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WhatsApp News: 5 Upcoming Features Of WhatsApp | WhatsApp New Update Additions

WhatsApp recently added some new features to the WhatsApp beta program, which we will tell you about in detail today, and how to use these new feature

WhatsApp News 5 Upcoming Features in WhatsApp  Complete Explanation

WhatsApp recently added some new features to the WhatsApp beta program, which we will tell you about in detail today, and how to use these new features in full detail. This September, WhatsApp added five very important and unusual new features to its WhatsApp Beta program. 

WhatsApp On has released version to test new features. These features will directly or indirectly benefit all users in a very significant and exceptional way. So here in this article, we will talk about the new upcoming features of WhatsApp in the next updates.

Introduction to the New Upcoming features of WhatsApp:- 

WhatsApp News: 5 Upcoming Features in WhatsApp
WhatsApp News - 5 Upcoming Features of WhatsApp in September Updates

Most welcome everyone to the EhsanWAPlus website. We want to thank everyone to visit our website and try to read our new post on five very important and unusual new features of WhatsApp. before this article, we have already shared many WhatsApp news. you can explore them one by one. Ehsan Kamboh the admin of the website 3hsan prioritizes the most important and useful information to be shared with the users. we always inform our users about the upcoming features of WhatsApp and also teach them how to use new updates on WhatsApp.

Upload Voice Notes on WhatsApp Status:-

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that will prove to be very useful and professional for users to use. Users can now upload voice status for Whatsapp in addition to images and videos in WhatsApp status. You can share Voice Notes as Status updates on WhatsApp very soon.

This feature has been added to the WhatsApp Beta program for testing. Prior to this, this feature was added as a story update on Facebook. voice status for Whatsapp. We will teach you how to post voice note on whatsapp status on android. But you may know the feature available on Facebook, so you may know better how to make voice note as whatsapp status By following similar steps on Facebook messenger.

Separate Unread Chats By Filtering Unread Messages:-

In order to better serve users, WhatsApp added a feature called "Unread" Messages, by which users can separate all their chats into a separate page without wasting time and quickly viewing unread messages. You can also learn about the Unread message on WhatsApp.

To use this feature, please click on the search button on the top menu of WhatsApp, and then you will see a button called 'Unread' when you click on it and it will activate this feature. Now you will be able to view and read all your unread messages separately.

Admin Can Delete Messages For Everyone In Group:-

At the request of WhatsApp users, WhatsApp added a new feature that is useful for group administrators. The administrator of any WhatsApp group can control and manage the members of his group. In any WhatsApp group, all the members can post any content they want in the group, but the group has some policies and whenever any member of the group violates these policies, the group admin can take strict actions against that member. The Group owner reserves the right to remove any content posted in its group for Everyone.

Previously, this feature was present in Telegram groups. When a member of a group sends any type of immoral or inappropriate message or content, the group administrator has full authority to remove it for everyone in the group. He can delete the video so that other members will not face any problems in viewing the video.

According to my review, adding this feature to WhatsApp is the best step the WhatsApp company has taken. Now WhatsApp group admins can delete any content they don't want from their group and guarantee its delivery and keep their group safe from any kind of evil and immorality. To use this feature, you must be an administrator of any WhatsApp group. Please note that the group admin can remove any message or content from any member at any time within two days.

How To Check WhatsApp Status View Your Friend's Status By Pressing on Profile Photo:-

Among the features added this month, a new WhatsApp feature has been introduced that allows you to check WhatsApp status, which is very easy to see. By clicking on their profile picture, you can see the WhatsApp status of this number in no time. This feature will be added to the public in the next updates so that all WhatsApp users and fans can benefit from this feature.

Using this feature If you use Facebook or Messenger, you know very well that every time a friend posts a new story to your account, you'll see a small circle on their profile picture. You can see his story from the app. Similarly, you can use this feature on WhatsApp in the same way.

But keep in mind that you can see the story of anyone you follow on Facebook. When you click on your participant profile picture, the story is automatically shown, but since WhatsApp has a different privacy policy, you and your number must have both numbers saved, otherwise you will not see your story. will be able to see.

Set your WhatsApp Avatar as a Profile Picture:-

If you are a social media user and social media enthusiast, then you will know that every app, be it Snapchat, Facebook, or any platform gets a new feature called Avatar. You can set this avatar as your profile picture.

Similarly, a feature called Avatar will be added to WhatsApp, which is being tested as a test in the beta program. You can also use this avatar as your profile picture on WhatsApp and you will also see new tab in your emoji stickers that you can share with your friends.

WhatsApp says that by using this feature, users do not need to put any kind of profile picture, now they can hide their face and take any photo of their choice to give a cartoonish look to their face. are


Dear friends, in this article I have told you what five features have been added in the upcoming WhatsApp updates that will be very important and useful for users. I also told you that all these features and how can you use update features in WhatsApp? According to my experience, I have informed you well to the best of my knowledge, if you have any questions about this article, you can express your opinion in the comment box.

Dear friends, please note that all these features have not been added to the public version of WhatsApp yet, which means that if you are using the WhatsApp application from the Play Store, you will not be able to use them currently in September 2022 updates ( 

Here In this topic the complete description of all the features that WhatsApp will introduce for all users in the next new update. Still, all these features are in the testing and experimentation stages, which is a WhatsApp program called beta, that is, the WhatsApp beta program for testers has been added. Friends, if you like this article of mine or if you found any kind of information material in my article, then do not forget to share this article with your friends, thank you.

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