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Download WhatsApp Blue Plus APK 2022 - Antiban (Update) Antivirus

Download WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by Abu Arab 

WhatsApp Blue Pro Abu3rab
Download WhatsApp blue v9.96 by Abu Arab

Download WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by Abu Arab 

Download WhatsApp Plus v9.96 Anti-ban and safe from hackers attack by Abu Arab is safe from hackers attack and fully secured Blue Plus.

Dear friends!. Welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus, Hopefully, all of you will be very fine! Ma Shaa Allah!. As all of you know as always we send the latest technology-related information and posts, many third_party WhatsApp is more famous in the market. So, from this, you will have to guess/estimate that today's topic is some of WhatsApp 🙈yeah! you have got right! Today's topic is as WhatsApp Blue Plus we will tell you in detail below:-

Introduction what is WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 latest updated version by Abu Arab:-

Whatsapp Blue Plus is alternative to official WhatsApp Inc, it has its own many features.it is basically developed by Abu3rab from Arab. But because of some issues, he stopped developing or updating the Blue Plus Whatsapp. but don't you worry here Assem Mahjoub is for serving you from Yamen he took over the task to update its latest versions according to the market and users' demands? at the beginning of this journey, it was so hard for him to have updated WhatsApp but he didn't give up and continue working on it! and get success and now his WhatsApp Blue Plus is number#1 copy from google as its rating of download and installation is number#1. He added many extraordinary features and most of them it's a mobile-friendly app(No hanging, no freezing)just install and enjoy your journey on this WhatsApp. Now in the market, its latest version 9.10 is released about what we are talking about here. 

What are basic Advantages of WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 latest update Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab:-

WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 has lots of features it might be extra or extraordinary features. we will tell in detail below this. 

  1. Download and save statuses
  2. Privacy for custom chat
  3. Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  4. Custom themes
  5. Anti-ban with proof.
  6. Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  7. 4200+ Themes for WhatsApp gold.
  8. Hide Last Seen
  9. Hide Second ticks.
  10. Hide status view.
  11. Status views toast.
  12. Online partner Toast.
  13. Auto reply to your clients.
  14. Schedule message sending to let connect you with your near and dear ones.
  15. Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  16. Enable Forward limit more than 5 persons at a time.
  17. Forward messages without forwarding tags.
  18. Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  19. Custom bubbles styles.
  20. Hide partner name from conversation screen.
  21. Quick Contact feature.
  22. Groups and Chats screen separations.
  23. Allows you to set One UI system.
  24. DND (Disable Network)
  25. Added 15+ Notification tones built-in the WhatsApp.
  26. WhatsApp Blue Plus provides you a logs system that always tracks your contacts' activities on WhatsApp e.g Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.
  27. You can now Add/use Multiple accounts in one WhatsApp.
  28. Voice Changer.

And all other features that your needs.

What's New in WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab:-

  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • Add upload image or video when sending it once
  • Add View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name)
  • Add the option to reset privacy to solve the problem of message delays Additions Golden > Privacy
  • Adding the explosive text feature inside conversations instead of the old automatic text
  • Improved sending of photos and videos with high accuracy
  • Add an option to change the color of the online point (Golden Additions > Home Screen > Lines)
  •  Add View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name)
  • Add the option to control the quality of images before sending them (WhatsApp settings > Storage and data > Image upload quality)
  • Add an option to disable image display for one time
  • Add an option to show the user not to open the image once
  • Fix the problem of showing chats at the top
  • Fixed a line problem between conversations
  • Hide problem fix Read more
  • Fix the problem of app crashing from some viruses
  • Fix the connection problem in WhatsApp
  • Fixed the issue of hanging calls in the call history
  •  Fix Archive chat not showing in group
  •  Fix large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat
  •  Fix sending status more than 30 seconds
  •  More other fixes and improvements

Download Mod Information about WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 Anti-ban by Abu Arab:-

MOD Name WhatsApp Blue Plus
 Base Version2.21.19.21
Minimum Os5.0+
File TypeAPK 
DeveloperAbu Arab
Download Size48 MB
ServerMedia fire 🔥

Download WhatsApp Blue Plus v9.96 Latest Anti-ban and safe from hackers by Abu Arab:-

Download WhatsApp blue v9.96 Anti-ban Latest update 2021

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