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Download WhatsApp Black v11.33 Antivirus | Download WhatsApp Golden Black by GoMods WhatsApp Black Last update 2024

Antivirus WhatsApp Black is developed by WhatsApp Gold APK The developer is Abu3rab. This WhatsApp Black is specially designed to work against viruses

[Antivirus] WhatsApp Black APK for Android 2024 Update version

WhatsApp Black was developed by WhatsApp Gold APK. The developer is #Abu3rab. This WhatsApp Black is specially designed to work against viruses, making it a fully virus-proof Antivirus WhatsApp APK. This App is virus-proof no matter how old or new the virus is.

Download WhatsApp Black Antivirus APK 2024
Download WhatsApp Black Antivirus APK 2024

Download WhatsApp Black APK – Anti-ban And Antivirus 2024

Dear friends! Welcome all of you to EhsanTechCorner. Hopefully, all of you are doing well! As always, we provide the latest technology-related information and posts, including many third-party WhatsApp applications that are popular in the market. Today's topic is WhatsApp Black By GoldMods.

At the same time, we have brought an application that can protect you from all types of viruses. There have been many new viruses that have negatively affected users while using WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Black Antivirus?

WhatsApp Black APK – This is a mod version of WhatsApp Inc. available on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp Black is designed to work against all types of viruses. WhatsApp Black is developed by Abu3rab, the developer of the WhatsApp Gold APK and Gold Mods. The app can protect you from all types of old and new viruses. There are dedicated buttons inside the App where you can disable or enable the virus-proof feature.

This WhatsApp Black contains all the features of the Original WhatsApp and all other features that you would get in other modded WhatsApp APK. WhatsApp Black can be run on Android and iOS smartphones. You can save statuses, hide last seen, auto-reply and schedule messages, mass messenger, chat edit feature, run multiple accounts, and much more. I will explain this in detail below in the article.

WhatsApp Black is an instant messaging application and a modified version of WhatsApp Gold developed by Abu Arab. In this topic, we will discuss the advantages of this application and how to download it.

Follow us, the black WhatsApp application Abu Arab is one of the most important applications for messaging and chatting on the social networking platform. It is a copy designed to protect against viruses, and the developer, Abu Arab, has modified this version of WhatsApp with many characteristics and features that are not found in any other application, not even the original application.

Download the black WhatsApp application because of its important features that protect all people in their lives, whether through chats or voice and video calls. The black WhatsApp application, after tremendous progress in technology, has become very easy to create a personal account using the WhatsApp APK application. All you need is a phone number.

Download WhatsApp Black 2024

Download WhatsApp Black Antivirus is the most advanced version that carries a lot of advantages. It provides assistance to the user and facilitates work on the application in a better and more efficient way. This application ensures privacy and security, protecting the phone and the user's private data from hacking and intrusion. The design of this application is based on the official color and black icon.

Black WhatsApp Antivirus

Black WhatsApp Black, or as some call it Black WhatsApp, is the black WhatsApp Plus program that allows you to easily change the color and size of your chat line. Additionally, you will be able to significantly increase the size of your music and video downloads and send them to your friends. This black WhatsApp version has a significantly improved user interface and connection to wireless networks.

WhatsApp Gold Black

WhatsApp Gold Black is the best WhatsApp Black, as it is very secure and based on the original codes of the WhatsApp application. It has many wonderful features and provides privacy options such as hiding the last seen and hiding writing. WhatsApp Black enables you to make free messages and group calls that do not cost anything. This modified version of WhatsApp is considered one of the best, most famous, and safest versions.

Why should you use WhatsApp Black?

There are many fake modders who create apps for negative purposes, including creating and spreading viruses on WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp developers work to protect their users from these attacks. However, using modded versions like WhatsApp Black developed by Abu3rab provides additional security and protection against viruses, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted experience for users.

How to use Antivirus WhatsApp?

The process of using WhatsApp Black is very easy. You can enable the functions and start protecting yourself from viruses. Open WhatsApp Black, go to your Black Settings, and you will find various options, including Virus Additions. Press the Virus Addition button to enable the virus-proof feature.

Download WhatsApp Black v11.26 Download WhatsApp Golden Black WhatsApp Black Last update 2024
WhatsApp Black Apk (Antivirus) Screenshots for Android 2024

What is WhatsApp Black by Golden WA 2024

Among the many people who use Facebook's WhatsApp, some users are not completely satisfied with the features in the official version. They look for alternatives based on the original application, such as WhatsApp Gold apk, a modification developed based on the original messaging application. You can get its APK file and enjoy additional features like choosing who can contact you, seeing if someone is recording or writing a message, and more. It also works faster and offers unique tools and features related to user privacy or interface customization.

Download WhatsApp Gold, developed by Abu Arab, an excellent application for multiple accounts that hides your online status and blue ticks. You can share it with your friends through various customization options, download high-quality images, and more. You can download it from its official website in the form of an APK file.

WhatsApp Gold is an APK version based on the official WhatsApp version and is known as WhatsApp Gold. It is used by millions who seek additional features and customization options. WhatsApp Plus Gold helps you customize the official WhatsApp application and stand out from the crowd. It offers various features and is considered one of the best, most famous, and safest versions.

