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[Latest] Download BTWhatsApp Gold v20 (Daily Updated) MODDED BY Taha Al Qudsi

[Official Updated] Download BTWhatsApp Gold v20 MOD BY Taha Al Qudsi

[Latest] Download BTWhatsApp Gold v20 MOD BY Taha Al Qudsi
[Latest] Download BTWhatsApp Gold v20 MOD BY Taha Al Qudsi

BTWhatsApp, users can easily hide their online status and change WhatsApp’s theme, among other features. Additionally, there are two copies of BTWhatsApp. Both of them work alongside the official WhatsApp.

Download BT WhatsApp v20 Anti-ban with the latest features 2024 MODs by Taha Alqadsi:-

BTWhatsApp is a mod WhatsApp that is similar to the official WhatsApp by Inc on the play store the developer of BTWhatsAppوتساب البطریق is from Taha-Al-Qudsiطہ القسی.

BTWhatsApp is based on lots of features. we will learn below in detail if you are interested. otherwise, you can click on the top Redirect button so you can download it.

WhatsApp Al Batriq Mod Information

App Name BT2 WhatsApp
Developer Taha Al Qudsi
Operating System Android
App Version
Licensing Free
App Size 75 MB
Version 20
Language Arabic

What is BT2WhatsApp Apk

🔔BT2WhatsAppIt is a modified version of the original WhatsApp for the developer Taha Qudsi, BT Whatsapp comes in four copies, the first one is BTWhatsApp Blue which is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, the rest areBTWhatsApp red, pink, and BTWhatsApp Gold. All of them work next to the original with a second number.

What is BT3WhatsApp APK

🔰BT3WhatsAppis a third copy of the WhatsApp Penguin by Taha Al Qudsi.BT3WA can be installed over the Play Store WhatsApp and you can run two accounts within the bt3whatsapp app. This bt3whatsapp may be used over any other application available on your device. there is no need to uninstall your old WhatsApp. All the files that may be downloaded on bt3wa will store their data as"BT3WhatsApp/Media/User-Selection".

Feature of BTWhatsApp apk

BTWhatsApphas lots of features like other WhatsApp i.e. AG WhatsApp, ER WhatsApp, etc. Ag WhatsApp allows its users to download Statuses, and hide view statuses. custom privacy, and themes store, BT2WhatsApp covers all areas of users' demands.

About WhatsApp Penguin (bt4whatsapp)

Now, for the first time, a new update has been released from WhatsApp Taha Al-Qudsi. In the version of WhatsApp Red Penguin, you can download WhatsApp the pink, blue, gold, and black penguins, next to WhatsApp the blue penguin, the golden penguin, and the pink penguin. Several new and exclusive features and additions have been downloaded on WhatsApp, including the pink penguin. For you WhatsApp penguin or WhatsApp penguin second"btWhatsApp"

What is BTWhatsApp?

BTWhatsApp is a modified version of the traditional WhatsApp messenger, offering additional features and customization options. Developed by a community of tech enthusiasts, BTWhatsApp aims to provide users with a more personalized and enhanced messaging experience.

Update WhatsApp Red Penguin from Media Fire

Life may push you to part or move away from someone but that person was a friend, relative or lover does not matter because a topic or situation has happened, it is certain by a large percentage that you will not be able to cut the link directly and forget it overnight and was something was not and erase everything related to it, especially and the relationship was deep you must need a long period to get used to and adapt gradually, 

what if the feeling of longing is present In one of the night gestures and you want to read what he may write while maintaining your pride, of course you need complete confidentiality in watching the status of WhatsApp, and finally we got to the advantage in WhatsApp Gold against the ban, which is to hide your viewing of the situation, this is a likely scenario often We liked to deliver the goal through it to the feature of hiding the status view, you can imagine and apply many of those similar scenarios that may happen one day with you.

Features of BTWhatsApp

Enhanced Privacy Controls

One standout feature of BTWhatsApp is its advanced privacy settings. Users can customize who sees their last seen, profile picture, and status updates, adding an extra layer of control over their digital presence.

Themes and Customization

Unlike the standard WhatsApp, BTWhatsApp allows users to personalize their interface with a variety of themes. From vibrant colors to sleek designs, the customization options are endless, providing a unique visual experience.

Increased File Sharing Limits

Tired of the limitations on file size when sharing media? BTWhatsApp addresses this by allowing larger files to be sent, making it a preferred choice for those who frequently share high-quality images, videos, and documents.

How to Download and Install BTWhatsApp

Downloading and installing BTWhatsApp is a straightforward process. Visit the official website, follow the instructions, and within minutes, you'll have access to a whole new world of messaging possibilities.

Privacy and Security Concerns

While BTWhatsApp offers exciting features, users must be aware of potential privacy and security concerns. As a third-party application, it may not adhere to the same security standards as the official WhatsApp. Exercise caution and consider the risks before diving in.

BTWhatsApp vs. Regular WhatsApp

Let's compare the two giants. While WhatsApp is the undisputed king, BTWhatsApp brings innovation to the table. From enhanced privacy features to unique customization options, each has its strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities.

