Gold apk without any problem.

Final Words

Unlike other play store apps, this app does not notify you when the version is updated. The old version will have to be uninstalled before the new one can be installed. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Whatsapp Gold Apk and start enjoying premium features.

If you get any issues downloading this app from our website, you can leave a comment below. We are always there for you all the time. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Thank You! here I gave WhatsApp Gold to You, this is an official WhatsApp Gold by Abuarab. other than our website you will find WhatsApp Gold with a fake copy of WhatsApp rather than 3hsan and 3hsan but they would not be official WhatsApp Gold. this is totally free of cost. please type your feedback if you found any issues...

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions by Gold WA Users

WhatsApp Gold APK or Golden WhatsApp

WhatsApp Gold and Golden WhatsApp are two NAMES of the popular messaging app that have lots of things in common, we can call them WhatsApp Gold

How to install WhatsApp Plus?

To be able to install WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone, you have to go to WhatsApp or your usual client and create backup of your conversations from Settings. (Settings > Chats > Backup and Restore) That’s only if you want to keep them for your new WhatsApp Plus, of course.

How to use WhatsApp Gold? and how it works?

WhatsApp’s interface is split into different sections or tabs that can be easily explored from the app’s upper section and swiping the screen left or right: Chats, Status, and Calls. This upper menu also offers us a camera on the left hand side. It’s a shortcut to the our device’s camera so we can take a photo or record a video and share it immediately with any of our contacts.

Left-handby left-hand Is WhatsApp Gold safe

To the date, there’s no information about this app hiding malware or going against the users’ privacy in any possible manner. However, that doesn’t mean that WhatsApp is a 100% safe application. In fact, there’s no such thing as a software development that is 100% safe.

How to update WhatsApp Gold Apk?

Updating WhatsApp isn’t carried out like the rest of the applications that we usually install through the Google Play Store. We’ll offer you several methods to update your app but before you start you should think about creating a backup of your conversations if you want to keep them, which you probably want to do. When updating, chats are usually kept but you’re better off being cautious.

How to hide/freeze the last seen for a particular contact?

You can hide or freeze your last seen or online status for a special contact whom you do not want to show it. Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your last seen. You can learn more deeply about the online privacy from the new udpate news.

How do hide a Profile Pic for a specific contact?

You can hide your profile picture for a particular person on your WhatsApp. that selected contact won't be able to see your profile picture. Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > My contacts except > Now select your contacts whom want to hide your profile picture. You can learn about it in more details for future updates from here

Ehsan Kamboh
By : Ehsan Kamboh
A technology enthusiast. Fascinated by technology. Currently, a student of Computer Engineering passioned about the Chinese world of Smart Devices and their innovation in the pricing and quality. I like to take photos and venture into natural places

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