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Malware Alert: Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account

Dangerous Android trojan targets 600 banking Apps in 2023

Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account

Malware Alert: Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account
Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account

We welcome all of you to Ehsan tech corner once again. Today is the second article that we are going to write for you. This is a very important article if you are a user of productivity apps on your smartphone such as pdf file readers and also pdf file editors and all other types of documents that can be read or edited through your smartphone.

Dear friends, this article can also be considered as a warning to you if you are one of the users of these applications. take our recommendation seriously; otherwise, it could have a major impact.

Dangerous Android trojan targets 600 banking apps in 2023 Reported

A group of researchers from ThreatFabric revealed a new malware campaign targeting Android users that uses five different apps to try to infiltrate victims' devices and drain their bank accounts, and as of this writing, the apps already They have been installed more than 30000,<> times, and worst of all, they were available until a few days ago on the Google Play Store.

For their part, these applications are infected with the Trojan program called "Anatsa", which is capable of stealing the banking credentials of more than 600 applications from financial institutions around the world, and they are all applications that pretend to be reading and editing files. for PDF files.

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In more detail, all of the infected apps posed as productivity apps in order to read and edit PDF files, and these apps were safe to start with and exceeded all promises, but in later updates, they included malware that exceeded PTFS timeouts. Protection of Play Store systems

How is malware activated on your mobile?

Malware Alert: Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account
Malware Alert: Five Apps Contain Malware Capable of Emptying Your Bank Account

Once the device was infected, the malware implemented various techniques with the idea of stealing the user's banking credentials depending on the bank or the cryptocurrency app, and the researchers explained that since the transactions were initiated from the victim's device, the system anti-fraud in banking entities did not work. unable to detect these transactions as fraudulent. therefore, it is difficult to recognize these applications and also the injected codes. if the codes will be activated once, then there is nothing to detect such apps from your device.

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Finally, when the transactions were already executed, the money was converted into digital currencies, and for the time being, these infected apps are no longer available on the Play Store, as Google removed them after receiving a notification from ThreatFabric and blocking the accounts of the developers, however. , users are advised to check if they have any of the apps installed on their devices and if so, proceed to remove them as soon as possible. The list of infected apps with developer names is provided below. the application package name is also mentioned next to the application name. The application package name is always unique for each application, so it will be easier to detect an application if it is installed on your mobile phone.


Today I have provided a list of the 5 most dangerous apps now removed from the Google Play Store that are full of malware and viruses that can deduct your money from your bank accounts and drain them. I have also provided the package names of the apps so easily that you can access the original app to remove it from your mobile phone if it is installed. The operation of the following applications is still very clever. if you installed the application once, your automatic malware detector will not detect the malware files as well.

These apps collect all the information and then regularly send it to their servers where they steal your money silently. You need to understand this matter so that you can save yourself and money.

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List of the malware injected Apps for Android

This is the list of the apps that steal your banking information and then deplete the total money from your account. you should have removed these apps immediately to protect your account from being emptied

  1. PDF Reader - Edit & View PDF - lsstudio.pdfreader.powerfultool.allinonepdf.goodpdftools
  2. PDF Reader & Editor - com.proderstarler.pdfsignature
  3. PDF Reader & Editor - moh.filemanagerrespdf
  4. All Document Reader & Editor - com.mikijaki.documents.pdfreader.xlsx.csv.ppt.docs
  5. All Document Reader and Viewer - com.muchlensoka.pdfcreator