User Reviews

What do users have to say about BTWhatsApp? Explore real-life experiences and testimonials to understand how this modified version has impacted the messaging habits of individuals worldwide.

Tips and Tricks for BTWhatsApp

Unlock the full potential of BTWhatsApp with these insider tips and tricks. From hidden features to shortcuts, become a pro user and make the most out of your messaging experience.

Future Updates and Enhancements

As technology evolves, so does BTWhatsApp. Keep an eye out for future updates and enhancements that promise to elevate your messaging experience even further.

Q1: Is BTWhatsApp legal?

A: Yes, BTWhatsApp is legal to use. However, be cautious about potential security risks associated with third-party applications.

Q2: How does BTWhatsApp differ from the official WhatsApp?

A: BTWhatsApp offers enhanced privacy features, themes, and increased file sharing limits, setting it apart from the regular WhatsApp.

Q3: Can I use BTWhatsApp on multiple devices?

A: As of now, BTWhatsApp is designed for single-device use. Multiple device support may be a feature in future updates.

Q4: Are my chats and media secure on BTWhatsApp?

A: While BTWhatsApp prioritizes privacy, it's crucial to understand that third-party applications may pose potential risks. Exercise caution and consider the trade-offs.

Q5: How often does BTWhatsApp receive updates?

A: Updates for BTWhatsApp are released periodically, bringing new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Stay tuned for the latest enhancements.

Pros of BTWhatsApp

  • You can save status videos and pictures.
  • BTWhatsApp is Anti-ban
  • Forward messages to more than 5 persons or groups.
  • Support Anti-Delete messages.
  • You can set custom privacy features on Gold WA. (Last seen, Blue ticks, second ticks, who can call you, who can see you watch someone’s status, set custom privacy for each conversation, security {pin, pattern,} hide conversation name).
  • Support Translation messages inside the conversation.
  • Delete messages for everyone up to 100 years!
  • Cannot save Backup on Google Drive.
  • Support External themes can be installed (zip, XML).
  • You can set a schedule message-sending feature.
  • You can set the auto-reply function on Gold WA.
  • Quick contacts function like a messenger.
  • Bomb message support (click and send unlimited messages).
  • Change tones (inside the conversation while new messages arrive).
  • Broadcast messages to the Groups at a time.
  • Send messages with Text styles (big text)
  • Support Urdu language.
  • Urdu font style (khasheeda).
  • Anti-ban
  • Support on 4.1 and up.
  • Status Downloader
  • Last seen freeze. Online Status
  • Specific PIN/Password for each Conversation.
  • Hide the Important Conversation with PIN/Password.
  • Launch Time PIN/Password/Fingerprint lock.
  • Use Multiple Accounts in one WhatsApp
  • Stop From Auto Downloading Media.
  • Allows you to download Custom Auto Download for each conversation Group.
  • Anti-Delete Messages and media.
  • Auto reply
  • Schedule message-sending feature.
  • Download 4200+ Custom Themes.
  • The Urdu language is supported.
  • Pre Urdu Fonts style Added

Cons of BTWhatsApp (Penguin)

There are so many websites available on the Internet that only show you the advantages of Penguin WhatsApp. But here we will tell you everything in detail including the Disadvantages of BTWhatsAppYou can learn everything here on 3hsan.com so keep exploring EhsanTechCorner and enjoy the information provided by certified Ehsan Kamboh

  • Hiding the last seen you will lose special messages and it might be delayed delivering and receiving messages.
  • I deleted message will not delete from its users so someone's personal information might be leaked and he/she cannot delete and it will be a great loss.
  • If You will be able to delete messages for everyone at any time it might be data damage or a great loss.
  • Customizing the themes might be a source of your WhatsApp communication speed.
  • Forwarding messages to more than 5 in official WhatsApp might your WhatsApp account banned by the WhatsApp community.
  • It might be insecure or easy to hack and steal your precious data.
  • Cannot Connect to Google Drive to make a backup.
  • Ultimately crashing problems
  • The only compatibility to the latest version features in BTWA.

How to Download BTWhatsApp Plus?

You have to do some steps before downloading WhatsApp. The link to theBTwhatsappis given below for the explanation. You have to go down and click on the button given as well as Download BT3WhatsApp Then this will redirect you to the media fire to download BTWhatsApp. You have to do is to again click on the Download button again to start downloading.

You will get a notification to Chrome, this file may harm your device, never mind! this is only because ofBTWhatsAppis a modified application and it is not available in "PLAY STORE". This is a normal notification whenever we try to download any application outside of the Play Store. Don't worry Just click on “OK” and your downloading will finally start.

