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NMWhatsApp APK 2022 - Download Latest Noor Al Deen WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Noor al din V21 the latest version, against the ban

NMWhatsApp latest Anti-ban 2021

Asslamu Alaikum!

Dear visitors Most welcome all of you to EhsanWAPlus once again and thank you for your time and cooperation with us as visiting us. We warm welcome and regards to all of you and hopefully that all of you will be fine guys. As all of you know that we always share Paid apps and WhatsApp Mods. With all of you so today's our topic is NMWhatsApp Mods WhatsApp.

What is NM2WhatsApp latest Anti-ban and Antiviruses safe from hackers attack?

NMWhatsApp is a Mods WhatsApp that is alternative to the official WhatsApp Inc and similar to WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab version. NMWhatsApp is developed by Noor Al Deen Mohammed. Noor Al Deen Mohammed is an Arabic developer. In the bignning Noor Al Deen Mohammed gets very difficulties to develop Noor Al Deen Mohammed WhatsApp. But at the time goes he got success with Allah's blessings and successfully Mod WhatsApp. 

Freeze last seen:

now you can freeze your online status on NMWhatsApp easily without knowing your contacts that you are online. In whats-app inc you can only hide your last seen only while you can not hide your online status. So no can disturb even though you are online.


there were fake reporters to report your Num. As accuse you of sending porn graphic content on whats-app groups, or some of them online report your number to ban it, but now we found out the solution to protect your account from false reporters or overall protection from Bann.

Customize themes:-

Now can use your favorite theme from the themes store there are more than 4000+ themes available. Download and install default settings or there is an option to customize your favorite settings. (NMsettings>Themes>download themes>install>Restart Whats app>OK).

Fonts style:-

Now you can change or select your favorite font style for your likes fonts. Now you can use Urdu fonts (JAMEEL NOORI NASTALEELQUE ) so your massages will look more beautiful awesome

Features of NMWhatsApp latest Anti-ban and Antiviruses safe from hackers attack:-

NM provides following features and advantages.

  1. Download and save statuses
  2. Privacy for custom chat
  3. Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  4. Custom themes
  5. Anti-ban with proof.
  6. Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  7. 3500+ Themes for NM WhatsApp.
  8. Hide Last seen
  9. Hide Second ticks.
  10. Hide status view.
  11. Status views toast.
  12. Online partner Toast.
  13. Auto reply to your clients.
  14. Schedule message sending to let connect you with your near and dear ones.
  15. Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  16. Enable Forward limit more than 5 persons at a time.
  17. Forward messages without forward tags.
  18. Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  19. Custom bubbles styles.
  20. Hide partner name from conversation screen.
  21. Quick Contact feature.
  22. Groups and Chats screen separations.
  23. Allows you to set One UI system.
  24. DND (Disable Network)
  25. Added 15+ Notification tones built-in the WhatsApp.
  26. NM WhatsApp provides you logs system that always track your contacts activities on WhatsApp e.g Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.

And many more other features Download and enjoy by yourself.

What is new in latest update of NM2WhatsApp V21?

  • Exclusively adding a one-time view skip (it always appears without disappearing)
  • Add the ability to view photos and videos for an unlimited number
  • Add a button to download photos and videos that appear once
  • Fix the problem of not adding stickers to WhatsApp
  • Fixed a crash problem when changing the wallpaper in groups
  • Fix Improving the option to send a message to an unregistered number
  • Fix sending more than 30 photos/videos from gallery
  • Return the old form of the additions and display the features at the top
  • More other fixes and improvements

More Have fun and discover new for yourself

Download NMWhatsApp latest Anti-ban and Antiviruses safe from hackers attack V21 by Noor Al Deen Mohammed:-

Download WhatsApp Noureddine
Nmwhatsapp package

Download NM2WhatsApp latest Anti-ban and Antiviruses safe from hackers attack V21 by Noor Al Deen Mohammed:-

Download WhatsApp Noureddine
Nm2whatsapp package
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