Features of WhatsApp Black Antivirus

  • Antivirus Immune
  • Download and save statuses
  • Privacy for custom chat
  • Launch time PIN/Password/fingerprint.
  • Custom themes
  • Anti-ban with proof.
  • Hide Chats with PIN/Password/Fingerprint.
  • 4200+ Themes for WhatsApp Gold.
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Hide Second ticks.
  • Hide status view.
  • Status views toast.
  • Online partner Toast.
  • Auto reply to your clients.
  • Schedule message sending to connect you with your near and dear ones.
  • Backup and Restore feature built-in.
  • Enable a Forward limit of more than 5 persons at a time.
  • Forward messages without forwarding tags.
  • Custom Conversation screen Settings.
  • Custom bubbles styles.
  • Hide the partner's name from the conversation screen.
  • Quick Contact feature.
  • Groups and Chats screen separations.
  • Allows you to set One UI system.
  • DND (Disable Network)
  • Added 15+ Notification tones built-in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Gold provides you log system that always tracks your contacts' activities on WhatsApp e.g. Online/Offline time Profile change time. About info changing time.
  • And all the other features that you need.

How to solve the problem to use official whatsapp in 2024?

what's new in v11.33

  • 🕐 Base Update: — Play Store
  • 🛠 Fixed Pinned chats
  • ❤️ Enabled Username Feature
  • ❤️ Enabled Green dots Automatically in chats
  • ❤️ Enabled Toast who viewed your status by default
  • 🛠 Fixed Showing Name & Date when copying more than 1 messages
  • 🛠 Fixed Open chats from notifications
  • 🛠 Fixed Listen to voice notes(Speaker)
  • 🛠 Fixed Showing profile pic of hidden chats in Notifications
  • 🛠 Fixed Hidden chats options
  • 🛠 Fixed Long click on messages
  • 🛠 Fixed Open hidden chats in some phones
  • 🛠 Some Theme problems
  • 🛠 Other Fixes
  • التحديث لنسخة الماركت
  • حصريا إصلاح الحظر وتنبيه يجب استخدام الواتساب الرسمي
  • ميزة البحث عن الرسائل داخل المحادثة حسب التاريخ والوقت
  • ارسال مقطع صوتي للاستماع لمرة واحدة
  • ظهور التاريخ والاسم بشكل تلقائي عند نسخ اكثر من رسالة
  • طريقة جديد لعرض وتطبيق الخطوط
  • خيار الرجوع الى الواجهة الرئيسية القديمة(طلب من المتابعين)
  • إخفاء صحين القراءة
  • الانتقال الى رسالة خاطئة عند التنقل بين الرسائل في اي محادثة
  • طلب القفل مرتين في المحادث
  • عدم القدرة على فتح الوسائط اذا ارسلت للمشاهدة لمرة واحدة
  • إخفاء انك شاهدت الحالة عند تفعيل وضع الشبح
  • خيار ظهور النقطة الخضراء في حال اصبح احد ما متصل
  • عدم تطبيق الثيم في نافذة الايموجي
  • عدم تطبيق الخطوط في بعض الواجهات
  • عدم فتح المحادثات المخفية في بعض الاشكال
  • بعض خيارات الالوان لا تعمل
  • لون ايقونات الشاشة الرئيسية
  • استعادة النسخة الاحتياطية من الذاكرة
  • إصلاحات وتحسينات أخرى

How to Download WhatsApp Gold

Additional Features The application also has an additional set of features including the ability to see who is speaking; With him without having to go to his personal page and it appears directly below the name with information that shows whether the user is online or not, color customization One of the great features of this mode is that you can change the colors of the entire application; 

To many bulk colors according to your choice, you can also modify the colors of fonts, backgrounds, and windows, moreover, it does not force you; To delete the original version in the event that you want to keep it and want to use another number with the golden WhatsApp in the same phone that is in the original green version, you have complete freedom to use two numbers in two different WhatsApp applications on one mobile device.

Attachments added by the developer of WhatsApp Gold Download WhatsApp Gold More features that allow you to send attachments in conversations Allows you to send more than 100 images at once instead of 30 images You can also send a 30 MB video instead of only 15 MB and do not forget about privacy. 

There are several ways to lock and secure the application and chats, which the application provides, security options inside, in addition to the full ability to lock each conversation with a specific and different lock. Enabling the prevention of deleting messages from both parties, as the sender cannot delete messages by the other party or the sender, so to speak.

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Download WhatsApp Black (11.33) By Gold WhatsApp Mod (Antivirus WhatsApp Black)

The following file might be harmful to your device. Are you sure you want to download it? This notification is for security purposes. Since you are downloading an APK file outside of the Play Store, just click the "OK" button to start your download in the background.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Black

How do I hide/freeze last seen for a particular contact?

In WhatsApp, tap the Settings tab (the cog icon) at the bottom of the screen.
Tap Account -> Privacy.
Tap Last Seen.
Select My Contacts Except....
Choose the people from your contacts list that you want to hide your Last Seen status from.
When you've finished selecting contacts, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.

How to hide/freeze the last seen for a particular contact?

You can hide your profile picture for a particular person in your WhatsApp. The selected contact won't be able to see your profile picture. Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Profile Photo -> My contacts except -> Now select your contacts whom you want to hide your profile picture.

Is WhatsApp Black Antivirus?

Yes, WhatsApp Black has immune buttons to enable and cut all viruses and make your app not lag. It protects you from all types of viruses.

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