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Download WhatsApp Business Gold By Noor Al-Deen Mohammad

WhatsApp Business Gold APK provides many features that help you communicate with customers easily, as you can sort customers and respond to them.

Download WhatsApp Business Gold V5 By Noor Al-Deen Mohammad

Most welcome everyone to the EhsanTechCorner, and we are happy to see you once again on our blog today. Today we are going to provide you with a new updated version of the Android most wanted WhatsApp Business Gold App by Noor Al-Deen.

Noor Al-Deen is the same developer of NMWhatsApp and TAWhatsApp. It is considered one of the most important applications for chatting, which is owned by the WhatsApp company, as WhatsApp Business is intended for businessmen who own companies, where they can express their commercial activity using WhatsApp Business Gold, which helps to create advertising campaigns aimed at increasing the audience and increasing income, in addition to facilitating your communication with customers.

Download WhatsApp Business Gold Nouruddin, WhatsApp Business Gold, WhatsApp Business Gold V5 Antiban 2024

Download WhatsApp Business Gold By Noor Al-Deen Mohammad
Download WhatsApp Business Gold By Noor Al-Deen Mohammad

WhatsApp Business APK provides many features that help you communicate with customers easily, as you can sort customers and respond to them. In addition, you can activate the auto-reply feature that was recently added to WhatsApp Business Gold, which enables you to respond to customers automatically if you are busy or Outside the  WhatsApp Business Plus application, it also enables you to send a message to a number that is not saved on your phone.

Download WhatsApp Business Plus's latest version

WhatsApp Business Gold 2024 provides a feature that enables the user to send many pictures at once, and this makes it easier for the merchant to send pictures of products easily, quickly, and safely. In addition, you can customize your personal identification information, display the address of your stores, and determine the method of communication with you, and all this in WhatsApp Business Gold vs. The block also makes it possible to create an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram with ease.

WhatsApp Business Gold apk has the advantage of hiding status viewing in addition to increasing the duration of the case, where in  WhatsApp Business Gold you can send a video of more than 5 minutes to the status and you can also add a welcome message to everyone who corresponds with you so that you can put text containing your business activity in addition to that you can in WhatsApp Business Gold Send more than 30 documents at once, as this feature helps people to send their business documents and there is no worry about being banned if you download WhatsApp Business Plus on this page.

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Features of WhatsApp Business Gold

WhatsApp Business Plus has many features, as WhatsApp Business Gold has been developed  from the official WhatsApp Business version, and many great features have been added that we will learn about in the following context:

  1. Many privacy features have been added to the WhatsApp Business Golden App, including hiding the appearance and hiding that you have seen the status. In addition, you can prevent the deletion of cases and messages.
  2. In the latest update of WhatsApp Business, you can save story cases, moreover, you can increase the size of the case to more than 10 minutes, and it is possible up to an hour.
  3. WhatsApp Business Gold 2023 is considered security for privacy, so do not worry, as the messages are encrypted between the two parties.
  4. You can lock WhatsApp and conversations in WhatsApp Business Gold against the ban, and you can also archive chats with ease.
  5. It allows you to prevent people from contacting you, so you can get rid of annoying people.
  6. In  WhatsApp Business APK, you can create a group message for more than 1000 people, and this feature helps you in your business.
  7. You can install more than 100 chats above and this will make it easier for you to communicate with important customers.
  8. It also provides many features that you will discover when downloading the latest WhatsApp Business Plus version from our website.

What's new in WhatsApp Business Golden

  • Update to v2.23.1.76
  • In addition, You can now modify your sent messages to you and the other party
  • Addition Now you can turn videos into gifs when you send them
  • In addition, You can now send a video status longer than 30 seconds
  • Added an option to keep the message counter visible (the counter of unread messages will not disappear even after opening them)
  • Add the option to chat in one chat (messages will be sent and received in one chat)
  • Add an option to send messages in groups that do not allow this
  • Adding the ability to interact with the 👍 symbol when clicking twice on the message
  • Add an option to change the reaction code 👍 when double-clicking on the message
  • Add an option to know the group admin (an icon will appear next to the group admin in the conversation)
  • Added an option to forward messages to more than 5 chats
  • Add an option to send images in HD quality
  • Added an option to send videos larger than 16MB
  • Added an option to send audio larger than 16 MB
  • Add an option to raise the number of group message subscribers to 500 subscribers instead of 256
  • Add a message counter (besides the names of group subscribers, the number of their messages will appear in the group information)
  • Added an option to hide the camera from the top bar
  • Add an option to enable installation from unknown sources in the number registration screen
  • In addition, You can now create an avatar profile
  • In addition, You can now configure the VPN proxy for WhatsApp
  • Add you can now message yourself
  • Fix hide reading plate
  • Fix showing true blue only after the reply
  • Fix custom privacy appearing green
  • Fixed the lack of group privacy
  • The option to view groups separately has been paused
  • Fix the option to show a notification who has become online
  • Fix the option to confirm sending the sticker before sending it
  • Air update v2 fix
  • More improvements

How to update WhatsApp Business Plus Gold

The method to download the WhatsApp Business Gold update is very easy, as you can choose the version you want and click on the link is ready or Download, and you will be taken directly to the direct download link.

