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WhatsApp is Working to Add Chats Filter In [Unread,Groups, Contacts, And Non-Contacts] WhatsApp App

After introducing the ability to Chats Filter to business accounts in a previous version of WhatsApp, the company is now working to bring the same feature to standard WhatsApp accounts in the future WhatsApp beta update for Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Further expanding its development, WhatsApp has announced that WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature that has been added. The Feature is known as Chats Filter. More details about the added features will be discussed below.

Introduction to Chats Filter in WhatsApp Beta:-

WhatsApp has recently added a new feature which is known as Chats Filter. For the past few months, WhatsApp is active in adding new features. Update WhatsApp is becoming very useful for users to use. After the previous feature of the app, quick reaction for status updates, the new chat filter feature has been introduced.

WhatsApp is working to add filter option For Chats In WhatsApp Desktop
WhatsApp is working to add a filter option For Chats In WhatsApp Desktop

How Chats Filter will work in WhatsApp Web?

The working of features is very modern, this function is present in Gmail and a few others like Telegram, etc. before WhatsApp. But now this feature will be added to the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows soon.

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This feature has been added to WhatsApp as a desktop beta test. And the work of the assistant is very useful. Chats Filter works in a way that you have four options which are.

The filter option will make it extremely easy for a user to grow the chest. Users can easily read their messages which are detailed.


By selecting the Unread option Chats Filter, a user will be able to read all messages on WhatsApp or list all unread messages. And the user will be able to search the messages in the read message.


The Contacts option would have all the elements where all the Save Contacts will be able to separate all the new messages from the contact and read the new messages. By selecting this option, the user will be able to search the list of specific words of all the messages that have been sent to them from all the contacts saved in their WhatsApp.

No contacts:-

Selecting Unsaved Contacts in the WhatsApp filter option will separate all messages the user will receive from Unsaved Contacts and you will only be able to search all messages within those chats.


When you select this option, all channels in groups will be detached and all messages in the group will be detached and read.

Users will be able to separate all groups using this feature and search for all messages of a specific type within all those groups

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Within this comprehensive article today, I have informed all my users in detail about the upcoming new feature of WhatsApp Chats Filter to the best of my knowledge. WhatsApp has recently added this feature to WhatsApp Beta and Desktop. The filter option on WhatsApp will soon be incorporated into the Stable Version Of WhatsApp Desktop. All users will be able to use this feature after updating WhatsApp.WhatsApp beta UWP 2.2216.4.0 version two weeks ago. The operation of this function is similar to the filter option in Gmail and Telegram.

I hope that users have been informed about this feature very deeply. I have also told all my readers that before the involvement of this feature in WhatsApp, there is also evidence of the presence in other apps, including the famous and most popular apps like Gmail and Telegram. If many users still have any questions about this new WhatsApp feature, then they can leave their opinion in the comment box.

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