What's new in v20 BTWA

  • WhatsApp base update to
  • Added the option to turn on/off the group administrator indicator (golden add-ons > chat screen)
  • Add the ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!
  • Add an option to forward your friends' statuses to yours.
  • Added an option to translate text cases.
  • Add the package name to the expiration page to help users know this.
  • Turn on unread message filtering using search
  • Activate a new drawing pen
  • Enable online privacy! You can choose who can see you when you're online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Turn on Leave groups a secret without everyone knowing (only administrators can see you when you leave)
  • Enable administrator can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule)
  • Turn on the ability to see past group participants (who left and when!)
  • Enable quick reactions to the situation
  • Enable the new text case UI
  • Enable the new case privacy design UI
  • Fix go to first message
  • Fix showing all person's messages in group chat
  • Fix the fixed group message counter on the group information page
  • More Have fun and discover the new for yourself!
  • Further fixes and other improvements

Download BTWhatsApp V20 Moded BY Taha-Al-Qudsi

Download BT WhatsApp Blue from Mediafire

Download BT2WhatsApp V20 Moded BY Taha-Al-Qudsi

Download BT2WhatsApp PINK from Mediafire

Download BT3WhatsApp V20 Moded BY Taha-Al-Qudsi

Download BT3WhatsApp Green from Mediafire

Download BT4WhatsApp V20 Moded BY Taha-Al-Qudsi

Download BT4WhatsApp RED from Mediafire

Message from developer!. Do not enable all privacy features, such as hiding the second tick, blue mic, and others. Other it might delay in sending and receiving messages.

                                    More fixes and other improvements

                                    As we mentioned, the developer Taha Al-Qudsi, the owner of the Red Facebook Penguin, put forward two additional versions in addition to the version of WhatsApp Red Penguin in order to be able to download the three copies together and use and activate three WhatsApp numbers on the same phone together and at the same time without any problem or conflict in the files of any copy with the other until the only difference between them is the color and themes of each of the copies, as each version is characterized by WhatsApp Penguin Red from the other in color only, appearance, and custom and different themes for each version separately, in addition to some minor changes in the features that the developer Taha Al-Qudsi, but the wonderful thing about WhatsApp red for three versions is the speed of quick response to the update, which basically gets the official green WhatsApp version of the company, usually the developer offers the possibility of downloading the latest update as soon as possible, not exceeding two weeks.

                                    WhatsApp Red Penguin 2024

                                    As we know from the developer of WhatsApp Red Penguin Taha Al-Qadsi version when WhatsApp launched the ban campaign, it was the fastest to launch an update to the Red Penguin version of WhatsApp, the latest version against the ban, and the meaning of the ban is that it made the version compatible with the version of the market version that existed at that time in record time, in addition to providing protection for your number on WhatsApp from the ban, as when users downloaded its red WhatsApp version, the company could not From discovering account numbers on WhatsApp to banning them, it was really impressive, as it exceeded all detection and blocking robots on WhatsApp servers, which increased the popularity of the WhatsApp Plus red version WhatsApp apk for the penguin of the developer Taha Al-Qudsi.

                                    Download Whatsapp Red Penguin APK

                                    In that way, his red WhatsApp was able to achieve large numbers in downloading, installation, and popularity The most used and achieved widespread fame in the Arab world, the red Penguin version did not stop at this point by making it WhatsApp against ban like other modified WhatsApp Plus versions The red penguin added wonderful features that distinguish it from the WhatsApp Plus versions, as it extinguished its wonderful distinct character in an important point that is decisive in the user experience, which is stability For copy and security, WhatsApp Penguin has proven its worth in 2022 against the ban and exceeded the test from that stage.

                                    Download Whatsapp the penguin is red

                                    WhatsApp Red Against the Ban This penguin version has a wonderful distinctive feature, which is to hide the appearance This beautiful feature is the reason why the original green WhatsApp users usually switch to using the modified WhatsApp Plus version, making a feature or feature that hides Connected now is that you can watch messages, use WhatsApp, and spend a good time without WhatsApp updating the login status of the connection, meaning that your friends cannot watch you that you are using WhatsApp and that you are now connected to WhatsApp Even if you're texting contacts at the time, the contacts you're talking to can't see a login update even for someone else you're not messaging.

                                    Final Words

                                    Unlike other Play Store apps, this app does not notify you when the version is updated. The old version will have to be uninstalled before the new one can be installed. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Ag Whatsapp Apk and start enjoying premium features.

                                    If you get any issues downloading this app from our website, you can leave a comment below. We are always there for you all the time. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Thank You!


                                    1. Is BTWhatsApp legal?

                                    • Yes, BTWhatsApp is legal to use. However, exercise caution regarding potential security risks.

                                    2. How does BTWhatsApp differ from the official WhatsApp?

                                    • BTWhatsApp offers enhanced privacy features, themes, and increased file sharing limits.

                                    3. Can I use BTWhatsApp on multiple devices?

                                    • Currently, BTWhatsApp is designed for single-device use.

                                    4. Are my chats and media secure on BTWhatsApp?

                                    • While BTWhatsApp prioritizes privacy, be mindful of potential risks associated with third-party applications.

                                    5. How often does BTWhatsApp receive updates?

                                    • Updates are released periodically, bringing new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

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