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Why Muslim Community is doing boycott to Spotify App and True Caller

Here is the main reason why muslims are now doing boycott with spotify and truecaller app.All Muslims are hurt when Swedish govt allowed to burn quran

Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller

Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller
Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller

Assalam Alaikum dear followers, I welcome you once again to my website, and thank you very much for spending some of your precious time to read this article of mine on my website. Dear Followers In this article, I am not going to provide you with any kind of today technology-related information but as a Muslim, I will definitely invite you to take a step. 

Dear followers, if you are a Muslim, then this article is for you, otherwise, if you are not a Muslim, please leave this topic or article of mine. In today's article, I want to ask you to do this as a good deed, on which may Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our sins, and as a reward for this, we will receive the intercession of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the Hereafter. I am lucky.

Dear Followers, as a Muslim, it is my duty to dedicate my heart and soul to the sanctity of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad, his hadiths, and the heavenly book, which has been given to us as a gift by Allah. Give it your all and try your best. I am trying my best to pour my soul into the sanctity of the Qur'an and Hadith and the Holy Prophet. Dear followers, I have no fear, no fear, if you want, you can blacklist my website after reading this topic. I have no problem because sustenance is only in the hands of Allah.

It is said in the Holy Qur'an that the translation of which is "Allah gives honor to whom He wills and disgraces whom He wills" is in His power.


Dear followers, you must have recently heard about a new incident in Sweden, where a Swedish citizen burned the Holy Quran with the permission of his government. Yes, it is very true that this has not happened for the first time, such actions have been done many times before, but this time we are deeply saddened by this, which we will express today, including tomorrow. He will sting, and always will.


I know that our website is not intended to talk about this kind of religious stuff at all. But I can never kill my conscience to stay silent when it's time to speak. My conscience does not allow me to haggle with my conscience or continue to see the insult of Allah's last words as a scoundrel and not use the power that Allah has given me, but keep silent as a scoundrel. Therefore, as much as I can, I will do my best for the religion of Allah and the sanctity of the Holy Qur'an and the sanctity of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. To the extent that I can raise my voice or am able to, I definitely will. I curse such money, such a livelihood, such fame, and such ability, that I would compromise my faith and the last word of Allah, the Holy Qur'an, in any way and blatantly. I must not raise my voice using the strength that Allah has given me in this matter.

Dear followers, you may have recently heard some new sensational news that a citizen of Sweden has desecrated the Holy Quran in which he desecrated the Holy Quran by standing on the street in front of people. The Holy Quran has been burned. All this has been done by the Swedish government in the name of freedom of opinion. This is my topic today and I will talk about it in detail. I will also request to all my Muslim brothers that Sweden or the Swedish government not take any action against this damn person or do not take strict action. If you do, I strongly suggest you boycott all apps created by Up Sweden that are still on the Google Play Store and immediately remove them from your mobile phone and everything else. Boycott what comes to you from Sweden. You can get information by typing Swedish products imported into Pakistan on Google.

Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller

What is the story going on?

Swedish is burning the holy Quran on Public with permission to the authorities

Dear followers, last month a bl***y citizen of Sweden stood on the street and burned the Holy Quran in the name of his freedom of expression by getting permission from his police and permission from government authority. Dear followers, freedom of expression. It is never intended that he should take any steps for his peace of mind or mental satisfaction that might hurt the feelings of religious people. What I mean is that if any of your actions cause any kind of pain to a single person to a whole group or to a whole community, then you can't hide it under the cover of the right of expression, you can express it. You can't say opinions at all, but you are provoking people from other communities that you speak or play with their feelings against to also follow your religious beliefs and others to take action against rituals. It is also denying the rights of Muslims.

Dear followers, this thing has not been done for the first time, nor has it happened for the first time in the world. This and all other such actions, which include insulting Islam and insulting our last Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, speaking against the Qur'an. Insulting Pakistan and all other things that hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community have been done for a long time and no crackdown has been done against them in the international world, but when the Muslim's Feelings are hurt, if a Muslim shows any kind of reaction or takes any step in his reaction, then he is stigmatized all over the world by tagging him as a religious extremist. are stigmatized, and called Muslim terrorists and all the other epithets that have been used against Muslims in the past decades, such slurs are associated with Muslims except when Muslim sentiments are If someone plays with them, instead of punishing them, propaganda is done against Muslims. Dear followers, we know very well that both science and technology are considered to be the most important part of society in this era.

I try to explain to you with an example that there is Newton's law that "every action has a reaction", so followers, when everyone does such actions against Muslims, dear followers, then it is so. It is necessary to understand that when you make a false step against Islam, the reaction of Muslims is also justified. We cannot blame him or you for terrorism. Rather, when you take any action against Islam, if you cannot control it or if you take actions that hurt the feelings of the Muslim community, then you should at least have such a substance in you that when a Muslim community has a reaction, it shows, then bear it. If you can't stand the reaction, then you shouldn't do movements that cause you pain later or you can't stand it.