WhatsApp Business Gold download links

WhatsApp Business Golden is an official alternative

The package is com.whatsapp.w4b

Download WhatsApp Business Gold Apk from Mediafire

WhatsApp Business Golden 2 is installed next to the official one

The package is com.whatsapp.w5b

Download WhatsApp Business Gold Plus Alternative to official

Difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business Gold Apk

WhatsApp Business Gold saves its All files in the new folder as WhatsApp Gold. it's fully Anti-ban You Can SAVE status videos and pictures. As it is a mod apk so, you cannot back up your WhatsApp data on your google drive.

You can see who got online? At what time? and also you can hide your last seen. even if you're online but it will show a long time ago last see. YOU CAN EVEN CHANGE THEMES, WALLPAPER, AND FULL INTERFACE. You can set Auto reply, schedule messages, and send bomb messages. All messages cannot delete after deletion for everyone from your friend. You can delete messages for everyone for up to 100 years!

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How to register WhatsApp Business Gold?

  • Make a backup copy of messages and delete the application.
  • Download WhatsApp Business Gold with the direct link.
  • After downloading WhatsApp Gold, install the application.
  • You will find the option to back up your WhatsApp.
  • Click on it and then register the number and do "Done".
  • And wait for the activation and then complete the rest of the normal options.

Message from developer!. Do not enable all privacy features, such as hiding the second tick, blue mic, and others. Other it might delay in sending and receiving messages.

How WhatsApp Business Gold Plus by Noor Al-Deen works?

WhatsApp Business Gold Plus works like SAWA, and all its features are working similarly to WhatsApp Busines Gold. Simply you will finish the custom settings you have to do for this go to “Additions and Features” and you have to do to first you will find a button for “Privacy and security” Press and enter this menu to modify your privacy settings for your WhatsApp.

Freeze Last Seen

In this section, you may change your privacy by hiding, and freezing your online status, if you will check this menu your last seen will be hidden from your friends and contacts. If you are online but your friends will see you last seen one or two weeks ago. So, you can be safe from replies and upcoming messages.

Disable forwarding

In this tab, you can hide the quote of the forwarded message while you are forwarding messages to the groups, and contacts. When you are forwarding messages your messages won't contain Forward Tag with messages even forwarded many times.

Who can call me?

In this menu, you can decide on the privacy of unknown numbers that disturb you. You can decide who can call you? [Everyone, my contacts, MY CONTACTS EXCEPT, select contacts, Nobody].


By selecting this option, you will allow everyone to call you even if you have saved their contacts with you or not.

My contacts

In this, if you selected then you will allow only your friends and family to call you whom you have saved the number. Instead of these, nobody can call if anybody does then their call will be automatically canceling without interrupting you. You can also set what to do? On unknown numbers call should cancel with the ring or wither without ringing. The ring means if they would call you then the call will be declined automatically but how you will know someone called you? So, allow ringing to get notified if there is someone who called you.

My contact except for some

In this your calls will be canceled automatically if you even added your contacts, you have to choose some friends who will be allowed to call you. So other than these selected friends nobody can call you.

Select contacts

In this your selected contacts can call you other than these all will be declined automatically.

What difference between My Contact except for some and Select Contacts?

You might confuse by this menu because you will think about how it works the same? No, it is not like that, in My Contact except for some you can hear the call from your contacts that you want this is useful if you have many contacts in your phone book so it will be easy to decide whose call should cancel? And in Select Contacts you can add your friends who can call you if you have several numbers to allow you to call with you.


In this, you will neither allow unknown numbers nor your contacts to call you. Nobody can call you all calls will be declined automatically without interrupting you.

Custom privacy

In this tab, you will find all custom settings for your specific contacts such as i.e., can call you? Second tick, blue tick, anti-delete messages, hide status is seen, etc. all you will manage here in this tab so it will be easier to modify your settings for the future.

Conclusion of WhatsApp Business Gold Noor

Unlike other play store apps, this app does not notify you when the version is updated. The old version will have to be uninstalled before the new one can be installed. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of NM2Whatsapp Apk and start enjoying premium features.

If you get any issues downloading this app from our website, you can leave a comment below. We are always there for you all the time. Moreover, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. That’s it for today, guys; see you at the next one. Thank You!. here I gave WhatsApp Gold to You, this is an official WhatsApp Gold by Noor Al-Deen. other than our website you will find WhatsApp Gold with a fake copy of WhatsApp rather than and 3hsan but they would not be official WhatsApp Gold. this is totally free of cost. please type your feedback if you found any issues.

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