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6 Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023 (Under testing process)

You will see these new features on whatsapp in future updates. whatsapp has released these features for beta program testers...

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023

Upcoming features of WhatsApp (Under testing process)
Upcoming features of WhatsApp (Under testing process)

In this current article, I am going to tell you about some features that WhatsApp can't say from long ago but yes, it has been working for a few days and every day updates are published. They are seeing all these features or some of them. Many users who are using the testing version of WhatsApp are enjoying these features and some of them are enjoying. I will describe in detail in the detailed article given below, I will tell you how safe and usable WhatsApp has become with all these features.

We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most secure and safe social media applications that users trust and consider it most important to use WhatsApp for their business and other purposes. It allows media file sharing and document sharing but also provides you with a secure environment that is full of incredible benefits for its users.

Note: All the new features that I have explained to you below are not yet available for the public version. If you want to enjoy these features please consider downloading the WhatsApp beta Download

1. Email verification | Another verification method

It was recently noticed that WhatsApp is now working on a new feature that will be very useful for users in terms of privacy and security. From a WhatsApp beta tester, we hear that WhatsApp will now allow users to log in to their WhatsApp accounts using email to send a 6-digit OTP code. Many users were complaining that they could not receive the OTP on their numbers, so WhatsApp is now trying to help those users. Finally, the update is found in Beta version of WhatsApp for Android.

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September
Verify WhatsApp with an email verification screenshot

I would like to inform you that this is an option to verify your account. You must have a backup of your chat history in case you want to use this option. The developers said that email addresses will be kept invisible for privacy and security reasons.

2. Voice/Video Call logs in the card view

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023
Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023

Call logs in Card view within the conversation or chat screen. I recently noticed a new UI change where users will see all missed calls in a new way. Until now, WhatsApp calls missed by users were displayed in the form of a ribbon. But now it will appear in a small card view. It will look more attractive to users. Before this update, all missed calls were displayed in a small ribbon which makes it a bit easy to use at first glance. but soon users will get used to the new updated design.

3. Animated Avatars/Emojis

WhatsApp will now support animated avatars in future updates. Recently we have seen WhatsApp expand the area of the Avatar feature where users will be able to send animated avatars to their contacts. This is something beautiful for WhatsApp and I can say WhatsApp is now getting inspiration maybe from the Telegram app in such features.

An avatar is a cartoonish image of someone on WhatsApp. First of all, it was seen in Snapchat and later it became more popular and embedded into many social media applications. But the WhatsApp app took one step from others and now supports animated avatars. Users will now be able to send and receive their cartoon/avatar images while the animation is displayed.

4. Redesign Home UI (Home Page)

Now WhatsApp home interface has been totally changed and redesigned with new features that make it even more attractive and beautiful. We agreed that many of the new users will face problems due to the sudden change but later on they will be used to it. We want to ensure that WhatsApp is regularly working and publishing new updates as days pass and new features are being added and modifying the existing ones.

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023
Home page Screenshot on WhatsApp

The new UI has shifted the status, calls, and chats menu to the bottom side of the screen with icons instead of the top side and titles only. The new feature of the Filtering conversation contains “All, Unread, Business, normal” tabs that have already been tested in the desktop version. We already explained how these new options work days ago. These settings look even more beautiful with the light mode, that's why I mentioned the screenshot of the light version. These new updates look a bit like the iOS design.

5. Settings/Profile UI Redesign

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023
Screenshot of Settings UI for Whatsapp

While WhatsApp is working on all other new updates, WhatsApp has also redesigned the settings menu and added more options to make it look classier and more attractive. Settings UI has added a lot of new features that were not there before and the profile settings feature has also been completely redesigned as you can see in the screenshot above. You can see in the screenshot there are two different pictures that are saying old and new picture. users will be able to see this new UI in the coming updates soon.

6. Hide/Protect IP addresses on calls

Upcoming features of WhatsApp in September 2023
Protect IP Addresses on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp has recently announced a new update or it has been seen in the testing version of WhatsApp Beta that WhatsApp is now working to hide IP addresses on calls. A feature called IP Address has been introduced which was previously available on the Signal app, and Telegram, which completely hides the IP addresses of both parties when users call each other. It becomes completely impossible to record and hack users' calls because when a hacker does not know the IP address of any device, he will find it extremely difficult to hack and not at all attempt. will do

Download the latest version of the WhatsApp Beta

If you really like our article and are eager to download and enjoy all these features explained above. please click on the below download button to continue using the app for free. this page will let you download the latest features of the WhatsApp beta

Download WhatsApp Beta from here

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