Earlier, a French scoundrel cursed the Holy Prophet (PBUH), who is our last prophet, who came to this world with the message of Allah Almighty. which caused great pain to the Muslims and the hearts of the Muslims.

PM Imran Khan talking about Islamophobia in UNO

I want to tell you that the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, stood in the UN assembly and said these words: "Oh people of the West, why don't you understand that Muhammad (PBUH), that peace and Allah's prayers be with him, is he in our hearts?" Enough, you guys are not so emotional about religion, you guys don't take religion seriously the way we Pakistani Muslims take religion seriously, why are you doing such actions that hurt us, he said Imran Khan. Let everyone know that pain in the heart is the most painful pain in any part of the body."

Imran Khan fought for and got a bill passed around the world, in which it was written that no person can cause any kind of pain to the followers of Islam by wearing the cloak of their freedom of opinion or the rights of freedom of opinion. Playing with the feelings of the public will not be considered freedom of expression and the offender will be severely penalized.

I want to congratulate the Muslim Ummah today as our voice against the rising tide of Islamophobia has been heard & the UN has adopted a landmark resolution introduced by Pakistan, on behalf of OIC, designating 15 March as International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) March 15, 2022

But despite all this, the UNO is silent to date, the UNO has not taken any action against this bl***y citizen of Sweden who committed this dirty act and burned the Holy Quran in public.

I want to tell the whole world that there is nothing dearer to us than the exaltation of the religion of Islam, the majesty of the Holy Quran, and the holiness of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. Take our all, but never give us pain we can't bear. I also want to say that you can take it as my warning that you know "water is soft but when it shows its true strength it tears the chests of the mountains" so please don't force us Muslims. Unable to handle emotions and declare war on yourself.

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What should Muslims do in this situation?

Dear followers, as a Muslim, in any society where action is taken against any oppression or exaltation of Islam, it is necessary to fight against Jihad and it is the duty of all Muslim youth, but in today's age, when the world has become the day of reckoning., the world of egocentrism. If it's done, then we should at least do everything we can. 

The first act in Islam is to stop the oppression by hand, but when the oppression cannot be stopped by hand or it increases so much that it is not possible to stop it by hand. He should be called bad with his tongue and speak out against it, but if a Muslim cannot speak out against oppression, then at least he should acknowledge it as bad in his heart and consider it bad. Using the first point, this is our first point. The step will be that two apps made by the country of Sweden, which are the most popular apps on the Google Play Store, we must immediately remove them from our mobile phones and inform our family members and other Muslim followers about this. Well, these are two apps one is the TrueCaller app and number two is Spotify.

What is TrueCaller App?

What should Muslims do in this situation?
What should Muslims do in this situation?

Dear followers basically true caller app informs you about any call from an unknown number that is if you are getting a call from an unknown number then this application tells you the name of the owner of that number. In whose name is these app number registered, dear followers, I have explained the details of this application many times on my website and you can find all these details by clicking on the search box of my website and entering the keyword Pro Caller.

 And you can read all the details. If I tell you in short, this is that you should not install this application on your mobile phone because this application is not in favor of your privacy. It stores all the contact lists in your mobile phone on its server and it sends all the names that you have entered on your numbers to its server so that the next time a person calls another person. 

So, it can show the number you have saved to other users. However, first of all, this application is not at all in favor of your privacy. Shouldn't be used. Later, as a Muslim, it is your duty to raise your voice and boycott all such applications that are being run by anti-Islamic countries, delete them from your mobile phone, and also ask followers to report all such applications.

See the full reason why you should not use the true caller app:  5 Apps You Should Delete Right Now from Android and iOS

What is Spotify App?

Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller
Why Muslim Community is doing buycott to Spotify App and True Caller

Spotify is one of the most popular apps known as music podcast which is available on Google Play Store, is also available on App Store, and is also available on Microsoft Store for Windows. You can listen to music online, you can listen to songs, you can listen to songs for free by taking subscriptions, and you can also listen to all these songs as streams on your mobile phone without paying any add-ons. You can also store.

Dear followers, first of all, I want to say that this application will be installed on almost all mobile phones, so if you have this application on your mobile phone, please delete it immediately and delete it. Please write in the comment under the app because the Swedish government is not cracking down on this damn evil, so we boycott all apps published by Sweden on the Google play store and we will do everything we can against them. If possible, we will use our power to make the Swedish government take strict action against the cursed person who burned the Holy Quran, so that the hearts of Muslims can be hurt.

What do Pakistani Muslims demand from Pak Government?

Desecration of the #Quran with government permission in Sweden, which we strongly condemn.

The #Government of Pakistan should register a strong reaction to this, otherwise, there will be protests from city to city.

The Swedish ambassador must be expelled immediately and relations must be broken. Insolence made at the official level must also be answered at the official level and a complete boycott of Swedish products must be made.

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