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[Latest] Download BTWhatsApp Gold apk 2022 By Taha-Al-Qadsi

Download BT WhatsApp v8.00 Anti-ban with the latest features 2022 MODs by Taha Alqadsi:-

BT WhatsApp Gold v8.00 by Taha Alqadsi

What is BTWhatsApp? 

BTWhatsApp is a mod WhatsApp that is similar to the official WhatsApp by Inc on the play store 
the developer of BTWhatsApp وتساب البطریق is from Taha-Al-Qudsi طہ القسی.
BTWhatsApp is based on lots of features. we will learn below in detail if you will be interested so. otherwise, you can click on the top as Redirect button so you will download it.

Features of BT WhatsApp?

BTWhatsApp has lots of features like other WhatsApp i.e. AG WhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, etc. Ag WhatsApp allows its users to download Statuses, hide view status. custom privacy, themes store, BT WhatsApp covers all areas of users demands. 

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Advantages of BTWhatsApp:-

  1. BT2WhatsApp allows its users to save status.
  2. BT3WhatsApp allows its users to hide their last seen (BT settings>Privacy and settings>Freeze Last seen)
  3. If some deleted messages for everyone then  BTWhatsApp has a feature that it will not delete for you. 
  4. BTWhatsApp allows its users to delete their message for "for everyone" for up to 100years.
  5. BT3WhatsApp it's users to forward their messages up to 1000 at a time. 
  6. BT4WhatsApp allows its users to customize their themes. Make it beautiful.
  7. BT4WhatsApp Allows its users to set a specific password to an important chat or to a private group. 
  8. BTWhatsApp Golden allows its users to Hide chats, groups, from the main menu 
  9. BTWhatsApp is also Anti-ban
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Disadvantages of BTWhatsApp:-

  1. Hiding the last seen you will lose special messages and it might be delayed delivering and receiving messages.
  2. I deleted messages will not delete from its users so someone personal information might be leaked and he/she cannot delete and it will be a great loss
  3. If You will be able to delete messages for everyone at any time so it might be data damage or a great loss
  4. Forwarding messages to more than 5 in official WhatsApp might your WhatsApp account banned by the WhatsApp community.
  5. Customizing the themes might be a source of your WhatsApp communication speed slow.
  6. It might be  Unsecure or easy to hack and steal your precious data.
  7. less Basic features.
  8. Cannot Connect to Google Drive to make a backup. 
  9. ultimately crashing problems
  10. The only compatibility to the latest versions feature in BT WA

What's New In Latest v8.00?

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add upload image or video when sending it once
  • Add View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name)
  • Add the option to reset privacy to solve the problem of message delays Additions Golden > Privacy
  • Adding the explosive text feature inside conversations instead of the old automatic text
  • Improved sending of photos and videos with high accuracy
  • Add an option to change the color of the online point (Golden Additions > Home Screen > Lines)
  •  Add View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name)
  • Add the option to control the quality of images before sending them (WhatsApp settings > Storage and data > Image upload quality)
  • Add an option to disable image display for one time
  • Add an option to show the user not to open the image once
  • Fix the problem of showing chats at the top
  • Fixed a line problem between conversations
  • Hide problem fix Read more
  • Fix the problem of the app crashing from some viruses
  • Fix the connection problem in WhatsApp
  • Fixed the issue of hanging calls in the call history
  •  Fix Archive chat not showing in group
  •  Fix large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat
  •  Fix sending status more than 30 seconds
  •  More other fixes and improvements
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Download BTWhatsApp وتساب البطریق v8.00 anti-ban 2022

Whattsapp v8.00

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